0:01:22Hello. My name is Michael and I will be your guide for today.
0:01:25I work for JIC, the innovation centre that's empowering people to create companies that change
0:01:31the world.
0:01:33today we are going to witness the nine startups, nine presentations that will amaze you.
0:01:39So, nine startups that in the future, I hope, will really change the world.
0:01:46So, how many of you have being here on our Starcube Show in May this
0:01:51year here?
0:01:52Some hands. Okay. Not many, so I guess I can use the same jokes.
0:01:58But tonight is going to be different, it's going to be bigger and better than
0:02:04Because today I want to show you that anyone can start a company, each one
0:02:09of you.
0:02:12Kids in the USA start a company when they are really young, when they are
0:02:17selling lemonades or cookies.
0:02:20Teenagers can start a company. For example, a Thijl clerics in Netherlands rides on his
0:02:26bike each day to the Amsterdam with fresh products from the farmers.
0:02:31And even seniors can start a company.
0:02:35Colonel Sanders from KFC he start at KFC when he was sixty five and had
0:02:39just one hundred dollars in his pocket.
0:02:44So anyone can start a company.
0:02:48not everyone really decide to do so. And why is it?
0:02:53So, some people, some people are just lazy.
0:02:56They don't want to take a risk.
0:02:58They don't want to take responsibilities.
0:03:01Some people, they are just afraid of a failure.
0:03:05They want to take a risk at all.
0:03:09But today, will see the teams that want to take a risk, teams that know
0:03:16that they should never, ever give up.
0:03:21These teams are not afraid of anything, they are not afraid of work
0:03:25they are not afraid of enemies, they are not afraid of other startups they are
0:03:30meeting at the very same place everyday.
0:03:33But they might be afraid of such a big audience.
0:03:37As I do.
0:03:38So, because it doesn't happen every day, for a
0:03:42speaker to present on the stage with this huge screen like this; I think is
0:03:47like seventy meters or something,
0:03:49and with two hundred people,
0:03:51so I want you to be really supportive for our startups because they might be
0:03:56scared to death on the stage.
0:03:58It's totally different when you walk down, just like, two meters here. It's a totally
0:04:03different feeling.
0:04:04So I want you to give a warm applause to any startup which... or actually,
0:04:09not only startup, to anyone who is climbing up the stairs.
0:04:20I think you did it when I , when I started, but let's make a
0:04:24small rehearsal again, because this was not good enough for our startups. So, I will
0:04:30go back, I will go down. And when I go up, I want you to
0:04:35give me a big applause.
0:04:48Okay that's goo,d but because you were quicker than I thought. I had this for
0:04:53you already that the your applause is not good enough, so
0:04:57let's try once more, please.
0:05:02No, not yet.
0:05:16Thank you very much. So, keep this
0:05:19keep just applause anytime someone climbs up on the stage.
0:05:25Today is a special day.
0:05:27Do you know why? Does anyone know why today is a special day?
0:05:33Yes, it's MikulaĹĄ.
0:05:37What does it mean?
0:05:39MikulaĹĄ. There are some people from other countries. So, MikulaĹĄ is a day when kids
0:05:46that behaved well during the whole year get rewarded by sweets.
0:05:51And kids that behaved bad during the whole year, they get punished.
0:06:03it's something like Christmas and Halloween in the same evening with Santa Clause, angel and
0:06:09devil visiting kids.
0:06:13I wanted to start this show dressed as an angel, but I was told that
0:06:18I would lose my dignity.
0:06:19So I'm here dressed quite normally, but I want to keep the tradition and I
0:06:25have one small present for you.
0:06:29Today each one of you will get, because of our great sponsors, sorry there's a
0:06:34wrong slide.
0:06:47Sorry, small mistake.
0:06:49You will get some presents, and it depends on how you behaved last year.
0:06:54So, today you will also get another present, and this is going to be
0:07:01some great feeling, I hope, great feeling of, from interesting presentations.
0:07:09So, there will be nine teams, nine startups presenting. So these are all the people
0:07:15that attended the first event of Starcube this year.
0:07:18They will be presenting today and I hope your expectations will be okay. And if
0:07:26you like our show today, if you like our we show today, consider yourself as
0:07:31a well behaving kids, that get a present in the form of today's show.
0:07:39But before we start, with our presentations from our Starcube teams,
0:07:43I want, I have a small surprise for you, and it's going to be also
0:07:47a surprise for our technicians.
0:07:50Because we will try to connect to other centres around the world to meet other
0:07:56startups that created their own companies.
