SIGdial 2016

17th Annual SIGdial Meeting on Discourse and Dialogue

Supporting Spoken Assistant Systems with a Graphical User Interface that Signals Incremental Understanding and Prediction State

Casey Kennington and David Schlangen
Arguably, spoken dialogue systems are most often used not in hands/eyes-busy situations, but rather in settings where a graphical display is also available, such as a mobile phone. We explore the use of a graphical output modality for signalling incremental understanding and prediction state of the dialogue system. By visualising the current dialogue state and possible continuations of it as a simple tree, and allowing interaction with that visualisation (e.g., for confirmations or corrections), the system provides both feedback on past user actions and guidance on possible future ones, and it can span the continuum from slot filling to full prediction of user intent (such as GoogleNow). We evaluate our system with real users and report that they found the system intuitive and easy to use, and that incremental and adaptive settings enable users to accomplish more tasks.