0:00:15alright so i won't be talking long here a couple of
0:00:20and the words so
0:00:23i hope you have a all injured this week it's been very fun
0:00:27actually for me at least and hopefully
0:00:29either gone of the two
0:00:32so that a couple of a practical information so some of you have asked about
0:00:35whether we have any kind of get together after the recess severest be unofficial part
0:00:40if you are staying over the weekend of the mighty also
0:00:44those would like put one can go to a bar play and of the rest
0:00:48those right combined if it's a wooden house in the in the centre nice pile
0:00:52a roughly seven o'clock on what so it of look so it's a bit for
0:00:59and tomorrow is the a midsummer eve and know there is a pretty soon and
0:01:04you want to
0:01:05have this big one for your you one that's got caught in finnish
0:01:09which is at the no yucky also my about one kilometre from here and there
0:01:15will like this big one fire around eleven o'clock in the evening so of that
0:01:21but that is a must place the havoc rings on in so this atmosphere if
0:01:25the weather is
0:01:29okay so what we have that c this week
0:01:32so couple of from them pictures from the payments here
0:01:37so i hope everyone was converting you know with the so on other humans
0:01:44dancing and
0:01:47and some more pictures from yesterday
0:01:54actually so you know we would like to
0:01:59no give a couple of awards and times a little this small presents for the
0:02:03kind of a person's here so
0:02:06so first we are going to give something to the keynote speakers so we have
0:02:12a hybrid i think we're pretty much so tried all the typical finish their of
0:02:16the present like to
0:02:17so no and
0:02:19forest and everything
0:02:21so some of you have lost during the social program but it's a vector that
0:02:25finland is a famous for heavy metal music so that's true so we don't have
0:02:28a heavy metal concert
0:02:30but what we're going to do of we are going to give "'em" no of
0:02:33one or a local band which is frames in finland and europe might wish c
0:02:38d with the q not
0:02:40and also some kind of
0:02:43very strains black drink that this bound selected was like an svm so some people
0:02:49like it and some people don't like it but we are able to be gi
0:02:52not open minded and we'll try
0:02:54but this one is so it's a completely dark like
0:03:00colourful eager and there's like a cough syrup so i think this but whether this
0:03:05because been supporting for that kind of idea
0:03:08so place a circle summary
0:03:12and martin come here
0:04:02all right and then we have two more similar what's the goal so actually we
0:04:08have best paper award and best student paper about and knowable don't the affordable same
0:04:17okay thanks to me so
0:04:20well you have a sitting here it mainly some way that would soundly
0:04:24you know line of mildest a marathon running and i was in at most on
0:04:28two thousand seven you know it takes some qualifications look at the standard and it's
0:04:33very special case the right
0:04:35and i found it actually assume that a lot or not the person was run
0:04:38most martin sre task with two of us
0:04:41and it to match the right this morning i find out okay
0:04:45it's a guy can do results also show this student eight or word close to
0:04:50state and should know class tree knows pentecostal marijuana i do not agree but the
0:04:55unsupervised clustering approaches for domain adaptation is because it was consistent so stefan
0:05:01i still
0:05:28okay and
0:05:30my research is actually clustering and i just lastly there must be available it's and
0:05:34find out that there is really can domain adaptation is somewhat topic it's really cluster
0:05:39at a big lost in there is a to have that goals
0:05:43i we alternate but i hope that presenting out of the come here to pick
0:05:46up to about it at least unsupervised domain adaptation
0:05:51for i-vector speaker recognition
0:05:54so can you can central may don't and i'm at least potential nickel bottleneck and
0:05:58commercial equipment
0:06:15i have to tell daniel to take a break from is the n n's for
0:06:18a minute
0:06:26okay so that's pretty much so but we would like to so organising local organising
0:06:32committee the thanks everyone so it really been a very nice week so we were
0:06:37a beforehand that we will do something but the but i think most of the
0:06:41things hopefully work one
0:06:43okay and of course there is nothing without the future i know what and the
