0:00:14thank you risk a welcome to the ldc two thousand six the
0:00:18on behalf of the local comedy it's my pleasure to welcome on the participants to
0:00:23this addition i think this that and solution of the honesty two thousand thing workshop
0:00:29all this is are gonna be a note event organiser by discussing a speech in
0:00:33there is work on the speaker and language but application and brings together researcher from
0:00:37or why we present there like this finding and insights on that wide range of
0:00:42topics scoring the speaker and language got application modeling evolution on the application in this
0:00:47two thousand is used in addition
0:00:49which almost one hundred and twenty participants
0:00:52and with the help of a day and international and if you comedy composed like
0:00:56make decisions expert from twenty countries ought of at submission a
0:01:02if we ate but they were three percent to show one there have been outfitted
0:01:05for the presentation of this are
0:01:08but the eight percent of a as that that's right
0:01:12there no less than three and up to five fairly view but paper
0:01:17therefore they technical programming thinking notes five or us assume three posters system and to
0:01:22a special session chair by the nist and the is guys but there's work on
0:01:25speech and language but maybe a multimedia
0:01:28besides foreigns you can industry track an actual and tells us you have been allocated
0:01:32to give companies naps government agencies and all that interested party the opportunity to actively
0:01:38participate in the oven
0:01:40all this it was not insisting features three embedded the speaker
0:01:44the high solely from dct for info kong research singapore fee we discuss a speech
0:01:50liveness detection in the context of a speaker verification they wouldn't have media for speaker
0:01:55verification to speech synthesis and voice conversion and the findings from the first automatic speaker
0:02:01verification spoofing on confirmation challenge
0:02:04the top second and that i got an from university office of california
0:02:10and he will focus on steps the where abouts in this can defeat understanding of
0:02:15how local for vocal tract morphology and its articulation in there are and is explained
0:02:21everybody and anybody an aspect of the speech you know probabilities a closed door
0:02:25finally doctor matching hat
0:02:28and from john hopkins university
0:02:30we will show us for our non-negative factor analysis on super space moody model or
0:02:35although similar to with based approaches can be used to model the height and layer
0:02:39neural activation on the deep neural network model for sequential data recognition that's such as
0:02:45language and dialect a recognition
0:02:48it is what show has been possible things that both of the steering committee from
0:02:53the is considering there's room one speaker and language computation
0:02:57and the compressive untimely reviews of all this can t v comedy my best and
0:03:01got to say that the thanks to the timely review we have been able to
0:03:05set up all the technical program in more than one more thing of buttons
0:03:10with links
0:03:11all day a special thing to go meet you known and could do example andres
0:03:16what a dummy we're not only for this purpose of all the c two thousand
0:03:21but probably that's with an extended report short of the holy bible to prepare and
0:03:27only see i he also guy or steps in preparing this workshop when we stop
0:03:31the two years ago
0:03:33join and lewis who have been key players in the on a nice in the
0:03:37forensic conditions with that type and the show until systems we also thing to marketing
0:03:42cook for his help in preparing the provenance for this can achieve
0:03:46we have been able to publish them three weeks in advance
0:03:50i also want to remain you that this of in this submission to the computer
0:03:54speech and language a special issue about recent advances in the speaker and language recognition
0:03:58and connotation with correct all of you to extend your all the c paper and
0:04:04shouldn't be too this especially sure that fits perfectly the objective for this workshop
0:04:09finally i want you things that media by the sponsorship of the best paper award
0:04:14and figures logic by the sponsorship of the basis to the paperwork this work will
0:04:19be pronounced during the catalina to more right
0:04:23i thought you have you will have like with i mean in be well that
0:04:27what it is find no
0:04:30i can only with you or you have free for learning table one shows like
0:04:35to thank you thank you have
0:04:42well now it's time to talk about this any of the i'm bill well
0:04:47and the first think i would like to
0:04:50to comment is the local
0:04:53and this is called that i love will bow is
0:04:57is in fact is just a tiling the ground you look down in the street
0:05:02something about you will find it is pretty uses a tile in the ground
0:05:06in fact this one point that of a tile
0:05:09in the in the shops you will find whatever you can imagine with this simple
0:05:16well as the ones cakes everything
0:05:22we have used the symbol also in york this desert
0:05:27a i p two bigger than we wanted but
0:05:32the way they did they data that in the desert we couldn't
0:05:36and please note that utopian sizes are so is smaller than us sizes so when
0:05:42you choose the that is a stick this into account
