0:00:15with everybody as happy as i words with everything
0:00:26green and one thing that happened at the amazing gala dinner it was such large
0:00:33venue i didn't myself get the opportunity to see the people who won the you
0:00:39awards for the best papers
0:00:43if they're still here could data stand out
0:00:47so we could tying them
0:01:06and i think
0:01:09the other thing is we a screen yes fortunately you might have noticed me taking
0:01:16a few photos once a while but i saw a lot of you taking photos
0:01:20and i've had multiple people ask about how do i share them
0:01:24so if you look to the odyssey website has a very nice page that's starting
0:01:30the form that already has many photos in a and we welcome additional photos there
0:01:38is at least three main ways to submit photos one way would be to
0:01:44upload your photos to something like google driver i cloud or flicker whatever and send
0:01:51the link to the email address that shown here to go to the webmaster i
0:01:57know a lot of you are using high-fidelity cameron's
0:02:01and if you're sending many photos it might blowup the in box so setting the
0:02:06link to a set would be nice and of course the facebook page for odyssey
0:02:12and also that what are site are really a nice as well there's a lot
0:02:18of material there
0:02:20i think that's all i had for now
0:02:24okay thank you know
0:02:26and now it's that on two of it while the data they could chair of
0:02:30this conference phone you do is to decide i was huh
0:02:33okay thank you
0:02:35okay so all this a two thousand sixteen this or
0:02:39we thought that the you enjoy we assess as we have to enjoy the thing
0:02:44that a program and a as well as this will show all around maybe i
0:02:49had to say that the you have enjoyed the technical pro run as much as
0:02:53the social program but an amazing
0:02:58the they've been here aim in double the resulting has make a with joe and
0:03:04two years the whole a few called me to start also that the they wanted
0:03:09to organise the ldc two sentences the in and they say that maybe they need
0:03:14some other we can help them say we say okay we can argue that
0:03:19you can do by also okay and they have demonstrated that
0:03:23they can do aliens but they self the than the than any helpful so i
0:03:27think that they
0:03:28we have to thanks them to the team to lose a
0:03:33me go
0:03:35it i'm bottle fed a man
0:03:38and there and for so many audio thing to you understand that
0:03:59okay also we want to two things to the key not the speakers and the
0:04:04collaborate a lot to and will start to complement to prepare the finger problem
0:04:10the first we do when you
0:04:13also we want to thanks to the all the features
0:04:17i know that we have typed skill
0:04:20but the seen that the everything first one is malls then we don't have any
0:04:25delay and
0:04:28what has been fine okay so
0:04:30the sense to lectures
0:04:33also finally a i want to sense to all of you
0:04:37for being here
0:04:39make this a weight were shown in that the that were so it's a
0:04:45kind of preference for all that but the students that want to work in this
0:04:48into sorry and
0:04:50i think that the
0:04:53important that
0:04:54and we apply i say if you have encountered any problem and we kind of
0:05:00the results i think that the
0:05:02i hope that the as norm row in nova and finally i want to remind
0:05:08you that there is the computer speech and language especially issue
0:05:12the then aligned this terminals system
0:05:14and so you
0:05:16no that you can prepare
0:05:21paper it with your
0:05:22you have presented here standard one and submit to the computer speech and language
0:05:29so thank you the well
0:05:36well thank you do not
0:05:39thank you for all over all your work on your team also i would like
0:05:43you to a standard also believes the three of you okay
0:05:48have also
0:05:51i audio
0:06:00and now we are i writing to the end of this conference and the last
0:06:07thing i think is important for their especially for their in this one's is are
0:06:12assumed real satisfaction or you can
0:06:16it is to get something new something different maybe a you can comment on some
0:06:21problems you have hardly in this conference
0:06:24and a baby of course and only most you don't have to if you named
0:06:28anything and for that for spending these briefly and p is here dev head of
0:06:35the or department cool basketball with this question
0:06:40more money
0:06:41thank you think you'll have yes what from their point of view of the apartment
0:06:45first name to say to integrate opportunity for our department to participating diarization of this
0:06:52work so i thank the is categorization and also the very hardworking of
0:07:00loose and the rest me get a bottle of mine
0:07:04what from the department
0:07:07i need to say that we notice so how to work because webbing with them
0:07:10during the last year or two years really
0:07:13and i think i have to say that during lunchtime a coffee breaks they only
0:07:20talk about the only say things
0:07:24social program and stuff and
0:07:27i know that their members of the apartment that really are happy that's is coming
0:07:31to an end
0:07:34we can come back to discuss about soccer football the politics the bricks it whatever
0:07:39thing but maybe
0:07:40not anymore about this way
0:07:44so but you think a hardworking i'm sure
0:07:47i was going to say that i hope you enjoyed that the conference at any
0:07:51price will
0:07:52and they also their social events but i it seems like
0:07:57like you have some final that because listen to the
0:08:01previous speakers
0:08:03and the important thing to mention is this study sections rebate that we have prepared
0:08:09for you to get some feedback from your experience here
0:08:13is thirty short surveillance not more than five minutes
0:08:16and will be great but a graceful and you can just give us a to
0:08:20beat of your time and complete this way
0:08:23a disgrace the link of this image gonna send by email in the next few
0:08:29and the then the results i think that maybe
0:08:33given in the a web page i don't only given to the next organizing team
0:08:37because that would be should be very useful to keep improving
0:08:42the experience of kinda these a to this workshop
0:08:46so that's all from my part and thank you again and to be well hope
0:08:51to come back one day and i which you sat tree back home
0:09:01where it is this is the n as their essays the song so have outputs
0:09:05a trip to your problems or if you are going to stay here for enjoy
0:09:10that's one thank you