0:01:09Hello ladies and gentleman my name is Jan Mayer And I am here to present
0:01:14you our project Joymind I hope you are not exhausted after all our presentations because
0:01:20i would like to ask you a question which one of you in here speaks
0:01:29Okay thank you. That works easy, right? And which one does speak deutsch?
0:01:37okay thank you and who does speak
0:01:44don't be scared oh it's lot than I expected but doesn't matter I guarantee you
0:01:51that when you will be leaving this place you're gonna remember at least one japanese
0:01:56word it's gonna be the word neko, the cat how should I remember that, how
0:02:01should I remember that by imagining the cat with very long neck
0:02:06it's easy it's fun it works and that's what we do we have associations for
0:02:12every word in english in our database that helps you remember this what are the
0:02:19it's three times faster than normal learning methods now imagine that you had Joymind before
0:02:26you started to learn english you could be Jimmy rocking Hendricks by now
0:02:34and the one of our greatest success from the last time is that we won
0:02:42the Imagine Cup and we are flying to Australia to Sydney to wave the
0:02:50to win it you know just to keep the air
0:02:55thank you very much