0:00:15alright i think it's the time to get started
0:00:20welcome to fail in
0:00:22so you also and welcome to the set of
0:00:26i'm making and i a chair of to dataset and
0:00:31about the present a couple of things about the
0:00:34the conference so
0:00:35we're going to have this them
0:00:37also some like music at the at the opening followed by so complicity not so
0:00:43we go
0:00:45by now you all have reached a different so if you look at the world
0:00:50of finland we are pretty much not and arctic circle is passed improvement
0:00:55and possibly we have the
0:00:58not in place to do speaker recognition stuff here
0:01:01i'm not totally sure but it would be a good guess
0:01:06if we look but also where we also you want to is in the
0:01:10is there but the filament
0:01:11about that seventy kilometres from the russian border and very close to the is that
0:01:16are most point of the european union which is gonna elements e around this
0:01:20apart and
0:01:22this is the us complete freedom or so we have lots of lots of like
0:01:25the likes in this region
0:01:27and the signature of this it is this river here maybe some of you have
0:01:32i went to want to see to see the remote
0:01:35so small piece of finis
0:01:38so you okay is a finished what meaning rebar
0:01:42and you one is the channel to perform
0:01:45of the river
0:01:46it's of a thriller
0:01:48okay and so literally means a model
0:01:51so when you combine these two it missed amount of the river
0:01:54so meaning this the kind of
0:01:55and then of the river to the we also look alike but they're
0:01:59or if you want to be very literal would also mean that modest two
0:02:09and very this is that you want so composed of the university of is different
0:02:14so that this is actually university that most one couple of years ago by
0:02:19merging the universe this of you want to work we'll
0:02:22so we have two main campuses that actually one hundred fifty kilometres apart from its
0:02:26other so it can system uses every now and then with the pitching and
0:02:30results but we're doing fun so far i think
0:02:33and this building right here is the mathematics and physics departments a few others here
0:02:41and actually the computer science used to be also we're
0:02:44and it is really one or unstressed the same time to be have because the
0:02:49very same room here i took my introduction to computer science
0:02:52cars twenty years ago roughly so
0:02:55no opening a conference
0:03:01so some of you already have been asking but this means that we also in
0:03:05the conference on this
0:03:08maybe some of you have even click does not lie on the on the bit
0:03:11rates so
0:03:14a so
0:03:17as far as we know they're out there is only just once a table at
0:03:22market place
0:03:24so no need to worry about this one
0:03:26and the and the meeting is
0:03:28abruptly that okay in finland the
0:03:31rural areas
0:03:32well all roughly everything that is not helsinki is a referred to as the cecilia
0:03:36work order
0:03:38something like a faraway that so that's the meaning of this of the cp has
0:03:43taken this
0:03:45notion that we think that the
0:03:49okay so let me go the term
0:03:51for the settings so
0:03:53we had to submitted papers and at from which the for the six where x
0:03:58of that in the end
0:03:59and six the reject that and one withdrawn and the acceptance rate is around and
0:04:04ninety percent which is in line with the some of the only reduces pretty much
0:04:09and one of the things highlighting here is that
0:04:14i was told what the organising committee members of the okay to make use would
0:04:17be prepared for b
0:04:19this is that the reviewers are not going to be nice they're going to get
0:04:21delayed with the reviews they're not going to respond to your remote standard can do
0:04:25since the report so maybe you can
0:04:28prepared for press reviews and somehow i wanted to
0:04:31i don't like press review so i wanted to make so that we have enough
0:04:34previous to get started with so for most papers we also and five reviewer some
0:04:38sometimes even six reviewers for paper
0:04:40and what turned out that the reviewers actually most of your probably in this room
0:04:45do not very nice and did everything as expected so we have
0:04:50for most of the paper we have had quite reviewers to give the comments on
0:04:54for all the papers at least for reviewers
0:04:56some papers even seven
0:04:58review records and
0:05:00locally two hundred sixty three reports and about one of the cement applied basis of
0:05:04written text so
0:05:06i have actually numbers in my soul this amount of detailed comments what you guys
0:05:10have been writing here so
0:05:12that's really great
0:05:14so here so
0:05:15picture that would be selling and of a mobile phones and maybe some kind of
0:05:19averaging apply our kernel
0:05:21actually this is the
0:05:23paper submissions as a function of the day
0:05:26so there is this
0:05:28as well if there is expressly only guys at the generally like one month too
0:05:33and then the guys that the following the expected pattern
