InterSpeech 2021

MoM: Minutes of Meeting Bot
(3 minutes introduction)

Benjamin Milde (Universität Hamburg, Germany), Tim Fischer (Universität Hamburg, Germany), Steffen Remus (Universität Hamburg, Germany), Chris Biemann (Universität Hamburg, Germany)
We present MoM (Minutes of Meeting) bot, an automatic meeting transcription system with real-time recognition, summarization and visualization capabilities. MoM works without any cloud processing and does not require a network connection. Every processing step is local, even its speech recognition component, to address privacy concerns of meetings. MoM can be used to assisted writing a (summarized) protocol of a meeting, but may also help the hearing-impaired to follow a discussion. We address meeting-related issues, e.g. local vocabulary of an organization or company with active learning of G2P models and custom vocabulary extensions.