0:00:15thanks everyone again my name is chris word reason for the us but i've been
0:00:19here and burn all four
0:00:21quite a while years or so pretty much call myself a
0:00:25but now
0:00:27anyways so i'm here on behalf of marking on the ladder who is the organiser
0:00:34of impact travellers
0:00:35there's a interesting story behind
0:00:37come i got here of get that in a bit
0:00:41for as is wanna say
0:00:42welcome and thanks for coming to listen and thanks again to open all for being
0:00:47patient and letting us
0:00:48in to talk to you guys today
0:00:51because it's not me
0:00:53i mean because it is mia not marking on the right here the
0:00:56abstract has changed a little bit
0:01:00but the
0:01:01the principle will be the same
0:01:03i just wanted to
0:01:05star the
0:01:06the story today with something about me myself
0:01:11and then i'll bring used through to how i'm it might appear in and got
0:01:16involved with impact travellers
0:01:19what is in fact travellers are get a lot more detail and i'll go over
0:01:22like to come from claudia
0:01:25project and a bunch of other projects and invite you guys to
0:01:29actually contribute back
0:01:31and participate in
0:01:33a future impact travellers trip
0:01:36i if any of this is of interest to you
0:01:39or you find that you think you've to contribute something
0:01:42my story started about ten years ago
0:01:46when i was in university back in the states
0:01:49i am studying a human ecology
0:01:52which if anyone asks me even still today i don't really know what that is
0:01:56but it's a multidisciplinary a bachelor's degree four year
0:02:03my first year i was told i needed an internship
0:02:06so i'd never left us
0:02:09might interest at the time where it can you need a development
0:02:12and i had my hobby horse of course was open source of the next and
0:02:17that sort of thing so i wanted to figure out a way if i could
0:02:21open source principles
0:02:23and integrate that with to me development
0:02:26and i happened across a volunteering opportunity in ghana which is west africa
0:02:31and five figured why not make my first rip out of the us
0:02:35to west africa
0:02:37thanks to my parents of course for paying for that
0:02:41it was it was an amazing experience in and the change my life forever
0:02:45while i was there
0:02:49you know keeping with that with that idea of community development and open source
0:02:54i spent a lot of time developing
0:02:56sorry let me let me first take a step back and say the organisation i
0:03:00was working with while hasn't gone is women in progress
0:03:05specifically the project was called global mama's
0:03:08this is an initiative to help
0:03:11small business owners actually
0:03:14or ladies who had ideas to start
0:03:16a business
0:03:18support themselves in
0:03:21maintaining and business and hopefully even getting it
0:03:23profitable and in many cases turning their business
0:03:26and selling the products into the global market
0:03:29my particular role there because of my experience at the time and continues today was
0:03:35it you related so
0:03:37i went there and helped with very basic level stuff
0:03:42this these ladies have huge ambitions but
0:03:44where are clearly a behind in times they didn't have access to computers nothing like
0:03:49there were first being introduced to internet
0:03:52and lots of these things so i use talks type to teach them how to
0:03:56five show them in a browsing with firefox and trying to get them hope to
0:04:01use open-source
0:04:02tools of that nature and
0:04:05spend a lot of time with get
0:04:06showing them how to take pictures and added photos nets or stuff pretty simple
0:04:11basic stuff
0:04:12i don't absolute amazing time though my
0:04:14here two three and four of university i spent in mexico each year going back
0:04:20for three or four months
0:04:22first my initial ambition was just to go ones and learn spanish
0:04:26and while i was there i needed a project so
0:04:30i found a
0:04:32an organisation working to
0:04:36improve the penetration rate of internet
0:04:40in local villages across mexico
0:04:43and so what we did was we travelled around first two universities
0:04:47and installed fibre to connect at the universities to high speed internet and share a
0:04:52shared internet connection
0:04:54because there wasn't that much to go around and that's the on the right connecting
0:05:00fibre and i also spent some time in this little town in the middle of
0:05:04nowhere and you could bound
0:05:06helping a local library again that same initiative
0:05:09i connecting folks the internet a bunch of libraries and public centres
0:05:15got computers they got hardware and they got connections the internet but they actually
0:05:20were lacking people to
0:05:22connect and train
0:05:25individuals in those communities to use it right it's
0:05:27so one thing have computers and than others actually make use of them right
0:05:31so i found one
0:05:33town back a where i where
0:05:36there's a local library where they got a bunch of computers i help them connected
0:05:40and train them again with the basics similar like i was doing and gonna text
0:05:44how to use the internet
0:05:45that sort of thing
0:05:47and also was in mexico i
0:05:51wrote a
0:05:53mexican recipe
0:05:55is recipe book in open source that
