0:00:15going back five years ago hold for that microsoft we so hopefully
0:00:22we solve for all pencil
0:00:25we're probably no one
0:00:27one child
0:00:29don rickles microsoft implements a topic about we can also possible and solve for
0:00:37one song open source is necessary
0:00:40if the whole if it's a shuffle microphone not
0:00:46microsoft is no it's open source
0:00:51and this component is copyright we've microsoft
0:00:57two provides
0:00:59great thought hold for open source
0:01:03always components
0:01:05are connected we've open-source will probably everyone knows
0:01:11then and please don't forget about
0:01:15a new one
0:01:20a comp on the right ha
0:01:23and in
0:01:25we use the really saw hold for right solution in microsoft a new also
0:01:36well used for the welcome with additional in that it worked for all well but
0:01:42here so i start the tasks are it up to four
0:01:46commode alright and on we got you can be a four
0:01:52are because the rip and miami from two thousand year i work for a cool
0:01:58corporation in the buttons it combine this
0:02:02right might you can make me a at face bulk
0:02:07all microphone you want a company
0:02:10and all you want study
0:02:13and you can watch my session you
0:02:17my heart but these providing
0:02:20and there is china an ideal set are then evaluated in time
0:02:27and then man check
0:02:29if there is
0:02:32go to mimo in this everywhere
0:02:36sorry but in vietnam and one intra interest here i think a special highly for
0:02:42our remote
0:02:45you can see in australia i where
0:02:49one dollar and that a novel give me back might change once that i don't
0:02:56after that i'm not use it's a black dotted around ones that
0:03:02good for governments
0:03:07five weeks we don't think about the main fink if you know much in like
0:03:14local r and what parts in microsoft are so
0:03:22it is a public a lot
0:03:26they are sent there are located over the war and you can that long you
0:03:32solution in that microphone also in a cloud
0:03:40kind of cool solution my can also of sound
0:03:44especially you wanna machine
0:03:47and what is
0:03:51there's for motion like backoff director of the they are ninety six
0:04:00this file as far i know the this section the after this session you have
0:04:06i this presentation the and you can be are tools microsoft a whole
0:04:15you can also try microsoft are so there's there is a really need for a
0:04:20free trial
0:04:23you can provide
0:04:24a credit card information but the credit card to will not be child
0:04:30it's only for verification
0:04:34produced by and
0:04:37management board are is here
0:04:43i five by a simple least one machine but i mean column microsoft are based
0:04:50on links
0:04:54what kind of you have a machine based on really knocks you can implement in
0:04:59microsoft also note mean model
0:05:04open source
0:05:06you want to several
0:05:10version one fourteen fifteen
0:05:17so what is
0:05:18so for set the last is provided and by open orgy compound that
0:05:24this was done in the looks
0:05:26opens was the and cleaning sent to try set of l
0:05:30and all rock really indoors
0:05:35and the but
0:05:37and the price
0:05:39how to the egg views one machine in
0:05:42microsoft also
0:05:44i don't know mean
0:05:47microsoft a little when there's well thought i'd here is that
0:05:52minutes portal and they it is all you people are mostly and what parts
0:06:00i we create a new use a lot of mushy
0:06:04new compute
0:06:06viewed one machine
0:06:08and i tools from knowledge of it
0:06:15you're willing to colour is
0:06:19seven or s
0:06:20i we choose this one
0:06:25six point six for it assigns
0:06:37but morally and calls
0:06:39but you press one
0:06:43the name for the u one machine
0:06:55use a user name and i mean provide a password
0:07:10and one or two
0:07:13all these
0:07:14v one machine in each dataset that
0:07:19it's a direct route so node
0:07:21all data sent have
0:07:24for us so i will choose this one
0:07:33a public support
0:07:35to pull neck to this used to one washing as the sage twenty two
0:07:44and you viewed one machine he's
0:07:46the l d a should
0:07:50it back to my
0:08:00that uses
0:08:04open source of you while machine was directly in there and manage for pile so
0:08:13but there is actually an that what is a v m that
0:08:20vienna that what is commonly need to know was totally of you know
0:08:24and he be a d v one machine
0:08:27you can use you will solution in the in there are some people were mostly
0:08:33and you will then okay sure i and implement you in the v in the
0:08:39microphone a
0:08:40they could be are complex useful but also the on here also
0:08:48how is a look
0:08:53that bought
0:09:01here is at the end that
0:09:04and you can choose between open source solutions you are moving
0:09:10j balls
0:09:11no gas