0:05:36at be picking out because a deadline exactly on that day and then these guys
0:05:41will want to fix a couple of phones and
0:05:43their pdf output and
0:05:45so that this one because we are small conference so this is a the impersonator
0:05:50lead to the
0:05:53and here is another perhaps so
0:05:55it's a non-negative function minimum one maximum a twenty six
0:06:00so perhaps it's a temperate so if you want so in two
0:06:03well could be but actually is that how the reviewers have been sending them
0:06:10so again we have this abnormally ugly but only birds
0:06:14and then peaking apply okay so that line a couple of late comers and then
0:06:19also separately be i-vector talents are used for which we needed we had a different
0:06:24and so this the later be so that
0:06:30and for you could recently here is the number distribution of the regular nationality so
0:06:35it's very international majority coming from you know this that singapore czech republic
0:06:40and other countries
0:06:44okay and
0:06:45if we look at the program of this week so we have for this of
0:06:48what is that
0:06:49and in a technical program we had one to have a that we cannot speakers
0:06:55it regular systems and one
0:06:58but also some
0:06:59and then i'm going to talk after a while about the source elements
0:07:04and this you can find this
0:07:07posterior outside of the room
0:07:08you can say what is happening next in the technical program
0:07:13and so the key notes so i'm very happy that we have a very high
0:07:18quality you know it's clear
0:07:19so two of them was sitting trendier different role
0:07:24really leading experts in this the specific topics indicated here so
0:07:29so can police talking about forensics after this opening
0:07:33and i think about speech intelligibility and some adventure about the missing learning aspects of
0:07:40let scales learning
0:07:45so and
0:07:46about the social programs so what we're going to do not implement something very finished
0:07:51doing so
0:07:52we have and to have the sound i think i have mentioned this in the
0:07:55in the last minute the ml so it's not compulsory but recommended one let's say
0:08:00it's between wanting to brian similar a dishonour
0:08:04so that practical not okay we also going to have a simplified in our ilp
0:08:08welcome results on
0:08:09so this is going to be a mix on a so you will have to
0:08:12bring your a swimming suit and tell from the hotel
0:08:15so you have that some princess sometime after of the post office and i'm between
0:08:19this one
0:08:20and in terms of the transportation so it's about
0:08:23three four kilometres from here the slide
0:08:27so you can either go by bicycle
0:08:28for which there is the registration separate registration desk outside or maybe have already indicated
0:08:33this or you can go by bus so in the run is
0:08:37this one with the bicycling is subject to the weather how it looks like
0:08:41later in the bit
0:08:43let's see
0:08:44on the more details will be given about that one in the afternoon
0:08:49and okay tools that we are going to have the conference i get that the
0:08:52young so city hall
0:08:54but in the early nineteen hundreds and the
0:08:58and wednesday
0:09:00we are going to in the morning we have the i-vector nist i-vector space l
0:09:05after which we go for almost fully explore some to only national park which is
0:09:09about seventy kilometres from here
0:09:11and this is off and
0:09:14aside that has been as channel landscape of three months so
0:09:18in the old and sit it used to be
0:09:20giving is verizon to the upper weights and the composers including champs admittance of values
0:09:25for instance
0:09:26and the artists
0:09:29i know what is the risky steering results and it's a nice outdoor
0:09:32area and the thumb you actually but you can also see throughout the of the
0:09:37conference on this what manner
0:09:40so we're going to have some outdoor i mean you can you can go hiking
0:09:44or you can take for the press so we have a couple of options out
0:09:47there and
0:09:48later in the evening we're going to have a
0:09:50dinner and grooves on this like that your song here
0:10:00perhaps as a motive it that way to what is sometimes very finished thing
0:10:05okay those from present an utterance and so any guesses for how many people the
0:10:10right agreement
0:10:13okay good
0:10:14five i had five one four
0:10:16how many legs
0:10:20and the other guesses
0:10:23okay two hundred dollars is that would appear once the about
0:10:26one hundred
0:10:27it is seven doesn't
0:10:29okay and the number of sound as maybe more
0:10:31so bright
0:10:33well not input one but not lead so
0:10:35two million
0:10:38so putting this together we have us sound intensity so that every three persons has
0:10:43that their own some not so it's basically everywhere
0:10:46and when we have kids meal and the goddess on a my
0:10:49a grant but of a father costas on a so it's very anything very healthy
0:10:54nice and will help you to get rid of don't set like also so this
0:10:58i think contact here can witness that
0:11:01that it works
0:11:05i've just given the conference i think and it to what the body further by
