0:00:15hello everyone so
0:00:19this looks we but in this presentation i'm just presenting how to use i-vectors for
0:00:25speech activity detection
0:00:28so actually this is the what was done in the context of the nist open-set
0:00:31channels that use actually very tough later that probably many of your nose
0:00:37and all right speaker on rats data
0:00:40so the proposed technique is actually to make i-vectors work in the scenario so what
0:00:46i did is that i first cluster the data in it to unsupervised manner one
0:00:53of them is based on what they should clustering mainly a k-means plus gmm clustering
0:00:58and the other one is actually based on
0:01:00more accurately clustering after some kind of segmentation
0:01:04and the so then the output of this clusters idea is i can classify them
0:01:10using different kind of a classifiers i tried the i-vector extract i-vectors of agenda and
0:01:18and the results are quite the promising
0:01:22probably bit complex system but the output of this l this class that can be
0:01:26used not only for speech detection but also for other tasks like their decision about
0:01:31or what you event detection or and so please the zero by posted to your
0:01:37interest like