0:08:00And because we hear everywhere about Americans and German and UK startups, I want to
0:08:08present to you some of the
0:08:11some of the startups from the countries like Armenia, Indonesia, Georgia, sorry, Spain and some
0:08:20other countries.
0:08:24I hope you will get inspired by our teams that started around the globe in
0:08:30the countries that are not so rich as the US, but did a great job.
0:08:36So, first team comes from Jakarta, is a team centeng.me which means in translation something
0:08:45like mercenary.
0:08:49I think we should, we should play the video.
0:09:01Hello Starcube Show! My name is Febri and I from Indonesia, and I'm the founder
0:09:06of centeng.me.
0:09:07So, what is centeng.me?
0:09:11Centeng.me is a social media that help you to complete jobs in fun ways.
0:09:16We adapted the comcept of Microtask and CrowdSource so people can complete as many jobs
0:09:21and ask for help from many people at once.
0:09:25For example,
0:09:28Your work is piling up and you know you cannot finish them all in time.
0:09:33So, you need somebody to help you finish the small, but annoying jobs.
0:09:39Join Centeng by signing up, and post the job, fill the form for the job
0:09:44and offer point for it at Centeng.
0:09:45And the Centeng will come and help with all of your problems.
0:09:49Your work will be finished and Centeng will be rewarded using points.
0:09:54And that points can be exchanged to coupons, photos or even gadgets
0:09:59So that Centeng can gain something from this system too.
0:10:03And the interesting part is that Centeng are coming from the user itself. So, normal
0:10:10user can be a Centeng
0:10:11And start to help others. So, basically Centeng.me is a user to user system.
0:10:19Right now Centeng already has three thousand users, fifty Centengs
0:10:24fiften hundred Facebook likes and more than ten thousands followers on Twitter.
0:10:32In just three months of beta period.
0:10:35For users who are targeting college students from local universities, because they need extra pocket
0:10:45and corporate workers who didn't have the time to finish their own jobs.
0:10:51And for gifts we'll be selling points to company or brands, so they can create
0:10:56jobs for many people at once without the efforst of getting more points
0:11:01Normal user can still create jobs for free, but they can't also buy points for
0:11:06creating the jobs.
0:11:08I think that's all from me. Thank you for your time and for more information,
0:11:13you can visit www.centeng.me or email me
0:11:35Okay. Another startup we have is from Armenia, from Yerevan. And this startup will try
0:11:43to connect to us directly with
0:11:46Skype, so let's try, let's try the connection.
0:11:53Narek, you hear me? Yes, sure. Perfect. So, just take one minute or so not
0:12:01one minute, ten seconds, and we will get you on screen.
0:12:06Okay, you can start. There are two hundred people and they want to hear something
0:12:11more about your project.
0:12:13Hello everyone, from Armenia!
0:12:16We are team...
0:12:18That's not loud, the is not two hundred people. He will not believe us that
0:12:22there are two hundred people. So, once more, hi!
0:12:26Yes, that's better, thanks.
0:12:30We are team mLab, we are presenting project Clean H2O, which is about checking water
0:12:37We designed and embedded platform which connects to different sensors that measure different parameters of
0:12:43water and wirelessly sends it to wi-fi enabled devices.
0:12:48The advantages of our system are that it is compact, it is cheap, it is
0:12:52customisable and very easy to modify by adding or removing sensors. It has a user
0:12:58friendly interface, it is wi-fi enabled and it also and analyzes the major data.
0:13:05After extensive research, we came up with three alternative business models and divided our customer
0:13:12group into three segments.
0:13:14First segment include individual users, aquarium and swimming pool owners, aquaculture, food and beverage industries.
0:13:22For example, imagine fishing farmers checking the chartability and oxygen quantity in water.
0:13:29The second segment includes mining industries, irrigation centre, environmentalist and governments.
0:13:36We have talked to prime minister of Armenia for collaboration in creating interactive water quality
0:13:43map that will display the quality of water resources in our country in real time.
0:13:49And finally, third segment includes population at risk, we have a dream to give them
0:13:55solution to check water the quality that's decreasing the number of deaths, water bourne diseases
0:14:03We have a great team of enthusiastic young people with the same vision that are
0:14:07specialised in engineering, software development, organization and business development. We have many key business partners,
0:14:14which you can see hare and we have worked on the project for more than
0:14:18one year.
0:14:19Thank you for listening and you're welcome to ask any questions.
0:14:33I have a few questions for you. Why did you choose this project? Why did
0:14:38you start with Clean H2O?