0:11:08explaining this how also from a machine learning point of view
0:11:12basically we have two states we have eighty degrees celsius on a and about sixteen
0:11:17degrees celsius like water
0:11:19this and we are conducting between the states so we stopped quickly
0:11:23i one seven
0:11:24and then generally we expect some repressing
0:11:28like water
0:11:29okay and then we maximize the good feeling by going back to some
0:11:34so and
0:11:39so no i mean up to you are
0:11:41couple of minutes i mean in this like maybe a couple of seconds or whatever
0:11:45you prepare
0:11:48of course
0:11:49you can also initialized with the like if you want and convergence in about five
0:11:53to one to five iterations are based on experience
0:11:56depending on the number of drinks you are going to have so
0:12:03and of course we have some missed guys and about the measurement guys here
0:12:08but this biting so it's important to benchmark everything so i can observe that they
0:12:12the sound about the like has been tested by over psd students so it's a
0:12:15common entrance exam innocent procedure you know what group so right-hemisphere taking and
0:12:21a swimming in to like about money seventeen
0:12:24degrees outside or something like this and also in the much two thousand fourteen we
0:12:28had a specific a special interest group called i spectral channels
0:12:32to address this again with the
0:12:34including one presents around the right maybe it's not
0:12:37well see that's
0:12:38it's working
0:12:40okay so then people behind the conference
0:12:44of course this
0:12:45i participated many conferences and of a real estimates but there is behind on organising
0:12:50one so
0:12:51i should think firstly the organising committee members
0:12:54most of you who are here
0:12:56on the giving
0:12:57all was finally answers and very good advice on how to how to make things
0:13:02work in helping with the paper selection and almost every anything to do with the
0:13:05so i'm to be content so it's been
0:13:07plus their
0:13:08to learn from you
0:13:10and here is the very long list of the reviewers where i think that one
0:13:14and seventy five pages of text so
0:13:16thanks for all of you
0:13:19and then for the local organizing team so we had a good number of people
0:13:24doing stuff so
0:13:26first of all pass a friendly cultural of this step was helping to
0:13:32keep all of us in the shuttle and helping with the web pages and basically
0:13:35chairing the social program so he's been
0:13:38drawing a ideas for that one
0:13:40and orally is the person who has been without whom i would have been that
0:13:45long time ago so she has been helping with the budgeting
0:13:47but the social program the details and even go looking copy today the
0:13:52throughout the conference
0:13:54and also was something with the conference system came with the registration
0:13:59and roadways the guy behind all the graphical works you can see her including the
0:14:04and ability was something with a known this the proceedings a summary
0:14:09with a ridiculous and system and taking for the graphs
0:14:12the during this conference on the side with the booklet
0:14:15and then in addition we have a
0:14:17number of people on the right hand side we have been helping with the
0:14:21a year or log on to help us during this workshop so including sure audio
0:14:27with the in it is initiator of this whole or the setting i understood so
0:14:34not checked here
0:14:38of course conference with output what response is nothing so and i'm very glad to
0:14:42see but we have a wide spectrum of different nationalities on different people here
0:14:47from different countries so
0:14:51it's very nice
0:14:53and of course team
0:14:56we need some sponsoring to organise conferences so
0:14:59it this compress has been supported what if interest finis learns aside this you nearest
0:15:04if you on so support phonebased and
0:15:07international speech communication also this and ninety collects conference
0:15:12and well here's
0:15:14maybe a reason to celebrate this year because we have a twenty years anniversary actually
0:15:18so there are not at this
0:15:20all and
0:15:21i in like a
0:15:23newcomer one i think nick as much of what is the one that i first
0:15:27up and it doesn't it and i've been coming
0:15:30every time after that so it has been it's very one or to be able
0:15:35run this new on my
0:15:37on our set
0:15:39okay so that's almost what i wanted to say so
0:15:43i'm going to and got my boring
0:15:46powerpoint stuff and we have and to have some like music
0:15:49again in a very
0:15:50international sense so magical over here is so japanese player playing finis to understand something
0:15:57else with the controller which is the an so now the nist national instruments string
0:16:02instruments and with the
0:16:03very unique and colourful tone people you will hear how the sense so
0:16:08with this but i have nothing else to say except that welcome to finland
0:16:12welcome to chose down and welcome to reduce the two thousand fourteen to use in
0:16:17speaker recognition
0:16:19thank you