okay guys so oh it's our up line part something so it's my great pleasure to invite in here for the uh i did see uh two thousand then the speaker and language recognition workshop and i will do uh couple of opening remarks then uh we will have the first uh in my the speaker and then we will just go along with the the technical program so i'm on the channel ascii one of the only see what chair well the my other co channel cardboard get probably people sleeping as you really uh okay so let let me open with some historical remarks i uh i'm really glad that this event is happening because you know uh twenty one years back we had these big uh historical changes in check so uh i was looking for a both of which even would be here if we didn't have it these changes and i just found this so uh i i i i prefer my organising committee and my faculty and beauty representatives uh more than this organising committee okay so that was just the for for the historical perspective then a couple where it's uh about or not or you have been there from the weekend so we know already something so a hierarchical maybe are in europe czech republic and this region is called the so it's more area lots of good wine which i hope to be uh been doing uh this one's the as the afternoon and night this is the largest second largest city uh of czech republic and it's a big university city so we have shifted from heavy industry and machinery and textile lighter technologies and the university so they are five big universities with around eighty thousand students so we can feel when there is it gonna be here and it all the students in but not or when it is not uh then uh we have a couple of famous guys that very well either born here or were here so could goodwill was the famous audition and the the E hundred that room where we are uh bears his name then uh because a couple on or whatnot really I T guy but we develop the one of the very efficient design software what the true but turbines so maybe thanks to him that we have sufficient our for for our computing clusters then are you hungry governmental it might uh have heard about him the founder of the genetics and then uh going farther from technology we have lie within a chick so whether lights the modern music of the first the out twenty century probably knows him and is the press okay so we are at the compass the faculty of information technology this is a place with rich history so it was uh the first building actually in this part the C D that is called calico lower king's field and it was uh a part of the end monastery i origins in rome century so if you look at the thickness of the walls in the old part of the not as they have one one meter thing like this very nice four to the real at their net connection oh if i yeah and then uh then uh oh uh it not change the in eighteen century with the reforms in three hungarian the um or a key because uh they uh did some savings state and that they gave this mastery to the army so then the army was here uh throughout the two centuries just changed its name and depending on the state than on the political uh situation that was here in place and uh it was given to you would be uh in the sixties of the twenty century then the you know things so it came up with the creation the F I E i could be in information technology that was started in two thousand do and the place was completely reconstruct it in two thousand seven with the more than or almost one billion crowns the investment so that's why we can joint you could come okay oh i have a long sentence uh section of uh thanks so the first thanks well it conference um i go to once you need that uh a T C is uh isca tutorial and research workshop so we think uh discuss the speech organisation four yeah supporting us then uh the things that might go to the faculty for giving us so all these the spaces to for free surely so uh thanks to the faculty of numbers information technology we have technical sponsorship of i triple E chickens were vts section we can notice that this is still czechoslovak yes because unlike czechoslovak yeah the activity section didn't split into part and uh we have two companies sponsoring the conference so phonics yeah it's uh actually closely affiliated with the with our group producing uh some uh speech processing systems and think yeah is the producer of uh electronic and the printed the dictionary actually the companies will have there are days so uh tomorrow we will be the have were connected to see some phonics you are present that the and the the day after the more we you'll have someone from linger here if you want to buy more dictionaries uh then uh by second round of thanks goes to goes to the organising committee so i wouldn't name all what do you guys but i would mainly cobra matter sitting just next to me because he was the organiser of the lost the I D C in that still involves and was really a great help uh with the like all the little details the conference organisers should not the for get the about and uh we have the scientific committee so these are the top guys that they're reviewing uh papers so thanks to all these people and special thanks to andreas don't get uh for uh help with that with some papers very needed the sort for your review so he really greatly help the with this then uh well my thanks go to uh the beauty uh speech group because of these guys that the this the thing is actually happening and the among these people uh they're either this guy with the coffee cup we can get our our our scientific uh direct so he's actually the main driving force behind the our group and there is i got i i don't see him uh automatic uh okay there uh actually use the the coordinator of ours themes in the in the speaker and language uh recognition evaluation right right thanks to five and then uh we have uh the local organising committee and i must uh especially thank goodness about a and uh so she's financial coordinate they're not only of this conference but also of our our group then uh and uh our research manager actually finances and visa or just is that selection of the most important you you you girls had with the conference otherwise that were like thousands the other task and but but yeah he he did uh yeah conference right this is the home and stuff so actually doesn't have the standard uh forty degree fig and also i would like to thank you uh i'll see uh agency for organising the week and activities and the social events for for us so for the social events i i i couldn't help myself and at the some pictures from saturday or from sunday it was the standard stuff uk the case you know you can find it interesting medicare where about the stuff that they even afternoon we were in the ropes enter these vertebrae people uh being there and then i have one snap uh of why not you oh did this is not in there are and that i would maybe uh well it well i'm i'm vectors thing right he finally almost almost made it right nineteen and he's alive here uh okay uh next the thanks to go up to the creator of this uh logo of the