0:00:15so a high everyone
0:00:18are all be presenting local binary patterns as features for speaker recognition
0:00:24so basically we are trying to replace the classical delta and that's of the times
0:00:32as you know they are useful to describe the temporal evolution of frames but here
0:00:38we're using a concept used in face recognition
0:00:42it's called a local many buttons and it's useful to describe the whole neighbourhood
0:00:49related to one pixel
0:00:51so it has been used in this
0:00:54not exactly speaker recognition but in i by spoofing and it has been a proved
0:01:00to be quite efficient
0:01:02i guess the artificial voice the extra
0:01:06so we're try
0:01:10we're using it for speaker recognition and along with mfccs and where proving that
0:01:20more efficient and mfcc plus data but that senators thank you