0:01:07video changes the way of human communication, we change the video. And how we do
0:01:12it? Let me introduce our project manager Petr, who will tell you more about Videoflot,
0:01:17while I will illustrate his words I hear in the real time
0:01:26everybody! I just want to ask you which one of you had never come in
0:01:30touch with online video
0:01:33and now imagine that YouTube, that started the explosion of online video, was launched just
0:01:39seven years ago. There is a huge new video market, which is growing faster than
0:01:46any other online format. It's fifty five percent annually, it gave rise to new kind
0:01:52of video creators
0:01:54but, what the creators really need? Ladies and gentlemen, it's two things
0:02:00find the members
0:02:02and find a job
0:02:04that was no playground for creators until now
0:02:09today we are introducing Videoflot
0:02:13it's much more than social app and job saver for video creators
0:02:18it is global, but locally based
0:02:21running on your computer, tablet or phone
0:02:25and it has never been this easy to find video creators at one place
0:02:30Videoflot also has incredible team of professionals with more than ten years experience not only
0:02:36in video production, but also in programming, graphics and marketing. Video gives us extraordinary superpowers,
0:02:44as you can see
0:02:48is your imagination