InterSpeech 2021

speechocean762: An Open-Source Non-native English Speech Corpus For Pronunciation Assessment
(longer introduction)

Junbo Zhang (Xiaomi, China), Zhiwen Zhang (SpeechOcean, China), Yongqing Wang (Xiaomi, China), Zhiyong Yan (Xiaomi, China), Qiong Song (SpeechOcean, China), Yukai Huang (SpeechOcean, China), Ke Li (SpeechOcean, China), Daniel Povey (Xiaomi, China), Yujun Wang (Xiaomi, China)
This paper introduces a new open-source speech corpus named “speechocean762” designed for pronunciation assessment use, consisting of 5000 English utterances from 250 non-native speakers, where half of the speakers are children. Five experts annotated each of the utterances at sentence-level, word-level and phoneme-level. A baseline system is released in open source to illustrate the phoneme-level pronunciation assessment workflow on this corpus. This corpus is allowed to be used freely for commercial and non-commercial purposes. It is available for free download from OpenSLR, and the corresponding baseline system is published in the Kaldi speech recognition toolkit.