conference the those who joined the three point is that they know him because actually it's my younger son had um yeah i first thought about uh inviting him to this opening session but then he would do not me this he's talking all the time i am well we have also the day and that's because and then uh i would like to thanks are invited speaker so so we carry a stand here and he will give you the press the talk uh i'll take uh any well uh actually challenge aspects um timothy right i hope and uh then they've involving uh we'll okay okay uh oh will uh speak not about the speech about about your name and the i i think we that or something links in our uh our fields and then the well uh the very last things go to you all source the papers we have forty three papers in the regular sessions and to euro attendees you have hundred twenty eight the which is people okay then i have uh two people oh from the universe the end from the faculty so i would like to ask the right sort of culpable with the i spectre for the development of science research of beauty yeah but some welcome i see well what right late on yeah um no only on my um oh i see which and development but uh table well i a switch right yeah because right and uh like nice two it makes oh oh yeah yeah and which she oh oh like just a couple oh check the G it eight and one you yeah fig ah check nobody can also oh cation oh hmmm she yeah jeez will make an E G hmmm it's communication the G two to be i i'd like to point um by this work and oh really colour oh uh oh a couple of uh why oh oh one but i mean well and oh which you can expire file i think right sure right and such as the board right she hmmm uh i which i i hmmm gee issue oh also hi in yeah in and the model in cheap research which maybe commercial the why oh uh oh hmmm thanks okay who have all even you know hmmm but i think she oh five oh okay yeah oh oh oh oh oh which she yeah oh which oh component right gosh uh you yeah and of course i hmmm so the second about karma goes from uh purpose of the march yeah is the vice dean for research and study your that cool for me everybody i for one would like to come you you're reading you know faculty okay story oh great eight eight years no here and i'm sitting at the the yeah right publishing and and language recognition help or not reach oh brawl hearing time and i hope it will be problem also in next year oh i'm very glad to uh for prediction organised four and then um or pointing to want to be one four hmmm participation here uh_huh i hold up a long talk to brian she really brought and so wrong in the future once more i i should be conference and once more high i will come here i i thank thank you okay and let me just the computer with the couple of practical uh critical remarks so the organisation so uh where well where we where you are in the E hundred twelve would go to the room this is the main menu then uh we will have uh also we have also the two other rooms that are both for the conference so we will have uh in that you wanna order over there the audio visual feed from here you want to uh well listen a little bit the conference and in the same time have a conversation with someone this is available and the E one O five but also available this is a quiet room where you can uh work on your email to the private i think yeah just small remark two other rooms won't be available later this afternoon because we have the uh the the welcome reception so i think our standard coffee breakers well there and the kids are well prepare their stuff in U one O five so uh this afternoon the what additional automobile uh then important remark on the timing of the stations so decisions will start that they are scheduled in the in the technical program the nominal length of a presentation last discussion is thirty minutes what do you know that i did see them or not one of the requirements asian conference we have some more flexibility within one session that's why uh we have decided to that the actually it the presentation is shorter there is no need to wait that's good you time we can uh big in the following sanitation sooner on the other hand uh if if uh the the the the speaker has something to say and the discussion is interesting be admitted to cut it exactly in half an hour so we can go for more time let's say that the the hard limit of the uh for dinner forty minutes and the decisions will be up the session chair so is it actually was asking me what will be session chair oh so in addition to the standard ones like inviting speeders et cetera this is the uh this the deciding on the importance uh uh what is going on and on the quality of the discussion right right right really with the other the session and then uh well uh taking this in view please plenty are getting up shopping coffee your brakes whatever accordingly so that start position is as it is announced what is happening uh in between can yeah a little bit it's a random the uh forty five so and then the for the presenter so please contact your session chair and the technician in the break before your session you can either upload your presentations uh or uh make sure that they are that that your notebook can be correctly uh correctly uh well connected and the loss in advance in case you need audio the audio is uh is fine but we just need to know about then uh for the largest and refreshments so the largest are uh uh happening up here on the campus there are some uh red arrows that would to guide you through a fight you librarians to the study people are all the brewery um ends up and what one one uh one meal two main dish and the three and there should be some more so for vegetarians then coffee breaks happening uh normal way just outside of the lecture room and if you need the additional press so or or or here just the uh go to the opposite side of the road the last building downstairs the F F haven't done a they have very good three very good beer uh okay for social events they will have the will come reception just after the law position is over is happening here well i i hope you'll have still good luck with the weather so happening mostly outside the complex and uh on wednesday afternoon and night you'll have uh D C uh even this is the wine tasting in the morning yeah shot of one of the wine what it is uh actually uh after the end the last session on wednesday uh there will be uh boxes going there there will be one but going straight to shut off another boss the stopping at the hotel continental for people that that would like the there are no good uh there and there is more information about it in the abstract did you go to new york right yeah and i thought i oh this is an hour should not be nice but i did see i'm sorry the log in i did see passports a right now and more practical information including putting some beer in stark in the abstract so this is the end thanks everyone for coming and enjoy the comfort okay so so did i this is a make technical uh people just to just to let the mikhail a repair and uh we will continue with the first uh but oh