0:00:15good afternoon everyone we have paper here for including uncertainty of observations
0:00:22into the ple like many people are doing but just
0:00:26a little bit differently by making a quality metric out of the covariance matter what
0:00:31you're saying that
0:00:33how big is the covariance matrix in terms of the trace of the covariance matrix
0:00:38and trying to make you know there's of the trace matrix so that how good
0:00:43is the i-vector so it can be considered as a quality metrics or real reliability
0:00:50of the i-vector
0:00:52and including it in a different ways
0:00:55welcome you
0:00:57to the presentation i p are also to advertise to recent papers that be published
0:01:02including uncertainty inside lda we call the uncertainty lda publishing ieee transactions i mean
0:01:09and also some about that vocal effort mismatch
0:01:13are using a matter of p l for to have the papers if it is
0:01:16interesting for you on ready to talk here or like to thank you