0:06:49we would like go not to invite the
0:06:52present that's and from the or to settle doesn't sixteen
0:06:55to introduce the next artist
0:07:35it's in and
0:07:58my name is make a line that to announce you that the next minute the
0:08:01ldc will being be vol
0:08:03is paying you will be colonised by
0:08:07and the gtd s group of the university of the basque country under a lot
0:08:12of the
0:08:13university of self
0:08:21okay so many of you will be thinking about that weight is bilbao don wallace
0:08:25in the centre
0:08:27we can go
0:08:29well close it's really on the north up of a spinning
0:08:33one the goes quite close to the french borland a hundred for on the remote
0:08:38that's away from what we to compute l of spain
0:08:41and will bilbao is a quite the way connect exceeding they are a direct fights
0:08:47of too many of the important cities in europe i'm sorry there's not
0:08:52that the connection to helsinki
0:08:55for distance if somebody would came from as san francisco california could we just we
0:09:01two flights when to stop could go to paris and then to allow she could
0:09:06go to
0:09:10i'm still and then to bilbao
0:09:12okay could go to from fort and then to be about
0:09:16similarly something coming from anything about could do that
0:09:21quite similar three point two flying two parties and from them to we well
0:09:27i'm so then to will well
0:09:30from four to munich and not should then to be well what even a is
0:09:34stumbled because they sat directly from use them will two
0:09:37to be about
0:09:39so we are many c d's that can be can be connected we just wonder
0:09:43stop two flights
0:09:44of course that some c d's that i'm not connected so well like ceiling q
0:09:48we have to take
0:09:50c flights
0:09:51and i'm sorry again if you're coming from jen strong you have to take few
0:09:55flights to
0:10:00bill of a set
0:10:02one where the in bilbao it said something training not really
0:10:05you their many hotels different kind of a price says these encoders probation system that
0:10:12but for basis to be see that a coastal but it villages have reaches a
0:10:18modify excess some c d's likes and sebastian
0:10:21have you have wineries
0:10:22maybe somebody could be not thinking about the typical spanish like a peaches i'm sorry
0:10:30this is not in the basque country
0:10:35you would think you will and meet that kind of a features in the past
0:10:39context they're nice to not the typical a hot reaches in the spring
0:10:44but in fact if you somebody like it doing source it's quite a nice place
0:10:49they must close to
0:10:51to the something
0:10:54so what could you expect to
0:10:57to see or to get in bilbao today the weather is quite nice not very
0:11:02hot not at not because that's just that they were there
0:11:05a you could expect to find the green one times to this paper fine
0:11:10let me would full at would full right of at with food a lot of
0:11:15fruit mask astronomy is quite well known
0:11:18and of course that some may spondees typical like it beaches
0:11:23but not much used
0:11:25a couple of then
0:11:28then you will be in the sky added by some the
0:11:31on the fan to all these well just quite close to the high museum very
0:11:37close to many hotels restaurants and
0:11:41this is that and that if a program it would be in june and twenty
0:11:45first a twenty four from two is like to friday the problem would be would
0:11:49be quite similar to
0:11:51these e r one with a four days and of course some kind of social
0:11:57not exactly the same
0:12:00for example we would go to the
0:12:02i go home be sealed for a key that bci the welcome perception
0:12:09for those that like football matches and based in your study on all the athletically
0:12:14will be well so that could be a piece it further
0:12:19of course of someone get with meal
0:12:22fruitful to more ford
0:12:23in the in the skull do not buy less
0:12:27and there is some miss gaussian to be seen some places around a wine tasting
0:12:31in and
0:12:36so let me finish with fisher p d l will come to their that's currently
0:12:40week only this one the few condition that the d size there
0:12:44there is small accordion it's not really mask is came from the italian work is
0:12:48in several ways hundred years ago but now it's really task
0:12:53mm i
0:13:11there we
0:14:27so that's all
0:14:28i hope to see you rolling be about two years thank you very much
0:14:44okay so there is some coffee on maybe someone left so hopeless of and
0:14:50however set journey back