0:09:13more i and all the fashion
0:09:19not stark
0:09:22next page
0:09:26but don't like
0:09:33that's something
0:09:36shoulders the other hand
0:09:47here is that
0:09:48sure got see that sierra
0:09:51how to
0:09:54call me you to microsoft arsenal
0:09:57just back to the portal
0:10:03you wanna machine real job that it got it
0:10:11here what
0:10:13she first image s
0:10:16and here is but also reveal that what
0:10:33here are ordered a view to one or more she throw via that
0:10:42share is a my solution of new zealand that allows you to convert you
0:10:49view all physical more she directly to microsoft are
0:10:56i we show you how to do it and
0:10:59not a here i tried to talk on the least one machine
0:11:05for example
0:11:11c d c
0:11:13here next
0:11:17well to spongy
0:11:26finish and these people while machine will be sheer in our images
0:11:35i satisfied right otherwise you to block here to show you how to
0:11:43convert you
0:11:45you to one or refuse you can't machine
0:11:49directly to weight loss of partial
0:11:55how to start people'll machine
0:11:59from images down for that from we have that what
0:12:05compute used one machine
0:12:08got there it again
0:12:10at my images
0:12:14like i one my
0:12:17you just a new zealand
0:12:21and the same
0:12:39the name is taken
0:12:49this one
0:12:51possible or the user name and password
0:13:05well to store it
0:13:07public support
0:13:11p h
0:13:21physical to these two well
0:13:24also compare their
0:13:27in the if you don't
0:13:30called there you're v one or physical most scene and you would like to run
0:13:37in the on microsoft hours or you have to remember that
0:13:41the more disk space limitation
0:13:45one hundred one hundred twenty seven gigabytes a sample disc
0:13:51and you have to convert
0:13:54you're mostly to v h d disc
0:13:58you can download the software from the microsoft and convert gmtk flow
0:14:05and v and what to but
0:14:09the second fink you possibilities are a little is to
0:14:14to microsoft also bought
0:14:17please any man there to a long these are also painted plot
0:14:22you can you count better software for each
0:14:32clown by right
0:14:37and share is
0:14:40i collection streams to the microsoft also jars
0:14:47well you
0:14:48to store these huge it is
0:14:51and after the controversial
0:14:54just like
0:14:57right click and corpora ask page
0:15:02it we are you up you hear
0:15:06in this
0:15:10and you can create use the wall machine from this
0:15:15if you don't want to use
0:15:18this software
0:15:20you can use
0:15:21one solution
0:15:25i z
0:15:28how is it works
0:15:31how about where
0:15:37here is my meanwhile
0:15:40and share is that is all five for it
0:15:43v and that bought
0:15:45you what it is here
0:15:48and i will show you the process
0:15:52we have a source computer
0:15:55we have it was only
0:16:00repository is a place we whether we store
0:16:05images of all other disk
0:16:08we both source computer from
0:16:10i z lasted you'd all
0:16:13crossfire images of all these two the requisite or the using x s h ball
0:16:19that it was it only put but could be deployed in the microsoft or on
0:16:26and after that
0:16:27we that loan you one machine based on
0:16:32i was derived from the and that what
0:16:35all microsoft also
0:16:38do the same but that in the other way from
0:16:44you need just two day
0:16:49we have to prepare a source computer
0:16:53replacing microsoft well first of all we need to
0:16:58set the a t c p
0:17:03for our network
0:17:06i had basically mumbled the two denotes combines mark a dress we've network name
0:17:13so you have to deal i this file
0:17:17so the first interface will be considered to right
0:17:21if you use all suppression of three notes you have to in to look like
0:17:26to install integration set of this is
0:17:30and please remember about setup
0:17:34time outs
0:17:37these connected to me in use one machines
0:17:41you have to implement these nine
0:17:45in a see no are also if you
0:17:49the images used one machine in you and a cost and the in u p
0:17:54i pod clout on hyper v
0:17:57also please so as to saliency all remote desktop collection that's you will be able
0:18:02to collected is viewed one machine in the microsoft also
0:18:08that's a repositories the storage computer
0:18:12and the computer with s h slot local will be all kind
0:18:19and destination is all other
0:18:23this one mostly in microsoft awful
0:18:29as well as willow looked at from v and that bought
0:18:33i'll tell you transfer the viewed as a lot of machine to
0:18:38microsoft also do not for about
0:18:41in styling
0:18:43windows are also need pages
0:18:46that high thereby in the mike a lot of also know about this to solve
0:18:51the fusion machine
0:18:53if you have
0:18:55if you haven't the d's
0:18:58there is
0:19:01notification that
