SIGdial 2015

16th Annual SIGdial Meeting on Discourse and Dialogue

Multilingual Summarization with Polytope Model

Natalia Vanetik and Marina Litvak
The problem of extractive text summarization for a collection of documents is defined as the problem of selecting a small subset of sentences so that the contents and meaning of the original document set are preserved in the best possible way. In this paper we describe the linear programming-based global optimization model to rank and extract the most relevant sentences to a summary. We introduce three different objective functions being optimized. These functions define a relevance of a sentence that is being maximized, in different manners, such as: coverage of meaningful words of a document, coverage of its bigrams, or coverage of frequent sequences of words. We supply here an overview of our system’s participation in the MultiLing contest of SIGDial 2015.