my colleague this can be a few slides us to return we have


of you have experience

signal for by the ct signal for

i procedure people languages

if you later on the people with the ubm thing confine ourselves here

oh we started

the tool in to be a poorly

you that you have tested speaker recognition

as a function of the number of P as the tech

we continue the discussions

no on the boat and in the flyers


i hope that you can bring that this

a great memory of

singapore is it can also evenly

or the C experiences

between for this is that we have a permanent website a speaker of this you

don't column which is a common website

is a special the speaker special interest group on

speaker and language characterization you want to get up to date information and in fact

this website also the support of the keeps or the policy proceedings if you are

interested you want to point people you dev

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but i just and many people so

well the conference can only be also can be as good as the people who

will make it


so first of all the same

or you for coming to singapore

i think you will trust trusting me to run to see that

oh thank you all

what i invite the or a local in a if you are in this room

to stand out

a priest

so i have a



before well i've with someone else but the future conferences


i know that


many of you told me that a lattice with this example in now i create

an excuse for a view to compare yeah

a interspeech twenty fourteen would be in singapore

and i think you K

if you have your best papers please keep it for the event

do something to other kaufmann's

so we will be in a september the middle september of twenty forty

and i would be ubm in the convention centre the convention centre the city in


it is very high

which you basically used

and i guess what's the next all this you would be whatever the all this





so i on behalf of the S P L C completely i'm gonna do that

you know that you would be in

you also think that

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and thinking



thank you have to

so i one speaker will be speaking on S everybody's

without that is this process

and i would like to thank also invited me to

we're gonna so this is will be a great honour because every inch of the


that is the conferences


so the locus in a frame around here


i think we might be able to most speaker recognition group in the one i'm

not sure but then you

more of the state

and here are the typical stuff that you find in finland so that there are

about five million people and about so between two and one half million sounds

so you can find we have combinations of some since we don't everywhere

and we have

sometimes cool weather and this couple of lakes

does it also is a

low-complexity with the everything you know the radius of one kilometre

so it is relatively easy to


so there

and there are if you manage to find yourself the way to helsinki there are

many is in your of innocence

then it's easy to come by floods are trained from that can also recently from

barely in this domain

there is a direct connection


and we have part of the unit with the feast and finland school of computing

and the this and the university one of the biggest ones in finland

so it's a cost function of two years ago about joining university one

the group you want so



and this is a lot of them

i think that is working in a space

so it's me and then propose a second a he's more on the image processing


now it is

and then the there are a couple of us actually are in the audience so

there is below the monkey


that is the right

process and channel

who will be probably taking part in this practical organisations either

so we had a difficult time to think about what time should we organised this

conference so

so of course it's not well something completely orthogonal to the last system

how about doing it in february is also

and i think of speaker window

so this problem that is that there is a lot of doing simple and you

can basically

three or that you're in italy

but that is used anyway to have it in


well known whether so this is the proposed on june two thousand fourteen

that was the end of june probably


assuming it so that is a pretty long distance of the sound doesn't massive also

for the system is able to twenty dollars

the length of the data

and it's a very reluctantly okay whether except those what we're last week in the

summer school might disagree if we had a bit of but what we further

generally tolerable and that this the close to the midsummer festival in finland like we

went this

one for it was



so it looks a couple of pictures

again different some of the some things

and there is we also have a running options some

right these

and yeah why don't so there is a common it's are excellent for acting on

having by something like this paper so that it does

so that's it welcome variance of


okay all thank you