0:05:59after having spent some time what hanukkah
0:06:01with this beautiful all the to tell me how to cook essentially
0:06:05and my final project was
0:06:07actually two
0:06:10developed a
0:06:12the first ever maybe the second i'm not sure i couldn't find any
0:06:16one of rows doing research at the time spanish language to twirl workshop on
0:06:22a blender three d if you're familiar with it
0:06:24ut open source
0:06:26the probably the best out there i think open-source a three d application
0:06:31and animations we
0:06:35i gave the courses and workshops at the local the next user group as tightly
0:06:42with the other linux user group and yucatan at the time
0:06:45and i spent
0:06:47and a lot of time developing a course for actually a local the local or
0:06:52university and gave a six week
0:06:55on accredited course to a bunch of people who are really interested
0:06:58to warn graphics in didn't have
0:07:01in the school actually didn't have money to pay for like any of the commercial
0:07:04product at the time so this was
0:07:05something that there really interested in this is a larger diversity even at the time
0:07:10and still is but they couldn't afford
0:07:13the software so
0:07:15i brought them this opportunity and
0:07:19ever since i've been hooked on this idea to travel and once you've done it
0:07:23it's really easy
0:07:24to realise how your own experience is even if you feel like
0:07:30you suck
0:07:31and you don't know anything your way above
0:07:34there's a level out there that you're way above you know a large number of
0:07:39in your experiences can really make a difference in people's lives
0:07:42at least i felt that way
0:07:43and i still do and a lot of people i was interacting with an still
0:07:47maintaining context with and so forth and
0:07:49and they've taken what i what i was able to give to them and
0:07:52and make something
0:07:55for themselves with it
0:07:57bring us back to why am here today actually no skipping ahead ten years or
0:08:03so but not so long ago actually only about three weeks ago
0:08:09i met a marking a little
0:08:11and was introduced to impact travellers
0:08:16the way it happened was
0:08:19right now in this mode one i'm looking actually
0:08:23actively for ideas i have a time i mean are looking for opportunities to actually
0:08:26realized some of the ideas that i have in terms of starting on business running
0:08:30some sort of nonprofit or i'm not sure exactly i have a wide range of
0:08:35and so i i've been visiting so some of else no that impact how
0:08:40on october fifteenth i believe mashup number two
0:08:44volume number two and when i walk in the door marking was on the stage
0:08:48just like i am right now
0:08:49giving a very fast three minute
0:08:53introduction and overview of is project impact travellers
0:08:59after i heard him
0:09:01i was in tree i started talking to my figured out that we actually have
0:09:05a huge number of things in common and i asked them if we could call
0:09:09operating collaborate because he seemed quite open interested to find additional partners to work on
0:09:15to develop the idea
0:09:17impact row which is still very aren't
0:09:19it's you know growing hopefully
0:09:23over time and if anybody else feels at the end of this presentation
0:09:27any of this work resonates
0:09:29please reach an to us and help us continue to build
0:09:34reach our
0:09:35our vision
0:09:37modest in himself
0:09:38has a similar back story as i do
0:09:41in the sense that
0:09:42just very recently he hadn't really ever a left czech republic
0:09:47and all the sudden he just got this virtually left to spend some time in
0:09:53while going through culture shock he had this really supportive group of people around him
0:10:00and he met and started communicating quite closely with a one cambodian
0:10:05and they started
0:10:07coming up with some ideas of how
0:10:09to contain user experience
0:10:11of travelling but not just
0:10:14travelling in c new things and meeting new people in all those good things but
0:10:18really travelling that has meeting you know meaningful travel doing something which has an impact
0:10:23and you know that relates back to you know what i was talking about my
0:10:27own interest wanna write travel as well earlier
0:10:31and that brought him
0:10:32to the idea of going to cambodia
0:10:37marketing and his friend
0:10:40started talking about some ideas
0:10:43and martin convince the few his friends to
0:10:47trouble with them they're this came up with the plan
0:10:50and their primary focus was
0:10:53knowledge exchange just sharing
0:10:55information about
0:10:58things that we know more about than they do
0:11:01and in the way that they did that was the workshops very similar to how
0:11:05i was doing that back to mexico
0:11:07in ghana
0:11:11the trip itself
0:11:16actually envisioned to continue after in did it was a three week
0:11:25trip travel you know meaningful travel experience
0:11:30during the process they realise that they were actually having an effect on the individuals
0:11:37and it stock and he and his colleague in partner now
0:11:42wanted more so
0:11:44they continue to develop additional ideas even after because they felt like he was quite
0:11:49a good success
0:11:53principle of one is now the primary trip
