0:00:16starting the next session
0:00:18it's a special session on
0:00:21chat bots and the conversational agents
0:00:25so this is the second
0:00:27i watch at special session
0:00:29on chart button conversation agents
0:00:31and here you can see the what chat organising committee
0:00:35i'm one of the organising committee member reach your if you guys not colour and
0:00:40we have three as a organise organising committee members wrong and about file on twelve
0:00:46county who are not opportunity here but the
0:00:51and you can also sees task organising committee members and also senior steering committee members
0:00:58so just a little bit
0:01:03on the this watch it specialization so this is the background
0:01:08so we as seeing
0:01:10recently events created to chat-oriented dialogue systems so we had the special sessions
0:01:16on chat bots and allegations in at the spa conferences
0:01:20and those so i'm one of the organizers of several workshops you at two
0:01:25chat-oriented dialogue systems in japan
0:01:27and those of you know that there is a an extra challenge and also a
0:01:32conversational intelligence times going at nips this year
0:01:37so we have seen a lot of activities at the chat-oriented dialogue systems was that's
0:01:41why we started this what chapped series as workshop and also special sessions at several
0:01:47common sees that we had the first workshop at a wreck then second workshop but
0:01:52i da last year
0:01:55this year we had the one special session at the i to be sdss and
0:01:59this is the second special session at seek a dial
0:02:04and other objectives of this watch at this to explore the state-of-the-art in chat-oriented dialogue
0:02:10and related areas
0:02:12we a actually doing a collaborate the report to collect a dialogue data so collect
0:02:17a chart oriented dialogue data that can be made available for research purposes and also
0:02:22develop a framework for the automatic evaluation no chat-oriented data
0:02:30i will talk about this task data but that just the briefly to tell you
0:02:35about this is that we have three phases for data collection in this you have
0:02:39task and watch at
0:02:41so we collecting chat data and we also evaluating the data with subjective evaluation criterion
0:02:48and those so we proposing segregated matrix to reproduce the human subjective evaluation results
0:02:56and we are currently focusing on these tasks one two
0:03:01okay so i'll talk about the shared task later at the end of this yes
0:03:05add in end of the special session but the before that i just go over
0:03:10this technical program or watch at special session today
0:03:14from now on
0:03:15and there are four papers accepted from a total of a fifteen summations do this
0:03:21specialisation the complete it was very competitive
0:03:24and the we had one shot paper yesterday and we have three papers three long
0:03:30papers that would be presented in decision
0:03:33so we have three papers
0:03:36as you can see on the screen
0:03:39and the technical program today is we i'm just introducing the special session and a
0:03:45we have three paper presentations
0:03:49of long papers
0:03:51and i really
0:03:53a little bit about this you have task update to report
0:03:57at the end of the session we have a wrap up discussion session and this
0:04:01we want to discuss some future plans with you about chatbox agents
0:04:06okay so without to much how do i'd like to will come the first speaker
0:04:11of this system