0:19:05type of i still don't know about the state of it is viewed one machine
0:19:13okay let's go these
0:19:22share i have my you want to machine
0:19:31i speech
0:19:55and bought it from this you know
0:19:59also the lower
0:20:31what in time
0:21:08and a
0:21:09to start this software is based on that
0:21:14clumsy and the old approach this is similar to the older adults do you do
0:21:20you remember ghost system
0:21:23to cope with
0:21:25all hard disk
0:21:27so the first option star
0:21:30on the d v device image
0:21:34and s h
0:21:35so far
0:21:37and where is our repository
0:21:50user name
0:21:52well to store vehicle to a machine
0:21:57not view to one machine about
0:21:59images of our hard disk
0:22:13the first option
0:22:16and first option saving disk
0:22:22the name of the image
0:22:27which these
0:22:30transfer to needs
0:22:37we don't
0:22:38i think some saved image
0:22:42and start
0:22:47of course i did it before the conference
0:22:54and i transferred this image
0:23:02so we
0:23:04no we start to
0:23:07right after spherical image
0:23:15in our repository
0:23:17and i mean
0:23:19this machine ease
0:23:22in my colossal optical flow
0:23:26i z a project
0:23:31i conduct
0:23:51so a little
0:23:54writing style clones eli
0:24:04also the first
0:24:08as the sage
0:24:11seven where
0:24:23the aim of all other
0:24:26the address
0:24:32where are stored by
0:24:36you need just
0:24:49formally repository
0:25:03the first option
0:25:05and now
0:25:08save these but we still disk
0:25:21the name of our of my image is
0:25:32what to say
0:25:34my in each
0:25:35as a disk
0:25:37the boot disk
0:25:41and there
0:25:49if you mention
0:25:51and slots is used or
0:26:25you can see this
0:26:27session or more it can also used one containing step by step
0:26:40okay i we switch to another view to almost in this process takes about one
0:26:48i have here and rubber viewed one machine
0:26:52we've this process can you show that i tried convicted
0:27:24the process
0:27:26fuchsia and
0:27:48during the boat
0:27:56well is the screen
0:28:02used one but you to a disk from repository two
0:28:09microsoft also code is used to while washing the first one
0:28:26we tried to collect it
0:28:32not yet
0:28:51security the morning because the s h k this challenge
0:28:58this is used to one mostly his looked at for all my transfer a disk
0:29:08and share this might you want to
0:29:13server that
0:29:15where that i'll draw where v r repository two
0:29:20microsoft possible also used to one machine
0:29:27you can do we in the easy way i
0:29:32what's next
0:29:36my colossal also what box
0:29:41what what's
0:29:43is this there is that follows developer took weekly be that slowly
0:29:49website and web application itself or
0:29:53don't let java phd no gas and by
0:30:01i we show you how to
0:30:03easy that blowing what parts
0:30:10i'm here
0:30:12not used one machine many about web parts and here is that many create a
0:30:19web part
0:30:23and also for all got it
0:30:33there are
0:30:38what parts
0:30:39what can we choose
0:30:49you model
0:30:51line one
0:30:56and of course
0:30:58shall gaussian and of course one s
0:31:02coleman's solution
0:31:06opened car
0:31:11mark and two
0:31:13a last column
0:31:15forms of course there will be each p c d v
0:31:19we choose
0:31:21and global
0:31:25and one class
0:31:29and you are allowed
0:31:31all our work this solution
0:31:43create a new
0:31:44mine sql database
0:31:49and you said this plot
0:31:51we can store it
0:31:54this one
0:31:56i'd next
0:32:01my sql database name of it
0:32:04well to store it quite i'd
0:32:07i agree about ten percent condition
0:32:12it's on the creation
0:32:23back to the presentation is also so this process
0:32:28if you news
0:32:35let's topic for to day how to transfer rule p h p my
0:32:41sql web page
0:32:43to free my could also a little white box to completely free web apps
0:32:51in microsoft are
0:32:54we need some of course the first one is ftp client
0:33:00we need operating system to do we and
0:33:05two cultivated
0:33:07h t are classified
0:33:09to what colin
0:33:11because what parts of course are based on that is set or better
0:33:16so we have to transfer
0:33:20the h t access five two
0:33:23what config and there is and tool for read url you die
0:33:32step by step mine the wall for this
0:33:36the first one again get the content of the side
0:33:40and the second get content
0:33:43all the data is
0:33:46not what parts on microsoft a single
0:33:50the configuration h t access
0:33:53our own database are not five and test
0:34:01how to query
0:34:05completely free
0:34:09what parts on microsoft possible
0:34:12i don't that
0:34:16on the other
0:34:19and i speech
0:34:23new board power
0:34:25also plan view one pot
0:34:35what and more while
0:34:45and here is
0:34:46what are
0:34:47plus my
0:34:49as you at