0:11:58option for impact rubber's that is
0:12:00trying to find additional participants for and i'm here trying to handle
0:12:07the same as he
0:12:09had at that time i'll tell a little bit more about that
0:12:12at that time he wasn't still in is mine said he you know wasn't is
0:12:16intention but in tell you know after was
0:12:20actually successful
0:12:23turn and you know it got a life of its own
0:12:26and it became impact travel
0:12:28but anyways
0:12:30i've mentioned workshop so many times here i think
0:12:34you know
0:12:34if there's anything
0:12:37workshops or
0:12:38a very simple in easy when if you will
0:12:44how you can when you're travelling
0:12:47actually make a difference
0:12:49if you find any local community that you
0:12:52you enjoy you have knowledge about like i did back in mexico for example the
0:12:58almost every c d in the world has a the next user group if you're
0:13:01if you're linux users or
0:13:03whatever your favourite open-source applications are
0:13:06you can find people there
0:13:08and just
0:13:08figure out how you can
0:13:10give back while you're there give a couple of nights of workshops give
0:13:14you know
0:13:15you don't have to create curriculum or anything anymore there's you know upper pretty good
0:13:20number of tutorials and such you can actually just take from an share that knowledge
0:13:24directly it's the it's this the specific hands on
0:13:30that you know that element is what so powerful the workshop
0:13:34to give a bit of context
0:13:36with marking in cambodia
0:13:40my understanding
0:13:42it students in cambodia and in this is it students right they have
0:13:47they have only two hours a week that they can actually use the shared resources
0:13:52of computers in their university
0:13:56you can imagine as well cambodia doesn't have a very nice history
0:14:00and they're quite
0:14:01behind in times most people don't have computers at their whole
0:14:05so even if you're sitting on a lecture room in your getting all this theory
0:14:09your level of application of that theory is very low
0:14:13so these workshops actually gave individuals a strong opportunity to put to practise what they're
0:14:20some of the workshop so they were doing in cambodia where from introducing ruby on
0:14:24rails introducing
0:14:26a test driven development at a job i'll
0:14:30helping you know just to some business development type workshops
0:14:34and they also
0:14:36marketing and i mean they did a whole wide range i think they did like
0:14:39eight different workshops well there
0:14:42so really
0:14:43there is an infinite number of possibilities and if and if you want one the
0:14:46weight impact
0:14:48the community while you're travelling that's really good way in tree and if you will
0:14:54and as i mentioned the cambodian trip indeed
0:14:57there wasn't directly at that point an intention to continue developing the idea into anything
0:15:03more than what it was
0:15:05however the conversation did continue and they realise there's a lot of opportunities
0:15:10specifically still in cambodia they ended up boiling all the i'd the ideas down to
0:15:18where there's a huge issue of just
0:15:21reliable information
0:15:24of a little you know the availability of reliable information about local transport
0:15:29so we have you'd also here for example
0:15:32which makes travelling from one side of the cd to the other ridiculously easy
0:15:38because you know exactly when trams or buses in oregon driver getting to the other
0:15:42country and so forth
0:15:43and they just don't have that in fact
0:15:45they're still using paper and pencil in many cases
0:15:49and so
0:15:50there's specifically in the process of developing a project
0:15:55looking still for volunteers to actually contribute here they have done a lot of the
0:16:00backend work
0:16:02other struggling to get the data
0:16:04so any good data scraper is anyone who knows how to get data from
0:16:08from like
0:16:10what should be public data open data out of the that the holes where it
0:16:14lies hidden
0:16:17programmers you know that sort of person is
0:16:19we're looking for here
0:16:21i'm gonna skip that because i don't think we have time maybe we'll get back
0:16:23to it
0:16:24just some funny little tidbits about
0:16:26the experiences in cambodia
0:16:30i'm just gonna jack jump right in now to give more information about
0:16:34no the impact travellers itself so
0:16:37in a nutshell and i'll go over more detail of each of these parts
0:16:41in the next few slides but in a nutshell
0:16:44impact traveller trip
0:16:45based on
0:16:46the cambodia experience three weeks of
0:16:49working on a project that has been developed in terms of planned
0:16:54and requirements for example
0:16:56where the end objective is to create some sort of
0:17:01minimum viable product in bp
0:17:04generally speaking all the projects that are currently in development or you know digital online
0:17:10web software a type of projects so
0:17:14that you know that's where we're focused on now however it's not the only options
0:17:19clearly so
0:17:20so we have this
0:17:21project are travelling to a foreign country i'll cover some more information about which places
0:17:26where working within a minute
0:17:28but you going somewhere spinning three weeks
0:17:31monday to friday working on that project
