0:00:26We are finishing our first customers' project
0:00:31But if we did not join the Starcube Accelerator and the whole process of delivering
0:00:38the product to the market, we would be much slower.
0:00:41As Starcube Show is approaching, we are discovering a whole new level of panic.
0:01:08Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen. Thank you for your welcome. It's really strong. I'm Dom
0:01:14from Biotube and after this; I'm glad that after three months of Starcube I can
0:01:20show you, finally, the results of our work.
0:01:23Today I'm excited to introduce you the latest version of Biotube. As you can see
0:01:29behind me or on my right hand, Biotube is
0:01:33multimedia kiosk with online content management. It's mobile
0:01:38it's great and it's affordable.
0:01:41Right now maybe you are asking yourself what it is good for? Well, Biotube can
0:01:46be your timetable at the train station, it can be part of entertainment systems in
0:01:51museums, zoo gardens and other
0:01:54educational centres; or it can be part of your marketing strategy.
0:02:00We would like to offer Biotube to customers from small medium business segment, so we
0:02:06made it as easy as possible. You just order Biotube from our website, unpack the
0:02:12package, plug the power, and create your own content through our online web based content
0:02:19That's it, just these three steps, and you are ready for the show.
0:02:23Today I would like to announce that we are ready for the business. So, if
0:02:28you see any idea how Biotube can help you, don't hesitate and contact us here,
0:02:33or go to our web page and order your Biotube today. Thank you for attention.