0:34:58then create
0:35:05i four feet
0:35:14such collection and least once who
0:35:18i mean to create a
0:35:20you rule for this application
0:35:24the same time
0:35:30set of this plot
0:35:34and we need a new one
0:35:42nine will feed
0:35:45well to stall rate
0:35:46and price
0:35:50which one
0:35:55we will wait for pricing
0:35:58this all these
0:36:00i said it should be for free
0:36:04not recommend that about fuel
0:36:09and i just one
0:36:11for the at all
0:36:15so that
0:36:17three one
0:36:22and database
0:36:28the database name
0:36:33that's a nice and the price
0:36:38which one
0:36:42this one zero point zero
0:36:47so like
0:36:49okay data some condition
0:36:53say a create
0:36:58and i is
0:37:00on their creation
0:37:10of course
0:37:16i have
0:37:18wipe side created
0:37:37small twice screen
0:37:58or are currently
0:38:27three website and
0:38:30i we transfer
0:38:33what side
0:38:36electronic only
0:38:40three microsoft web stuff website this is a common shall product if you want to
0:38:46receive a free called dos attack me an email i don't i will give you
0:38:53are critical to see it
0:38:55it selects only the based on to the telephone and computer or two telephones you
0:39:03can listen to your baby the internet
0:39:17and here
0:39:18share is a
0:39:21newport all and
0:39:23you are on
0:39:27it and you're so
0:39:48like created these three hours
0:39:54the johns before the conference
0:39:59and choose one
0:40:05what is important
0:40:09here is i tools
0:40:13you can choose
0:40:14tools for this web part
0:40:16and extension
0:40:21you can just
0:40:24does one clique for a extension
0:40:28i extend extension to my where
0:40:33side b p might i mean
0:40:37i can have another extension
0:40:40and there is a nice of free extension
0:40:45most of them are open source
0:40:51this p h p five i mean
0:40:56you can also
0:40:58from that and task cockeyed and
0:41:02they will be deployed
0:41:04here we set p h p my are mean and
0:41:08i can
0:41:09where l c
0:41:13i weighting
0:41:15for it
0:41:27the normal
0:41:29p h p my a
0:41:32what i did before i
0:41:35down my
0:41:36database from
0:41:38the current frosting and
0:41:42a lot just before the conference
0:41:47using important but don't of course
0:41:51and there is a
0:41:54important database
0:41:58how did it by before
0:42:07should i do next
0:42:10transpire application
0:42:13using f t p
0:42:15so called like to the original
0:42:19f t p
0:42:21site downtown
0:42:23or are called like
0:42:32all this time
0:42:36after that i should
0:42:40convert some things
0:42:44what should i con the fire
0:42:46h t access fine
0:42:49using i i s manager
0:42:54and you no need i more doing what
0:42:58you can download
0:43:02from provided website
0:43:05and task peak
0:43:14in bold
0:43:20shows h t access file
0:43:29and share is converted to what i don't think
0:43:34chose not so for that convention
0:43:37thus delay delete it
0:43:43and it is okay
0:43:49explore and
0:43:52here is what conflict
0:43:54from age define
0:44:01after conversion
0:44:05a little
0:44:06all website to the microsoft a whole
0:44:11site manager
0:44:18note that you want
0:44:28and stories
0:44:30here side
0:44:35i d before
0:44:39that does that
0:44:48very fresh
0:44:49the error my a squirrel connection everyone
0:44:55i mean
0:44:58what's wrong
0:45:02going back to here
0:45:05set things
0:45:10applications that things
0:45:16and there is a p h p fashion john dimension for this website by compassion
0:45:22if you would like to use it
0:45:25and here is that
0:45:28connection instinct one day
0:45:32shown connections technique
0:45:33and here is the connections to think
0:45:37i copied head
0:45:43or two here
0:46:00and the
0:46:02past work is it's all connections three
0:46:07and the possible is sheer
0:46:25i did you mode but
0:46:28and i where these of course
0:46:32and the possible from the
0:46:43most one
0:46:47function based p h p
0:46:49the side is based on your bra
0:46:53open source of course
0:46:55or not
0:46:57all right
0:47:03and now the sun should work
0:47:11it's words
0:47:15new address also website document
0:47:26that's all if you five and the question
0:47:31you can a question on facebook or one using my uar s
0:47:37and the you'll in this conference there is microphone and you can start every few
0:47:46everything i'm useful
0:47:58are you sure i still or slice at the end of the second to five
0:48:16the can't on this what we've microsoft and provide part is an new on this
0:48:26of course if you do long a solution
0:48:31it at this point then there but don't do not know the weighted deploying the
0:48:36solution is
0:48:38the solution is up to date and it's like you well as well
0:48:48batteries you and we really see and information that you like for example or press
0:48:54and that's an issue and you have to a weighted