0:00:07'kay guys so well i
0:00:08this is going to be pretty short
0:00:11so uh well
0:00:13for some practical information
0:00:18we have
0:00:19he speaker consent form so i would like to ask all speakers
0:00:22that didn't get it and didn't feel it and didn't get it back to me
0:00:26well please take one
0:00:27take one and the and philly because we would
0:00:30really like
0:00:32i have some trace of this and process the the the videos uh
0:00:36and put them on our servers uh what if if if you permit us to to do this
0:00:41then uh uh the organising and the scientific a comedy will meet now
0:00:47in uh this
0:00:48this uh small lecture room
0:00:50and then just a small remark affordable saris uh participants mobile sorry is is the
0:00:55workshop uh
0:00:57the the the real working one not the conference
0:01:00that is being organised by by look are so please go together right
0:01:04a meeting room of our departments tomorrow what's then uh and
0:01:09then everyone please uh if you have uh some nice photos from the conference
0:01:13send them to us well try to
0:01:16do some selection of uh of
0:01:18funny or interesting once uh once
0:01:20no do not send us hundreds of blue of uh for those for a couple of
0:01:24really good ones
0:01:25and then please your speakers um please
0:01:28all the speakers send your presentations so P P T
0:01:31or pdfs uh
0:01:33would be fine
0:01:34just think of a company the the the recordings uh
0:01:38that we have done during the conference
0:01:41no there there is this a deceive a mail address
0:01:44that you can use for this
0:01:46then uh well let me the weekly summarise so what was good and the bad to so i will begin
0:01:51with the bad points
0:01:53so with
0:01:54we had uh to a bit of heat here
0:01:56we had one operate it happened this it is so we had once told me use
0:02:00U S passport
0:02:01we had several mild the food voice on things
0:02:04and the several more or less T V ringo or slow that was for the negative points
0:02:09for the positive ones
0:02:10i think we had the three great invited talks
0:02:13we had forty three right the
0:02:15regular papers in eleven sessions
0:02:18we had the quite a number of parties depends
0:02:21you discussions and i hope uh that the there are some funny social events
0:02:25including uh some ultimate frisbee game but it was nicole
0:02:29who mine
0:02:30has beat me too and it's that is slide
0:02:33and the generally i hope everyone uh at the time
0:02:37so uh there are two C use
0:02:39first C U is in prague next year
0:02:42because i'm one of the organisers
0:02:44of uh icassp
0:02:45next year so please mark
0:02:47may twenty second twenty seventh the in your
0:02:50jen does
0:02:51and then attention because the
0:02:52paper submission deadline is
0:02:54is actually pretty pretty close
0:02:56well time's running incredibly fast so october twenty is the the line
0:03:01and is hard to deadline then or D C deadline
0:03:03you know there is this
0:03:05conference agency behind and the I triple E signal processing society
0:03:09so we are not as relaxed as with the with a T C scheduling
0:03:12and then uh the next C U is uh
0:03:15two thousand twelve uh in singapore
0:03:18so the days and link or not willing to a sorry workshop uh is
0:03:22still to be fixed
0:03:23but the majority and his uh i the uh
0:03:27uh team
0:03:28agreed than volunteer to organise the next addition of uh
0:03:32or D C and i think this would be a great sex
0:03:35okay this is the very end so i think everyone involved in the organisation i won't list all the contributors
0:03:40and technical committee scientific committee
0:03:43local organisers
0:03:44thanks everyone for being here and uh have
0:03:47save journey back that's all thank you