0:17:34weakens you travel
0:17:36and the fourth week is all travel as well the weekends all the travel experience
0:17:41you get to figure out what you want to do based on
0:17:46a lot of information are gonna be living and working with locals so you have
0:17:51a much more
0:17:52down to earth
0:17:53local experience while you're there
0:17:57with you will also be travelling a guide we're meant for someone who should be
0:18:03able to help you
0:18:05especially if you're not experienced in travelling
0:18:08deal with culture shock which is almost guaranteed to happen when you travel somewhere
0:18:13the ch that is
0:18:15wildly different
0:18:16in so many ways then you're used to
0:18:18and also help you
0:18:20develop yourself in your character during the process and it should for keeping focus
0:18:24on the project and did you to your goals and so forth
0:18:32you'll have a project team in the in the in the remote country or cd
0:18:37you know that you're actually developing the project with
0:18:40and in general the idea is to have at least two
0:18:44or more individuals who would be
0:18:48experts or knowledgeable in a particular area that could contribute back
0:18:52to the project that you're working on so basically in summary
0:18:56three or four people
0:18:58a guide going somewhere working on something
0:19:01that should
0:19:02ultimately give back to the community where they're travelling to and then in the meantime
0:19:07travel time
0:19:09were currently developing projects
0:19:14cambodia as i mention
0:19:15vietnam in the and x
0:19:20those errors are those are projects that are actually already there's something form there that
0:19:25we could jump onto any time and were looking for people to
0:19:29to join us
0:19:30and we're developing projects in mexico brazil
0:19:34thailand an even here in czech republic for
0:19:37pulling people here to work on projects from abroad
0:19:41the selection process is
0:19:44pretty much four participants like a job interview we expect to know a lot about
0:19:50should we need to know you actually want to do this new willing to put
0:19:53your heart into it and goal
0:19:57with an open mind
0:19:59on the business side again we expect social impact someone
0:20:03you know some organisation nonprofit even you know for profit doesn't matter doing some project
0:20:09which actually intends to give some value back to the community itself
0:20:15after the after the of three four week trip
0:20:18you come back
0:20:20and you debrief over dinner sort of retrospective reflect on what well what didn't go
0:20:26watch you know
0:20:28what you will do in the future if there is anything to do in the
0:20:31future how can you continue
0:20:32to make sure that the value that you
0:20:34put so much effort into its realised in the long term
0:20:40some of the sum of the sum of the things that sort of drive interest
0:20:45in you know that we think drive interest in
0:20:48your participation of this type of
0:20:51trip would be that you know you get to share your knowledge
0:20:55with the
0:20:56community that you're going to about whatever it is that you love or have somewhere
0:21:01deep in your heart
0:21:03in return you get to learn about what other people love and their culture and
0:21:09see and experience things that you would have never been able to experience otherwise
0:21:15places people
0:21:16it here is that here or in your hometown
0:21:20you just you're not exposed to
0:21:22and is well
0:21:23there's fruit of course i think i think it's
0:21:29just key
0:21:31task up seconds is no general them
0:21:38profile i have no idea so tasting the world basically
0:21:48experience so experiences
0:21:53it's heartbreaking to interrupt is
0:21:57times closing so okay i've two minutes
0:22:00you know two minutes so
0:22:02so that that's impact rapport program
0:22:05join us if you have any ideas bubble bobble well
0:22:09so many so many possibilities are we give a few of them
0:22:12you does in cambodia
0:22:14already in motion vietnam a low-cost digital education platform hopefully open-source the extent possible
0:22:21to help underprivileged children who don't otherwise have access to education
0:22:26india a million opportunities there
0:22:30here in czech republic there's a guy i just met recently was building a low
0:22:34cost infinite range open hardware you go car really fascinating stuff in mexico community own
0:22:41open source power mobile internet networks to give low cost access to internet two villages
0:22:47that are spread across
0:22:48mexico that otherwise
0:22:50are trapped by the big corporations to
0:22:53charge way too much for internet access
0:22:57mexico again and you get an open g s mapping of g m o crop
0:23:01spread and trying to figure out how to contain that
0:23:05that's it if you're
0:23:07you wanna join us
0:23:10impact travellers thing me that you know
0:23:14if there is one minute of questions
0:23:17six for real speech we have time for one commission so guys
0:23:23come on one question
0:23:28okay i'll ask you who is interested
0:23:34that's enough
0:23:35you know
0:23:36have to have to raise their have assume like this sorry about that you can
0:23:41ask it again
0:23:44who do you want to participate in
0:23:48would you don't
0:23:53so possible
0:23:54things grace those one