0:05:48for in judging bilbao without included in your a backpack some rogers of will well
0:05:56some for doing sort works for you have the map you have i tight of
0:06:05bilbao the could ready bands et cetera so you can just do you are going
0:06:09to spend sound a simple about you can't use this is accommodation
0:06:13utterance partitioning bilbao them there are different ways of moving the email about the matter
0:06:18about who's drum set about the best way is walking so is a very small
0:06:24cd the them descended was it is very small so can you can just walk
0:06:29is enough
0:06:32nh in the image a soft as shown in this slide this is like cable
0:06:39car to approach and that is
0:06:43a small montana close to be about that you can use to get their a
0:06:47and there are very beautiful used from their of read about
0:06:52okay this is the venue
0:06:54and the menu is the old in of this pen use the you devoted to
0:06:57the west country which was a higher it for three in fact so this was
0:07:04very important for us and we knowledge this especially to fernando
0:07:10it is role of representative of the university the basque country
0:07:14for this a special conditions for doing this conference
0:07:20in this planning this mapping you can see that three spaces where going to use
0:07:25the for the whole flores for us you can move
0:07:29i in the core either since it out it can just a you what you
0:07:32want they are we have a hole in the
0:07:37the this part which is close to the registration desk and you can use it
0:07:42for stay for a test for checking the email for whatever you want
0:07:47there's some meetings programmer thing in this room i will post paper in there for
0:07:54an unseen it but the most of the dined you can use it for rest
0:08:01then this is the allowable a room a this
0:08:06this one where we have a nice the poster sessions and the coffee breaks is
0:08:14brady body is quite a small in fact for more than one hundred people so
0:08:20please use the other spaces sensitive to caffeine corpus because we are going to be
0:08:25very crowded in the coffee breaks if it's not and this is the about of
0:08:30a whole where all their systems they all also assumes on the first part of
0:08:36the process is just systems will take place
0:08:41i just remind some peeps for presentation
0:08:46you have to applaud representation to a decision computer which is over the
0:08:50or submitted to this address email address
0:08:55for us to have at in advance is very important
0:09:00this other out and presentations will be twenty minute a long
0:09:05and there will be if i means for questions some concepts
0:09:09the posters do also required are sort presentation
0:09:15two three minutes i remind this especially to the
0:09:20terms of this assumes to control these it's very important also
0:09:24where recording all the all the presentations you have to sign a consent form for
0:09:31be a person everyone the keynote speakers a day or not percent there's the show
0:09:35the pasta percent this everyone cost to assign this constant phone please i we have
0:09:40it printed copies in
0:09:44just by their i three i don't know the name in english that
0:09:51in the case of the posters to play posted panels are available to with i'm
0:09:57number and number which is the index of your cluster so just a when you
0:10:02have to attach to your boss that just take into account your number two to
0:10:06choose the right panel that's all
0:10:10and i just remind this the computer speech to compute the speech something with a
0:10:17a issue a lot already commented so on this but i just remembered that the
0:10:23remind you that the deadline uses september sixteen
0:10:27so you have time to prepare your you work would you can send just in
0:10:32the presence of you're working here in a you know you see a leans on
0:10:35new information new results whatever
0:10:39and the lance we will have to lance in this the able to a lot
0:10:44over which is just by the and their this characterize pretty close to lose we
0:10:51used for a five minute walk
0:10:53is quite close but i remind you that the optimum systems to start at hot
0:11:01of course to so we have one or and a fast for having lance so
0:11:05we have to go having lance and then come back
0:11:09and taking this into account in
0:11:12when you go to lance we can see nist in a we spend much more
0:11:17trained on then you probably one would go to implement so
0:11:22that is especially important for spanish people i think
0:11:25and don't forget agility gets us because you have to
0:11:32it is then to the organisers of the recent
0:11:36and the social program i have three principal our main events a today i think
0:11:42that evening we have one conversation in data with him we assume
0:11:46also again forget you tickets we have we have the meeting point is just in
0:11:51the esplanade in front of the entrance the main entrance you can
0:11:57we can that at a eighteen the in the evening with what we have a
0:12:02guided be seat floor in five a quite the past eight to help us nine
0:12:08and then a cocktail party with my music and everything and meals
0:12:16and ring source
0:12:18and the second event is to mow tomorrow as i guided to the all quite
0:12:25television by one incentive we technology an error in not only that this coolness into
0:12:30a which is
0:12:31another interesting point of view but i'll
