0:00:25Well, when we joined Starcube, our project was at the point of zero.
0:00:30We are planning to go global in, let's say, two years from now.
0:00:37This year our project is the work in Audiopravo.cz server with frequent downloads and a
0:00:43lot of visitors, and also expanding our idea to another branches of audio educating.
0:01:02Thank you.
0:01:04Good afternoon, ladies and gentleman. My name is Jaroslav Zeman and I'm here to present
0:01:08you Audiopravo. Audiopravo provides audio education for lawyers.
0:01:12We are creating audio recordings from various branches of law. For example, summaries of legal
0:01:17unions, summaries of court decisions, expert articles or articles about new civil court. Our clients
0:01:24can then download these recordings from our website or through our mobile application.
0:01:30Imagine that you are a lawyer.
0:01:31Scary, right?
0:01:33Well then you, me and the rest of the layers, we are in permanent need
0:01:36of self education.
0:01:38On the other hand, we are wasting a lot of our time on our blind
0:01:41spots of a day. Typical example you will be familiar with is driving a car
0:01:45to work, to court, to meeting, back home.
0:01:51Average lawyer spends approximately ten hours a week on the road. Ten hours. That's tremendous
0:01:57amount of time. It's one whole working day.
0:02:00Well, we can help you save that time.
0:02:02You know how? I'm sure you do. Thanks to audiopravo, our audio education for lawyers.
0:02:07Because you don't have to study in your office anymore. You studied enough on the
0:02:11road. That, thanks to our audio recordings, that saved you plenty of time, time to
0:02:17just for you and you only, you can do whatever you want to do with
0:02:19it. Do you want to increase your income? Well, you can work now more, you
0:02:23have time for it. Do you want to spend your time with your family? Just
0:02:27go home, job is all done for today. You want to grab a drink with
0:02:30your friends? The choice is yours. Our job is to provide you that choice. That's
0:02:34Audiopravo, audio education for lawyers. Thank you for your time and for your attention.