0:00:26We are currently finishing work or our fully automated systems.
0:00:32We would like to launch a full version of our system by the end of
0:00:38the Starcube.
0:00:40We also want to start to operate in at least three other foreign markets
0:00:47in Europe.
0:01:07Good afternoon to everyone
0:01:10Do you remember the old times when we advertised in newspapers if we wanted to
0:01:15sell something? Yes, these days are already gone.
0:01:18Today people, most people advertise on classified websites. Actually, in the Czech Republic, it's more
0:01:25than fifty thousand advertisers each day.
0:01:28Unfortunately, there isn't only one. There are many classified websites and if you want to
0:01:34make your ad most successful, you have to place it on many of them.
0:01:38It doesn't matter if you sell car
0:01:41house or
0:01:43some puppies, for example.
0:01:45As well as Mrs. Bruslikova, one of our typical clients. She is a dog breeder
0:01:51and each year she has the newborn puppies that she needs to sell. But these
0:01:56little sweeties make her so busy that she doesn't have enough time for advertising,
0:02:00enough time for filling out these boring advertising forms over and over again.
0:02:06But fortunately, she knows Vkladej and she just needs to play her ads only once
0:02:10on Vkladej, and our system will automatically place her ad up to seventy classified websites
0:02:16in minutes. There is no better way how to advertise easily.
0:02:20It's now more than three thousand paying customers that have already used our service.
0:02:26And it makes our revenues from more than one million Czech crowns from the beginning
0:02:33of our business.
0:02:35These numbers are still growing, because we have found a way how to make advertising
0:02:39for people more easier and effective.
0:02:42So now, they can do things they really enjoy.
0:02:46So this is highly effective system for you advertisements. Thank you for your attention.