0:00:00morning would often with evening
0:00:03okay in different well how much
0:00:09the gender channel on workshop
0:00:12okay go right only a couple me close enough
0:00:16i like you similar to what you work on that one
0:00:21from the mean knows about a long time
0:00:26we wish i here's of training
0:00:29this approach
0:00:30from the vast the findings
0:00:33the first time you know it's three possibilities remote
0:00:39the proposal was accent and recognition well start that soon after
0:00:45in early twenty one
0:00:48confidence in most but the will
0:00:50on what extent the standard we decided to postpone double shot
0:00:55to make the date november
0:00:57and the same time it may show that although they both
0:01:00we can available on is gonna have some a in on what
0:01:05on july the rest
0:01:07realise that the whole having nine in this study and this is for instance
0:01:14so we decided to turn for this team workshop
0:01:17we had a sandwich approach
0:01:21all this study we decided to a little to falsely all those in a cover
0:01:27all the registration
0:01:29this leads us go over two hundred registrations
0:01:34and almost was also choose to stay we just we do a strong support
0:01:40you have some statistics risque seventy seven papers have access to sixty six variables
0:01:49before and after
0:01:51welcome system except for some and normally
0:01:54it just you too small sample size
0:01:59if there is a very this vision received sixteen registrations from all covered those
0:02:07rest in terms of the registration have two hundred and two registrations
0:02:14and this number was used to have larger than what we use have in your
0:02:19is obviously
0:02:21i agree on the a four gram we have
0:02:26we have six attacks they pose and those and purity eleven on t my section
0:02:33meaning that those
0:02:35recorded videos will be available throughout all these approaches and get and of these and
0:02:41of this one
0:02:43and different from previous of this workshop you have a chore
0:02:48so it is on speaker recognitions topics and some other topics as well
0:02:58okay that part of one to live station easy so a then live sessions what
0:03:04happens around and b they a lot of holidays
0:03:08it is
0:03:10you time
0:03:12and the like the t
0:03:14and its dependents the plot and eleven thirty
0:03:18so we have six live sessions
0:03:21the opening and four by four
0:03:25then tomorrow and it's all and the weather's four we have
0:03:29a tree structure event
0:03:34the quality and calibration benchmarking
0:03:37was probably thing you bookshelf and document ritual
0:03:40and on the for the of a lot shall we have the closing ceremony
0:03:44and award ceremony
0:03:46as well as the animals like the next of these the option to be
0:03:54okay so you can go to the
0:03:57well we ran on this address or missing this you are cool
0:04:04was she was the problem we have for the holidays
0:04:09and then to assess the
0:04:12one of one phone or each day
0:04:16is on the left side door as well
0:04:19and also that lee
0:04:22to the what we know
0:04:26okay this is that one team on
0:04:29a all right
0:04:31which you can
0:04:34see watch t prerecorded regions of the image of it was and the pdf as
0:04:41and if you have questions you can leave your questions
0:04:45in this
0:04:48comment box
0:04:50so that the all those we'll get back to whatever process you have
0:04:56okay i will ask the might so
0:05:03do you to the use of the foreground and process
0:05:17my so it's not my
0:05:22okay this already i just i
0:05:26and language not okay and may scoring and watching culture
0:05:35okay to me from rows of topics so clusters this solution from a
0:05:41okay a study we have a real solid fine yes for interactivity this
0:05:47we should make the one or more
0:05:54okay well spent a forced a in that when you know which is very exciting
0:05:59that's the
0:06:02an exponential you know and or next
0:06:07exactly something
0:06:12and we and channel so forms of trials
0:06:17but we didn't want to draw the store
0:06:24we there are some sure video or a little too much lower
0:06:29we just actual grips with long as the right
0:06:34and it will it will be presented by jones
0:06:39a one or teammates
0:06:42so and this will be presented on the three on that i nine event for
0:06:49we will we are used during this event it is not that the well
0:07:01and the we also be there are so that was based score
0:07:06are you know you've been working on
0:07:09and you received an additional
0:07:13sorry so please batteries that the english this work pretty
0:07:19or next
0:07:21and we also mention
0:07:27we have those five also and by receiving a model conditions well known to mankind
0:07:34and so called a week little or no you a really registration
0:07:40so we might express the maximum so next year those sponsors
0:07:49and some sponsors you must that some
0:07:53videos probably due and you channel nine video one or this menu special one
0:08:02well repeated this page and get you know are also
0:08:08right next
0:08:10right well okay so i think you know
0:08:15really to get stuck a with o z are well
0:08:22okay so
0:08:27okay this a what was are no more universal thing members or the or you
0:08:35number so hum was on this i don't
0:08:39and we don't know you know that including the quality of work so
0:08:47so that you very much
0:08:50it you two point
0:08:56okay so
0:08:58we have all the three and gender channel so very
0:09:04happy to see everyone and
0:09:07even though we can do physical will show
0:09:13but we've in h two
0:09:16but all this together
0:09:18and the
0:09:21so this and you already
0:09:26well round
0:09:27that we have but i four u
0:09:30thank you