0:00:15so the authors of and finally a one way or level is what for as
0:00:19many or they couldn't
0:00:22so what
0:00:23this is all about is
0:00:26the that's accents
0:00:29and i have a large
0:00:33currently running in the netherlands
0:00:36i think he mentioned
0:00:39maybe a hundred thousand speakers they want to get
0:00:42and there's a large media campaign to actually motivate people do
0:00:47what is applied
0:00:48so it's a it's a it's an l one a mobile device
0:00:51that people use to record speech and also on such questions about their own accents
0:00:57and actions of other people
0:01:00but the white
0:01:01the reason we also need to do that because he was to i mean a
0:01:06one language is the closest to that you could final mostly on than fifty years
0:01:16as you can see who's got a map of the netherlands
0:01:19the question is
0:01:21can you locate might be can you recognise accent classes or by be you can
0:01:25do a regression to find the geographic coordinates with this person
0:01:29is currently living may be wary went to high school
0:01:33maybe primary school
0:01:34and all what kinds of questions like that
0:01:37can be explored with this database and eventually they'll release the database due to the
0:01:42research community so
0:01:43the slide them
0:01:45just the shows different
0:01:49where do you come from people that's where they can self indicate where they come
0:01:53from and then
0:01:55where is eleven in the past
0:01:58where did you go to primary school secondly school
0:02:01and so on
0:02:03so that's the kind of questions you can you can concert with this database a
0:02:09profit will be available on sky
0:02:13on a on the page
0:02:16there if you want to asking questions i can tell you anything more than that
0:02:21then what of just say thank you