0:12:34some recently was completely rebuilt
0:12:39and is very interesting that we you can go only to the lid node you
0:12:44on a have to go to the to the each of the ones of course
0:12:49it to the data to so that these two are two separate events okay
0:12:55and on thursday we have the countryside directly to the coast of this guy
0:13:03with a check only one best thing check lease a typical wine from the basque
0:13:07country use of white wine frames
0:13:12from the year
0:13:13okay we will be sit i winery to see how they make a this one
0:13:21and again don't forget your tickets
0:13:24always important
0:13:26and finally i just cross my fingers for their whether to be good because is
0:13:33not normally be about this whether we have now even in june so probably that
0:13:40the weather will be good but
0:13:42i don't know if to more or on thursday maybe use training
0:13:47not much but for sure on fridays going the right okay
0:13:53in any case to can take your features and apply them to a to each
0:13:59other and facebook page is with have you can't the you have the links in
0:14:03the one side and that's model for my on my part thank you very much
0:14:12well and now is to time to just have to joe campbell who is going
0:14:16to say you're some words about
0:14:19whatever you want
0:14:22thank you so much it's a pleasure to be here bilbao it's beautiful as is
0:14:28then you we have fun here the last couple of days and i just it's
0:14:35breathtaking the venue and so is this facility and it's such a delight to be
0:14:42it is "'cause" committed to odyssey this is that and in a series of workshops
0:14:48they weren't always call odyssey but we began in nineteen ninety four and of help
0:14:55them every two years
0:14:58i odyssey is an is good tutorial and the research workshop and i t r
0:15:03w under is "'cause" speaker and language characterisation special interest group
0:15:10of which doug reynolds and i coach here
0:15:14isca provides the archive for the proceedings in the videos for the series in addition
0:15:21to student grants and awards
0:15:25and coordinating with other a special interest groups inesc is well for example the media
0:15:33you well sit head which has a clever maybe vol a logo is teamed up
0:15:40with this in the multimedia track this year
0:15:44we welcome future proposals for the next odyssey
0:15:51i and following analyses i should say we already have
0:15:55current set
0:15:57but we're always looking for new venues for to hold future addressees
0:16:03and each odyssey that shares leave their in print and do something special and i
0:16:10think lewis and eduardo for their outstanding work in setting up this odyssey and of
0:16:17added their unique and innovative features to this event
0:16:24in discuss support is so strong we even have the president hi suzy here to
0:16:30be giving the keynote
0:16:32so it's great to see all these friends and through all these collaborations here the
0:16:38technology for speaker and language recognition has advanced tremendously within the last ten years
0:16:47i want i want say that odyssey is solely responsible for those advances it's really
0:16:52you guys what agree community we have here
0:16:57we this year a new thing is
0:17:00a very detailed forensics track on thursday
0:17:05which i'm a honoured to be co chairing with lewis from agnitio
0:17:11and i also wanna know and in additional is gonna intersection is with interspeech so
0:17:20at the upcoming interspeech for example
0:17:25there will be another special of n which will be the second one for forensic
0:17:31an investigative speaker comparison that will be held on september can which strangely is a
0:17:40i will leave some sheets out on the tables this describes the upcoming of n
0:17:45for interspeech and there's so many other ways the is supports this activity i don't
0:17:55wanna spend the whole time describing all of them
0:17:58it's a pleasure to see all of you and i'm happy to be here thank
0:18:07well now is that's fine of rest of the menzies the dino the faculty of
0:18:11science of and technology of the university of the basque country please
0:18:17well known nonlinearly only it already arc
0:18:22be one was but to go then what d c twenty sixteen they speaker and
0:18:26language recognition workshop data good morning
0:18:30and welcome to the sky yet it allow would be don't you know university of
0:18:34the basque country
0:18:36as the one they factor the of science and technology is my flesh a to
0:18:41give you do like what makes welcome i decided you all the base you do
0:18:45you are this take with us in u r t c based you and add
0:18:49these new ideas you know of vc organise it in this okay is you know
0:18:53by two spondees could oops
0:18:56this software technologies working goodwill on university of the basket and the t and the
0:19:01people a group of university the offset also
0:19:05i consider a great no galaxy on of harvard university to horse this new set
0:19:12of idiocy on of sets and the testing meeting what s that's for on all
0:19:17around ago or on the correct the dc shown and the mighty identification of these
0:19:21speakers and languages me to be sent
0:19:25the latest advances in technology and to discuss future developments
0:19:32the apply program including keynote order item or state of sixty onshore talked except that
0:19:39are that that's more than having that it receives it is as a way last
