0:00:15i apologise we don't have a slight proposed ten but the posters on identification approach
0:00:20regional accents using fusion of i-vector and multi-accented phonotactic systems and the older the marion
0:00:27the jfa on sites a five e
0:00:30phil whether a myself often russell
0:00:33we have a diversity of regional accents in the british isles and the papers about
0:00:37trying to recognize fourteen of them
0:00:39the that the of the work uses two different approaches one based on i-vectors and
0:00:44the other based on the fusion of a set of fourteen different phonotactic systems so
0:00:49the first is concerned with
0:00:51acoustic differences between the different regional accents and the second between the is concerned with
0:00:56differences in the sequences of phones that are produced in addition accents
0:01:00unsurprisingly the best performance is obtained by using the two methods together
0:01:05we have recognition results but also we have an attempt to visualise the i-vector space
0:01:10where the actions wreck represented it is interesting to look at relationships between the topology
0:01:15of that space and geographical and social relationships between the actual accents themselves thank you
0:01:21again i apologise for not having a slot