0:14:42So, the prior, initial mission, initial mission was to create some solution that would help
0:14:47people who live in populations are already at risk, because they die everyday while drinking
0:14:53polluted water. We wanted to create some affordable solution that would help them to check
0:14:58the water quality before drinking.
0:15:00So, that was our first mission and this is this is our final mission.
0:15:06Okay, great. And the second question is that, what actually did prime minister of Armenia
0:15:14tell you about your project? Is there, your government is going to really use your
0:15:23Yes, they told, the prime minister told us that they need side solution because monitoring
0:15:29water quality in real time is something that is very needed for every country because
0:15:33water problem is a great problem nowadays. And they told that they will be very
0:15:38happy to collaborate with us for the further creation of that mat.
0:15:43Okay, and last question for you. How how hard it is to start a company
0:15:49in Armenia? Is it okay or do have many problem with the government? Does th,e
0:15:56do the partners you have really support and in what way? How is it problematic
0:16:01to start a company in Armenia?
0:16:05The problem, the biggest problem is not the government. Biggest problem is just to get
0:16:10the right business plan, because if you have wrong business plan you will just fail.
0:16:15So I think the biggest problem it is in you, in your solution, not in
0:16:19the other things. And our partners help us very much and our key business partner
0:16:25is Microsoft Innovation Centre of Armenia. They help us very much with the marketing side,
0:16:32because we are all engineers and software developers; we don't understand margin and marketing; they
0:16:37help us very much. Okay, thank you, Narik. Thank very much. Thank you all, have
0:16:43a nice day. Thank you. Bye-bye.
0:16:54Yes, I'm pretty sure that in Armenia they have a winter as well, because we
0:16:57saw someone taking the cap.
0:17:01So the third team today is going to be a team from Madrid in Spain.
0:17:14Hello to our friends of Czech Republic from TedCas We are glad to participate in
0:17:18Starcube Show.
0:17:22We develop contribution interfaces for healthcare. So, like being defined as minority report conducto
0:17:30Let me show you the problem.
0:17:36There are plenty of information
0:17:37in several screens.
0:17:41Here, here and here.
0:17:46to this information in real time
0:17:51but in order to keep the sterilization of the room touch any keyboard, or any
0:17:55mouse,touchscreen or an
0:17:59So, metals used at this moment
0:18:04are not efficient neither ready for the patient.
0:18:07The doctor has to leave the room review that information, memorize it
0:18:15and get back to the operation room.
0:18:18Using about 20 minute each time.
0:18:21And they wish to introduce some extra equipment in the room, but the risk of
0:18:26infection increases, as you can see here
0:18:32But, not a problem.
0:18:34TedCas has a solution for this.
0:18:41We have the below attached interface.
0:18:43based on the electronic devices like Kinect from Microsoft.
0:18:47With them, medical doctors
0:18:50are able to manipulate the digital information
0:18:53through respond and simple gestures with their hands.
0:19:01A you can see, the doctors can navigate through the images, controlling some options of
0:19:09this medical software. They can do tune, they can pack in the images etc.
0:19:18So, this is TedCast, than you for your attention.
0:19:30Just to tell you a little bit more about TedCast. That is a company which
0:19:35is right now in Silicon Valley pitching for investors, so we were not able to
0:19:38connect with them directly. And what you saw was a live video from their augmented
0:19:44reality system for doctors.
0:19:48And now we have another project from Amman in Jordan.
0:19:53We will try to, we will play the video, two minutes about their project and
0:19:57then we will try to connect with them via teleconference.
0:20:17Give us this opportunity to share our project with
0:20:20great audience.
0:20:28We are sometimes unaware of important sounds happe during our days.
0:21:05We present our unique sollution, Dancing Pillow
0:21:09that can alert
0:21:10in case of emergencies
0:21:12and important situations.
0:21:12It consists of a
0:21:15three main parts.
0:21:16The Dancing Pillow device
0:21:20a mobile phone application
0:21:24and flash light smell unit.
0:21:27The smartphone application
0:21:27listens to the fire alarm sound
0:21:35flashlight and
0:21:40So comparing ourself to our cometitors,
0:21:43quite expensive, and uses electricity to work. What our solution offers? Number one lowest price.
0:21:50Number two can detect any fire alarm sound in the world. Number three
0:21:57infrastructure of the building.
0:22:00So who would buy our product?
0:22:03and people who snore. We know that 16% of the polupation are hearing impaired
0:22:08and of course, countless who smore and are heavy sleepers.