0:19:44grey police entities of in this study for the n c case basenps and then
0:19:49minutes of law enforcement not need any change agencies
0:19:52for don't befitting quantities is could i and then an attack p week we probably
0:19:58seen that these big brother guess for that if you each
0:20:01in these days
0:20:03i hope you will enjoy the experience of meeting or that cliques a half after
0:20:09decorrelating with then in that atmosphere we will promote the reinforcing of computation divers and
0:20:16we that i in that is to new feels
0:20:20on the other hand as dean i am proud to see that they the pca
0:20:25to develop that the faculty of science and technology in the field of the speaker
0:20:30and language recognition is interesting for investigators for another companies
0:20:36and we look for like to welcome sewn of doing the future as five what
0:20:42is it teens in the frame of song european union programs
0:20:48this m i
0:20:49in this global work we had involve
0:20:53type of intonation and meetings are intent is also for the beta knowledge of what
0:21:00that contest all the voice of life and for that they that understanding of feature
0:21:07and a set of feet computer science
0:21:11is somebody's between c really say she owns quantity but in this dct to the
0:21:17maintenance of peace and dialogue between different cultures set this is the universal language that
0:21:25help us communicate a pca the value of how would be finance
0:21:30and b
0:21:31people for another common sense that then gullibility bit more than what one based on
0:21:38a c and of governance
0:21:40with this year along that it can meet the man is i don't we yes
0:21:44it is you don't of scientific or a test
0:21:49i couldn't i would like to us but it is my greatest thing and considerations
0:21:53for they but if a source of the software technologies working group of they faculty
0:21:59of science and technology for they are constantly that casey on the every like to
0:22:05dean and reset quality
0:22:07set of institutional responsibility the at a for in the name of silence
0:22:15in advance times
0:22:17well and that of the a weighted of popular media culture
0:22:22science and directional for what i don't think that down again stupid piece used thinking
0:22:30unfortunately anti scientific that's it you at the band based on the premise that at
0:22:37least not walls via for the one that standard and explain the complex
0:22:42when nothing i'll explain a she on or rather simplistic explanation can be lost
0:22:49through a convenient only case you on is that the g
0:22:55given the decline of s unity the in more than a society a society got
0:23:01better than it mostly by people five move scientific comments
0:23:06we must call on the responsibility and modality ratio one of each one of us
0:23:13to get involved in that defines or dignity is achieved line of you wanna four
0:23:20that it coming isolates you on a dependence on god mine and i speeding why
0:23:26not to participate in on the decision making is stacked yes of our society contributing
0:23:33to nice improvement mine
0:23:36do you dorothy it affinity that manifest until only got maintaining identity thing into well
0:23:42also understand what is needed or d c there's mean give peace a scalar that
0:23:46enabled a morse lost but if a so this is hardly ever order to get
0:23:49forty days yet wider the gate that okay and at cut all the important case
0:23:54for the thought better clustering the own voice say on that value that
0:23:57what has gone f yes
0:23:59now i we do that the k to find that were wall the participant for
0:24:03and of indices
0:24:05i would accompany the basque country
0:24:08as you only know it's very small all company that betty for each internet these
0:24:14units with unknown language one of the l data languages and which is more important
0:24:20and then be well we fourteen people quite interested in knowing be what different befitting
0:24:28as we had provided with a very open minded
0:24:32that's why we had a hobby to have the opportunity to meet you and do
0:24:37shared a window and you better c and i would factivity with you don't this
0:24:43finally i hope you we don't saying you're always famous cooking
0:24:49basket cooking a what has been done e i know what you right hand use
0:24:53a one
0:24:54good morning i wouldn't that
0:25:02so thank you sir a and now is the time to apply fowler busy rector
0:25:08of the result of that universe of the basque country place for mental
0:25:12zero for the usage of those are sixteen
0:25:16i think middleware show
0:25:18president of the international speech communication association
0:25:22the kind of the if you if you are
0:25:26it would almost zero them is a living will still
0:25:29wheelers factor speaking just about as a the that can only be you know for
0:25:34factor because it is a very a language in fact there are only two five
0:25:38use of language that the are not and there will be and in your and
0:25:41this is one of the which is actually the other one is the final one
0:25:44sure you to have shown song
0:25:47sense on some worst you but you are very a more image with speech
0:25:52only a very are is something is very political university of it i that be
0:25:56sky and it only data
0:25:58split a local university that one two corpus they really about three that they get
0:26:03progress i-vector encircle would they are the only one of the are watching a something
