0:00:15and now Petr Blaha from Doucme will tell you something more about their project
0:00:29hello! My name is Petr. I am so thrilled to be here. Coming here really
0:00:34means a lot. So, you know, I should tell you something more about Doucme, why
0:00:38should we win. But you know, we decided to do something a little... a little
0:00:42more different
0:00:43for three months now, we have been part of Starcube and it meant so much
0:00:47for us that we decided to pay back something and this is our little tribute
0:00:53to Starcube, because we really loved it
0:00:56so, first of all
0:00:59there was a bootcamp. At bootcamp it was a two day full motivation. When we
0:01:04arrived, we, we thought, like, we know everything about business and how to run it.
0:01:09Well, it turned out that we don't. And later that night we were asked to
0:01:14present our elevator pitch and we were like: what the heck is the elevator pitch?
0:01:18Well, now we know. Our, like, seventh original elevator pitch is like, Doucme.cz creates new
0:01:24market on the field of tutoring. There are one point three million pupils in the
0:01:30Czech Republic and about one third of them need to be tutored on a regular
0:01:33basis. That's where we come in with our... with our easy to use and friendly...
0:01:38friendly product. Well, there was a first workshop after that and we heard about the
0:01:44importance of design, about how to design our services and you know, that if we
0:01:50really want to do a great product, we have to do it from the perspective
0:01:54of our client, our customer
0:01:56so, we started designing new web frames for our website and we did, like, five
0:02:02of them so far and we will continue to do so. Then there was the
0:02:06second workshop when we learned our... about business model and it was really important for
0:02:10us, because we always thought that our premiun model is the best that there can
0:02:15be. But when we put it on a paper, we realised that this is our
0:02:22... that means: our profit, in two thousand and thirteen, by the most optimistic ways
0:02:29we were like: hello! We sterted to do, to do something more, we started to
0:02:34project new business models and three business models later... we finally got it. This is
0:02:40the most pessimistic way of profit in two thousand and thirteen. It's all in czech
0:02:45crowns, by the way. And there are our... our wages... everything is, is in debt
0:02:51and still we are in right numbers. So, that's kind of good. How we will
0:02:55make money? Left to be
0:02:58first, there will be annual fee for our tutors. Than there will be premium packages
0:03:03for tutors who want something extra. And then, there will be Doucme Express. That means:
0:03:08imagine you... Katie, that you just saw, is your daughter and, you know, day after
0:03:14tomorrow she has a test from math and she still doesn't know it. So, we
0:03:17guarantee you that if you use this service, you will have your tutor in twenty
0:03:22four hours at your doorstep
0:03:25so, than there was a third workshop, when we learned about the importance of a
0:03:30team. And we realized that our lazy programmer won't just un-lazy himself. So, we kind
0:03:37of had to let him go. And, you know, this is our new programmer and,
0:03:41by the way, he's really awesome. He's somewhere over there, so you can see him.
0:03:45Please, do hi to him, 'cause he's really awesome
0:03:52and you know, then there was a workshop of our marketing. And, you know, finally
0:03:56it was something that we can manage to do, to do right. Those are our
0:04:02hourly flats and they... they have a good conversion, but we will still continue to
0:04:06develop our marketing further. So, you know, where were we and where will we be
0:04:12in a next one or two years? First is... first September of this year. We
0:04:18will have our first customers. Than, by the end of this year, we will cover
0:04:22the whole Czech Republic and by September of two thousand and thirteen, we want to
0:04:26start expansion to Slovakia, Poland, Austria and such. So, once again, thank you, all those
0:04:34wonderful people from JIC that helped us. Thank you, all those people there for motivating
0:04:39us. And to you all. Thank you also for your attention and if you have
0:04:44any questions, please, feel free to ask. Thank you.
0:05:03it was kind... unusual way of going deeper in the project, so, I hope jury
0:05:09gets some new information
0:05:14to ask you anything they want to know about you, your project
0:05:18so jury, it's up to you. There are microphones on the tables, so please, questions
0:05:38I have a question. I heard Michael saying that if I was to go deeper.
0:05:43So, I would love to have seen that part
0:05:48generally most of the presentation is great, it's phantastic. But, rather than showing powerpoints, show
0:05:56the product. That's all that matters. The design, the website. Show them how it works
0:06:00if you can, as well. The demo. So, that would make it a lot easier
0:06:05for us to understand more deeply. Suggestion, rather than question. Thank you. We... we show
0:06:12you the screenshot of the website in the two minutes. But, I agree that we
0:06:17could show you something more. But, on the other hand, we are on the... we
0:06:21are in the better version. So, you know, it's just
0:06:27so, quick question. The revenue, you mentioned that one nine point five six. I'm assuming
0:06:32it is not 199 Crowns point halire. Yeah, yeah it is. It's a bit too
0:06:40precise. Like, what would be a revenue per year and based on what?
0:06:46well, we did a casual projection. By it, we... we know about our costs. It's
0:06:52about twenty seven thousand one hundred and forty eight crowns
0:06:55something about that. Then we put five percent every month to that... It gets really
0:07:05defensive and that's kind of pessimistic but we wanted to, to be most... as accurate
0:07:10as it can get. And than we projected number of subscriptions to that of the
0:07:15tutors and a number of express service and by that we ... we got our
0:07:23cash flow and so this was, was so precise. I mean we won't really get
0:07:29that number, but it's a destination
0:07:33well, you expect pretty... pretty heavy traffic, right?
