0:01:15my name is Štepan Hruda and I will tell you something about Gameful
0:01:20so, this is Jack, your customer
0:01:24let me tell you one thing about Jack. Jack does not care about your business.
0:01:28There is simply too much information in the world today. He cannot process it. Here,
0:01:33on his face, he's not amused. Well, do you know what people actually like today?
0:01:38Games. Worldwide people spend over three billion hours per week playing games. Now, games and
0:01:47business have always been two very separate worlds. But if they enjoy games so much,
0:01:52cant's we just take the fun part out of games and put it into business?
0:01:57Yes, we can. If you tell Jack to drink two beers, so he will unlock
0:02:01new rewards and get to level five, or if you tell him to reply to
0:02:07ten returning emails, so he will complete a quest, or if you show him a
0:02:11leader board of his local gym and tell him that he's at the third place
0:02:15will he exercise a little bit more? No, he won't. He will go to the
0:02:20gym and sweat his ass off to get to the first place
0:02:25and this applying of game elements into business is called gamification. This is exactly what
0:02:31we do in Gameful. We create customized gamification for your business
0:02:38we have already finished some projects and there is obviously more demand. Why do we
0:02:43do it? For one thing, Jack will use your product longer. Than he will come
0:02:49back more often. It will help you to form a customer community and Jack will
0:02:55talk about you with his friends and family
0:02:59well, so do gamification for Jack. And if you're altruistic, well do it for the
0:03:06extra revenues
0:03:09thank you