0:26:08but they wanna with the core like it may be derived immigrant exactly
0:26:14showing was saying that good morning i worst one column because of the university of
0:26:19the basque country to disney a real issue of international or we see congress or
0:26:24if the circulation for us to of course of this meeting we are one or
0:26:28two i-vectors course of this great event
0:26:31i would therefore invite you to work harder from all this week but also provided
0:26:36a lot of our universally on a work under a what our culture on a
0:26:40what people are
0:26:42but the residual personal system is being held
0:26:45at the university of the basque country is not by chance
0:26:48there are prestigious blows working only characterisation only the unification of a speaker some languages
0:26:55you know what is it is yours and you know that institution grows the ones
0:26:59there's a more regular shoes working group of the university of the basque country specifically
0:27:04use one of them
0:27:06i'm pretty close to worse at the university of models are three hundred kilometres away
0:27:10the people are
0:27:11is probability pr some of course possible
0:27:15for the realisation of this congress in this respect
0:27:18i would like to highlight the quality of the results
0:27:22it is also one satisfy shown because
0:27:24thanks to this work
0:27:27within the rationale recognition on these new edition of policy is being carried out here
0:27:31you know what country
0:27:33results in this field the field programmable multicoloured elicitation identification of a speaker some languages
0:27:39is a logical consequence of enormous increase that both
0:27:44the pollutes you're an estimation of although we see all contents cussing
0:27:48the visible the development of new technology cost has practically the conventional for huge library
0:27:54with computer based content the volume of which is growing response
0:28:00because surely or is one part of the volume of compares of comments you male
0:28:04labelers on physical looks
0:28:06the volume of all the result compress it should be that you requires a new
0:28:10force of management
0:28:12in the same way that here's increasingly more applications and users
0:28:17the investigation of a speaker something which use cross country as phase of development
0:28:22the filler forestry
0:28:23via method we shall pronounce safety politically situations on many more
0:28:30increasingly morphemes increase these new technology fines in application
0:28:34it is highly probable that we will see for prices in coming years because these
0:28:39users will be responded every more and you are the ones that no it
0:28:44that's all for me my best wishes for the working six euros not just are
0:28:48now and i would like to really going to again to the basque country they
0:28:52were sure well you see two thousand and sixteen is now open might media scales
0:28:58were not require a big thank you very much
0:29:05sometimes you remember i i'm going to say some words that i four got for
0:29:10what for
0:29:12sign a lot and knowledge men's that side
0:29:15i have to sit
0:29:17well we are the nicer system the upper see a definitive support from the university
0:29:21of the less country
0:29:23the basque government under spun is a thematic network on a speaker speech technologies
0:29:28the sponsorship of zeros logic
0:29:30the medial and the other log on the support of risk on the bilbao cd
0:29:35comes to
0:29:36a we also pesetas support from the risk i added i stuff
0:29:40the university that was currently information and communication technology stuff
0:29:45whose recording decisions and the universe of the basque country on me study for stuff
0:29:50which got been ask with registrations payments public funding
0:29:54and we also wanted to note that the to me i just the their personalities
0:30:01the spokes of some sort of the local organising committee
0:30:05with a lot with like to thank all the ut s you wanna members who
0:30:09have worked tirelessly the success of discourse about of i don't know i dunno use
0:30:16calm c was in channel so seizing charts of accommodation registration and accounting from a
0:30:21model who is the responsible for the that website
0:30:25me could be naughty kernel was responsible for the venue recordings some merchandising
0:30:30many of the s who is responsible for social networks
0:30:34it can multi-core young this which is a responsible for their satisfaction should wait
0:30:39and phones update are not gonna miguel who is responsible for the technical problem implications
0:30:43on a with about the data of course
0:30:46myself which a
0:30:47i don't know i think doing everything
0:30:52we also thought they want to use on that one file if somebody about the
0:30:56you know i dunno
0:30:58for the help on with a logistic son at the venue
0:31:02okay find a finally i would like to apologise for the realise misunderstandings restrictions so
0:31:10that you all of you
0:31:12a traffic conduct while making registration payments hotel reservations set are of course we didn't
0:31:19want to we want a that to happen but
0:31:22it happened
0:31:23we could in anticipate for that but considerably source especially when they were you don't
0:31:28or rate
0:31:29one thing is for sure we keep on working for the success of be so
0:31:33all you say this for base ball thank you very much