0:00:18okay, perfect. I hope you enjoyed our break and now we will announce top five.
0:00:24So, out of these fourteen projects you have seen in the first half
0:00:31jury board of experts
0:00:33just five projects, so
0:00:36who are these five projects? We have this... this bowl
0:00:53there are just five pages. On each page there is written name of one team.
0:00:58So, top five is inside and now we will do draw to find out who
0:01:03will be first of presentations, second, or fifth. So
0:01:09first one
0:01:12top five
0:01:32second project
0:01:34jury liked the most
0:01:36or one of these five projects jury liked the most is
0:01:51third project
0:01:53is Gameful
0:02:03two more
0:02:12fourth is Joymind
0:02:23so one space left
0:02:27any guess
0:02:30who is the fifth? Who will be fifth on stage?
0:02:48okay, so, I thought you will be more convinced about your projects, but not enough.
0:02:57Okay, so, fifth position is for Chlapska Zasilka
0:03:14get ready, these teams, get ready in this order. You'll be presenting your five minute
0:03:21presentations and after each presentation there will be space ten minutes for discussion, for questions
0:03:28and answer panel. It was quite hard a little bit to the board of experts
0:03:33because they didn't get so much information they needed for ther decision, so they will
0:03:39go deeper and deeper and deeper during these five minutes
0:03:44okay, so top five will start very soon. But, before this, we want to show
0:03:50you some video how we started with Starcube this year. At the beginning we imprisoned
0:03:57all people for three days at Highlands, full of snow. We had troubles to get
0:04:02there. Some of the teams had car accidents trying to get for Starcube Bootcamp. So
0:04:08you will see how the first three days of Starcube happened. So, enjoy