InterSpeech 2021

WittyKiddy: Multilingual Spoken Language Learning for Kids
(3 minutes introduction)

Ke Shi (A*STAR, Singapore), Kye Min Tan (A*STAR, Singapore), Huayun Zhang (A*STAR, Singapore), Siti Umairah Md. Salleh (A*STAR, Singapore), Shikang Ni (A*STAR, Singapore), Nancy F. Chen (A*STAR, Singapore)
We present WittyKiddy, a spoken language learning system for children, developed at the Institute for Infocomm Research (I2R), A*STAR, Singapore. Our system automatically evaluates a student’s oral proficiency by scoring pronunciation, fluency and intonation of a spoken utterance. We demonstrate the technical capabilities of the system via reading aloud exercises and oral cloze tests in English and Malay. Both quantitative and qualitative feedback are given to the student. Our work helps support multilingual education for children.