0:00:15thank you are we're now nothing to the signal that's paper or words
0:00:22so all papers submitted to six dollars eligible for consideration for best paper words and
0:00:29nominations are made on the basis of the reviews that papers with c and the
0:00:35the content of those reviews and also nominations by members of the program committee of
0:00:40specific papers for consideration and
0:00:43based on all of this information we arrived at five best paper nominees and i'd
0:00:50like to just remind you what they are
0:00:52these we're now it's also in the opening session so first we have beyond on
0:00:57hold messages conversational time buying in taskoriented dialogue
0:01:01that's with the first author solid outlook has can be you know
0:01:05we have modeling protagonist goals and desires and first person narrative with first author ali
0:01:11here i'm rocky
0:01:14we have redundancy localisation for the conversational as a nation of unstructured responses by first
0:01:20up there are sebastian crowds
0:01:23we have the e two e dataset new challenges for intend generation with first author
0:01:28g katerina you know recover
0:01:31and finally we have the role of conversation context for sarcasm detection in online interactions
0:01:37with first author the pungent coach
0:01:41and so these
0:01:44the first thing i guess i should say is all five of the user really
0:01:48excellent papers and i think it's important for us to congratulate again all five of
0:01:54these papers for the really excellent work
0:02:03so these papers where all read by a panel of experience dialogue and discourse researchers
0:02:10and there's a very lively discussion of all of them in all of them really
0:02:14had good strings and we encourage you to look at all of these papers if
0:02:18you haven't seen them
0:02:21we did finally arrive at a decision and will be making to bust paper towards
0:02:25the first award goes to
0:02:28beyond on hold messages conversational time buying in taskoriented dialogue sys by solid a low-pass
0:02:35can you know as you necessary it's and the average one in
0:02:39and so that's over that can come again
0:02:59congratulations about that actually
0:03:08okay and ours
0:03:10second best paper award goes to
0:03:13the role of conversation context for sarcasm detection in online interactions by the bunker to
0:03:20function coach alexander fischer property and some around them rests on
0:03:32okay is on the train excellent graduation
0:03:41okay so the that concludes the best papers all words and will not now to
0:03:46the closing session and should be
0:03:53we have also at certificate for all of the nominated papers actually of the office
0:04:01of all these papers can come down now we have a certificate for you
0:04:10so do we have representatives of the other nominated papers here
0:04:17okay yes please come
0:04:33okay actually is easily have your own mike
0:04:41for it and andrei
0:04:58okay now we move to the closing session we have for some remarks from marginal
0:05:04christina you okay