0:22:12We require an investment of $200000
0:22:16that is going to occur
0:22:18next year in the first quarter after selling 2400
0:22:22The device will only cost $80 without the accessories.
0:22:41Okay let's try to connect to Amman, to Jordan.
0:22:48Have a short chat with Anor.
0:22:52When we tested the connection, we were not able to use the video, but we,
0:22:58can we connect with audio?
0:23:01Okay, so Anvar, can you hear me?
0:23:14Yes, we can hear you well.
0:23:17Yes, sorry we just have a problem with our, the speakers on the stage. Okay
0:23:23Anvar, can you hear me?
0:23:24Yes, Yes. Perfect. There two hundred people in the audience. And I would like you
0:23:30to tell them did you start with this project, what was the initial impulse for
0:23:36you to start Dancing Pillow project?
0:23:42Okay. In the beginning, we didn't wake up and
0:23:46in time for the lecture
0:23:51Okay. And so now you are using this system with flashlights.
0:23:57Yes, at the beginning we used the stress alarm.
0:24:01Alarm that sprays water on you.
0:24:04to wake up.
0:24:06Yes, and it did work?
0:24:09Yes, it worked but it wasn't very practical.
0:24:17Okay. So now it's no wet solution, it's quite dry, but with the flashlight and
0:24:26the vibration. I really like the idea for people who are, who are not able
0:24:32to hear, people that have to be waken some other way than just with the
0:24:40normal alarm.
0:24:40And you did... how, did you test your solution on this people?
0:24:47Yes, we have visited many deaf centers
0:24:52And they really liked it and joined it, and they wish they could
0:24:57Okay. Thanks. And the last question. You mentioned two hundred thousand k investment. That's the
0:25:07amount that you already get from someone or you applied for such a money?
0:25:14We still haven't got the amount yet.
0:25:18Okay. So,
0:25:22Do you have, the is the main project for you and I saw you have
0:25:25several ways of, several ways of waking people.
0:25:30So, several devices how to wake people. And what kind of device you use right
0:25:37now or you will be using today?
0:25:41Do you use your own solution?
0:25:43Yes we use our solution to wake up in the morning and
0:25:47because, actually, heavy sleeper
0:25:53this device to wake up in the morning. Okay.
0:25:57So, thank you, thank you very much. We will switch data presentation. Thank you and
0:26:02goodbye. Bye-bye, thank you.
0:26:11Other project, the last one that we will be connected to is from Saintander in
0:26:17Spain. This project is MedCitas. And for those of you who are familiar with our
0:26:24startups, it might seem a little bit similar to something you saw last Starcube.
0:26:29So, please
0:26:30let's have another video.
0:26:39Hello from Saintander in Spain to Czech Republic. We are glad to participate at the
0:26:44Starcube Show and to have the opportunity to present MedCitas. MedCitas is a complete appointment
0:26:51management service developed on Windows Eight platform. It allows people to book their doctor's visit
0:26:56differently from their Windows Eight mobile phone or desktop device from anywhere anytime. Access the
0:27:03MedCitas directory of health care professionals, people can search for a reliable doctors in the
0:27:08nearest location, go look for the specialist based on the criteria they choose. Every quiz
0:27:14will be safe in the system and will be instantly available for the doctors to
0:27:18be checked. Doctors, on the other hand, can increase their visibility and consolidate all the
0:27:23information on appointments coming from mobile application in MEdCitas contact center or our web site
0:27:29in one single place. That allows them to foresee how much time they need per
0:27:35patient, how many they can actually recieve. By combining our multi platform technology, we founded
0:27:42a specialized contact center platform
0:27:44for managing appointments, we offered a public sector, insurance providers, hospitals clinics, and in particular
0:27:52private practice doctors, dentists, psychologists or any professional in the health sector to ensure their
0:27:58entire appointment service. Our aim is to be on the line of the work of
0:28:04doctors, to provide easy access to a medical appointment for any patient at any time,
0:28:11anywhere. This offers them the opportunity to visit a doctor within twenty four to seventy
0:28:16two hours, wherever they are. No long waiting list anymore. Patients are coming and doctors
0:28:22are waiting for them spending as much time as required. We're waiting for you at
0:28:48That was pretty much what you wanted to show you from Startups, but you have
0:28:55a small problem because you didn't applause when I was walking up
0:29:01We will not rehearse that again. But please, keep in mind, in the next few
0:29:07minutes you will need really to support our startups, because they seem to be quite