0:01:10I'm Oliver from Skypicker, a European low cost air tickets search engine
0:01:16I've travelled all across Europe
0:01:19I'm not rich, but I've found a way to travel cheap
0:01:24it took me long hours to find those flights
0:01:28and in the next slide I wanted to tell you, I wanted to explain, how
0:01:33I did it, but then I decided not to tell you
0:01:37first of all
0:01:38first of all this slide is pretty boring as you can
0:01:41can see. So, I am trying to... it it's not exciting, but primarily, you won't
0:01:47need this knowledge anymore, because we created Skypicker, a low cost air ticket search engine
0:01:54where you can find absolutely lowest fares, because it does the hard work for you
0:01:58and you know what's the best about Skypicker?
0:02:02it's gonna be launching today. So, thank you very much