0:00:15good afternoon
0:00:17good afternoon everybody
0:00:20just before we start this an x session all the speakers please be reminded and
0:00:25everybody is attending that as has been the case for several years we're recording the
0:00:30if you object to being recorded please see one of the volunteers before your session
0:00:36so welcome to the joint sig dial same dial a special session a negotiation dialog
0:00:41organised by myself amanda stance lynn walker is over there actually sh papa and diane
0:00:48we have a website for the special session and we encourage you just to see
0:00:52the website where we have a list of useful resources
0:00:56this session of feature three papers to from seven dial and one from sick dial
0:01:00as well as for short position paper presentations and then a panel featuring the presenter
0:01:05is that the position papers
0:01:07and the position papers are available on the website for the special session
0:01:12why this special session right now
0:01:15well researchers as you heard from all over this morning researchers are starting to look
0:01:19at more
0:01:21advanced applications that we're going back to looking at more advanced applications for dialogue system
0:01:26so there's beginning to be an assortment of interesting systems there's also quite a lot
0:01:30of available data now some of which you can see from the special session website
0:01:35and there is multiplicity of approaches from the more discourse and the more engineering and
0:01:40of the spectrum
0:01:43so we after the papers have been presented we're going to be asking our panelists
0:01:49the following questions which will come back to and while you're listening to the presentations
0:01:53feel free to think of questions on your own as well
0:01:57so the first paper in the session
0:02:02will be presented by cover our nicholas
0:02:05it's online learning in transfer for user adaptation in dialogue systems and this is assumed
0:02:10a paper