0:00:22Get this year again, thank you so much for the opportunity. So, that's kick in
0:00:27to the presentation.
0:00:29We believe that a winning idea for your marketing is to send good content to
0:00:34the right user in the right time. We don't want to be just another bulk
0:00:40we don't want just bolt.
0:00:41you know, sending to... which specifies on a good content. We'll provide you a right
0:00:46user in the right time. We want to be the tool that provides you a
0:00:50whole strategy of your campaign. We want you to think of your campaign as a
0:00:55life cycle.
0:00:57So, let's move to how we do it.
0:01:01What we thought about, how to visualize our approach. We choose the circle.
0:01:08Because every part of it takes something from other.
0:01:13So, we developed these five features in a natural synergy to work together.
0:01:19Everything starts with the email preparation.
0:01:23This is, basically, the choosing both content I want to send and who I want
0:01:29to send it to.
0:01:30Next, you move the actual content preparation. Well, there is our email editor, which helps
0:01:37you to keep your content clear, message well formed and well structured. It helps you
0:01:43to eliminate biggest mistakes you can make when you're sending email campaign. For example, you
0:01:49can optimise your title,
0:01:52which can make you... boost your campaign twice as more.
0:01:58When you're finished with the preparation of the content, you can personalise it.
0:02:05So, you can define your blogs
0:02:08which are visible only to some users. Or you can define the blogs, which I
0:02:16changed according
0:02:17to use agenda,
0:02:19position interests,
0:02:21and what he likes.
0:02:24This is
0:02:25the actual email preparation.
0:02:28When you send your message, you get two statistics. A website analytics. I mentioned these
0:02:36before, these as well, the data gets to your campaign.
0:02:42This is
0:02:43what makes your next campaign
0:02:46much better. And final, there is planning for a lot of action
0:02:51you can manage in this, like, you he tried to use it, he bought the
0:02:55mobile, like iPhone. Every user after a week of using iPhone need to buy bumper.
0:03:02So, when you feel the need to the by the bumper,
0:03:06your email it.
0:03:07You give him your proposal.
0:03:09This is
0:03:11how your live cycle, of your campaign
0:03:15is closed. So,
0:03:17next time you are sending campaign, Europe advisor
0:03:22you are able to target more. More better, when your next email preparation and this
0:03:28is what Mail Komplet is for.
0:03:32So let's move to the current state of the project.
0:03:36Mail Komplet is web based application, no installation is needed. It's easy accessible from every
0:03:42browser. It doesn't matter if you are using PC, Mac or mobile; you can get
0:03:47there. You can get you can get it now.
0:03:52On website www.mailkomplet.cz you can get the, you can get advance bulk email sending tool
0:03:59just when you register.
0:04:02We are currently working our email editor and linking with website analytics. All these features
0:04:08are ready, but we have to link them together.
0:04:15we are planning to release the whole platform as it is, with all features and
0:04:21the first product in the end of first quarter of 2013.
0:04:27this is it, this is Mail Komplet. This is
0:04:30tool which helps you with a whole lifecycle of your email campaign. Thank you for
0:04:36your attention and before end, let me invite our CEO Jan Pukovec, to be able
0:04:42to answer the questions from the jury. Thank you.
0:04:52As Tom already said, I'm Jan, the CEO of Mail Komplet, and I'm here because
0:04:59I have a much deeper background about the strategy of Mail Komplet. so now try
0:05:06to ask whatever you would like to.
0:05:10Hi. It's Tom.
0:05:14Two questions, if I may? Yes. Why the hell aren't you giving the presentation? You're
0:05:19the CEO, you should be giving the presentation and telling us about the strategy and
0:05:23the business itself.
0:05:26That's... I'm really upset about it. And the second thing is, I didn't hear, again,
0:05:32I didn't hear any numbers. I mean
0:05:34I know the product, I know I can test subject lines, but how much does
0:05:40it cost? How much did you make, guys, already to have any subscribers? Maybe you
0:05:45don't, but what's the strategy? I mean, this is the real presentation for me now.
0:05:50Yes. I understand. and now to the first point. The reason why Tom was presenting
0:05:56instead of me was that last month I was working really hard in order to
0:06:03get the few big customers onto Mail Komplet platform. And while my team was working
0:06:11here, I was working in Prague. So I was forced to delegate the preparation of
0:06:17Mail Komplet presentation. I think they did a really good job and I was working
0:06:25in Prague. Now to the numbers. Actually, we have for more than two hundred paying
0:06:34customers. The price of our product it is depended on a... or is dependent on
0:06:42the volume you are sent or you are sending; or it's dependent that if you
0:06:48are sending every month or only one time. It's priced either pay as you go.
0:06:58You can buy, you can buy some credit and then they use this credit for
0:07:03sending emails. How much? Okay, I'll give you an example for fifty thousand. That's how
0:07:10much? Fifty thousand emails you can get for
0:07:17four thousand a month.
0:07:21Just now, I'm not exactly sure about this, because it's in our price list and
0:07:28Petr has our prices in his head, but it's no problem to find out. It's
0:07:34very cheap, it's nothing you wouldn't be able to pay.
0:07:45This is Vincent. Thanks for the presentation. So, here's my question, what are you targeting?
0:07:50Are targeting small medium companies? Are targeting big companies? I think the question where it
0:07:56wants to go is your price tag for small, like
0:08:01who is your target?
0:08:03Just now, our target are small and middle companies. But, we are able to target
0:08:10also the big corporations. This is why our team it's sort of split to two
0:08:19parts. One part is taking care of smaller customers and one part is targeting to
0:08:27bigger customers, which need some integrations at the end which needs some more specific approach,
0:08:35which cannot be taken out of a box in one hour. But we can prepare
0:08:41everything from the strategy to the implementation in a few weeks. And just last question.
0:08:49You mentioned a lot the word analytics
0:08:51but I haven't seen exactly what it means and how is it different from all
0:08:56the other emailing tools that there is out there? Okay. So, in email platforms of
0:09:04our competitors you can track open rate, you can track click rate, but when you
0:09:11get your accustomed to your website, you lose a track of him, you don't know
0:09:18what he visited on your website. You don't know which product he liked. This is
0:09:24because everybody or almost everybody just now is using the Google Analytics or similar tools
0:09:32which are used by analytics, not by marketers and analytics usually use aggregated data, not
0:09:45the point of view marketers care who are interested in every single customer. So, our
0:09:54tracker is, or can be configured so that you can find out what every one
0:10:00customer was visiting, and with knowledge of this you can then send a follow up
0:10:07campaigns and target much better because you get data.
0:10:23Okay thank you for your patience and for your questions.