0:07:38based on those numbers. So, I have two questions. All the tutors will be... will
0:07:42be volunteers?
0:07:46yeah. Every... every tutor is, is a college student and he is there because he
0:07:53wants to be there. You know... motivation for you
0:07:57well, you have a motivation... it's that you can get, you know, clients and you
0:08:02can get a lot of money by it because, you know, nowadays students in college
0:08:07make about sixty seventy crowns per hour and a one day tutor, they make about
0:08:13one fifty to two hundred crowns
0:08:15second question. There will be a lot of traffic, a expected. Will there be any
0:08:21editor of the of the questions?
0:08:23how will you clean up the garbage?
0:08:27I'm sorry, I didn't understand your question. There will be... there will be soon a
0:08:31lot of paranoid people that will fill it by really stupid stuff. So, somewhere must
0:08:37be something that will prevent this, an editor. You planning something like this? Or it
0:08:43will be completed free for you? Any... any, anything written or asked as a question
0:08:52any discussion below of any web presentation or any web newspaper
0:09:01yeah, well, I have a two years experience in moderating forums. So, I know how
0:09:07to deal with people and I know how to moderate it. So I can take
0:09:10it for... for some time and if it grows and it will be too much
0:09:15for me, than we can hire someone to do that for me
0:09:22first of all, I wanted to congratulate Starcube team, South Moravian Innovation Centre, f wonderful
0:09:30show I participated in the last year event
0:09:35so congratulations. And second, I wanted to applause to all of you that are
0:09:40as startups because
0:09:44really brave and
0:09:45you should all be inspired by what you
0:09:48to applaud you
0:09:58my question is: how about some of the legal issues? Because I know, actually, my
0:10:00friend now uses a tutor to tutor her daughter and I have a question. How
0:10:02will you deal with background checks, because that to be a sensitive issue for a
0:10:09lot of parents
0:10:14will you have something available in the
0:10:18yes, thank you for question, by the way. Yeah, as I said before, there are
0:10:23only college students that can tutor on our website and we always make sure that
0:10:29whoever signs for... for, you know, tutor; that hi is who he pretends to be.
0:10:35So we always go to the information systems of that university and we check it...
0:10:40that's really who he pretends to be. Other than that, we will have an evaluation
0:10:47system that means that you can post a feedback on a tutor. So, you know,
0:10:52when you see that there are three positive feedbacks, then you know that this is
0:10:56probably going to be fine
0:11:01thank you
0:11:21to this
0:11:22platform and... but, it seems to me, that this could be done by any platforms
0:11:29which are already placed like Aukro
0:11:32at which I can see as... as
0:11:37competitor to this and how you can avoid this
0:11:41yeah, because our price is already established. It's only the matter of time if somebody
0:11:48invent their this Doucme, or call it, somewhere else
0:11:54thank you. I feel like we have more... more to offer than just a listing
0:11:58of a tutors. We plan on various, various new ways how to promote it and
0:12:05so, for example, we have a tackle we have a new... new service that we
0:12:09are going to do. It's called Tandem and it's about that, for example I know
0:12:15something about english and I want to know something about german and there is just
0:12:20some guy that knows german a lot and he wants to be tutor at english.
0:12:25So, we can, you know, we alert each other. So that this would be idea
0:12:30between the service, we will... we will match those two people. And it's another service.
0:12:35And we... and we have more of those planned
0:12:39see so if the your
0:12:42languages it's
0:12:45the science or the
0:12:53well, that's one thing and the other thing is that... I feel like we are
0:12:57trying to do a different kind of atmosphere, really friendly, really... you know, that people
0:13:06would feel safe there. So yeah, I feel like there is the atmosphere thing and
0:13:10there is the direct services that we will... we will offer
0:13:24place that people will
0:13:36know that knows of needs or how to check
0:13:41quality of this
0:13:44the college students, who are going to
0:13:46teacher potential
0:13:53and our physique we all look kind of
0:14:01how we'll actually create the lists of the
0:14:08and how do you check the quality
0:14:11well, as I said before, we manually check if the person that wants to tutor
0:14:18is the one that he pretends to be. There's also that we'd like to think
0:14:22that they tutored before, you know, the third one is the sorry
0:14:32so if you have a quality qualification of schools, universities and colleges; where are you
0:14:37going to pick your tutors
0:14:46reputation or letter because
0:14:49it's useful if you are going to have to create
0:14:52the list of admirable tutors
0:14:55it offers your clients once they have been pointed at another eve
0:15:03you will never... you will never gonna
0:15:07quickly and
0:15:14good and what kind of quality
0:15:18to achieve by your first
0:15:20your first list of tutors
0:15:22and the outset of your
0:15:28I have about one second to answer so I make sure
0:15:32time for questions
0:15:35so try to answer the last question
0:15:39well I'm sorry, I'm still... I still have problem understanding what do you... I'll tell
0:15:46you in Czech
0:16:05well, no, we will
0:16:12you think you never speak? What tell us this is the right guy for tutoring?
0:16:17No, that right guy is to come to us and tell us: hey, i want
0:16:21to tutor and I... I mean yeah, there's some risk that there will be some,
0:16:28some... some pupils that will be... that will be disappointed
0:16:34by the tutor, but you know, there's still one point three million others and you
0:16:40know, we... we will do our best to secure that each and every of those
0:16:46tutors are... has some quality
0:16:52so time is up. Thank you, Petr