0:00:25I hope you enjoyed the presentations of our fourteen teams. So, try to remember: you'll
0:00:31see the logos of them. You have voting cards, so don't forget to put your
0:00:36vote inside the box during this fourty five minutes on break
0:00:41there is a Starcube box and registration desk, so put your vote there for the
0:00:47choice award
0:00:49and try to relax during the break, or afterwards, there is a relax zone and
0:00:54if you want to meet someone there is also meeting point
0:00:58meeting point in this building
0:01:01so, at the registration desk you can put your vote. There is one meeting point,
0:01:07second meeting point and relax zone is upstairs with a view, with a nice view
0:01:12on Brno
0:01:16this break, there will be also, for those of you who want to spend some
0:01:19time here and don't want to talk with other people, don't want to network, or
0:01:23just you are curious about what can be in Brno. Quite interesting, there will be
0:01:30a video from observatory about magnificent Brno. It will start in ten minutes after the
0:01:36beginning of the break
0:01:37so, enjoy the break and I hope we will see each other in the next