Odyssey 2014

The Speaker and Language Recognition Workshop

NFI-FRITS: A forensic speaker recognition database and some first experiments

David van der Vloed, Jos Bouten and David Van Leeuwen
In this paper we describe the collection of a speech database with forensically realistic data. It consists of speech material obtained from lawfully intercepted telephone conversations collected during police investigations. The speech material therefore is very similar to the kind we encounter in casework at the Netherlands Forensic Institute. The database is augmented with metadata describing language, accent, speaking style and acoustic conditions. A total of 604 speakers have been identified in 4188 conversation sides. After manual speaker attribution using various forms of available metadata, the speech content has been anonymised by zeroing out fragments that might disclose the real identity of speakers. Additional to the database description, this paper reports on some speaker recognition experiments using a commercially available forensic speaker recognition system. We can observe some effect of spoken language in terms of calibration, but overall the systems appears not too sensitive to accent or language.