InterSpeech 2021

EML Online Speech Activity Detection for Fearless Steps Challenge Phase-III
(Oral presentation)

Omid Ghahabi (EML Speech Technology, Germany), Volker Fischer (EML Speech Technology, Germany)
Speech Activity Detection (SAD), locating speech segments within an audio recording, is a main part of most speech technology applications. Robust SAD is usually more difficult in noisy conditions with varying signal-to-noise ratios (SNR). The Fearless Steps challenge has recently provided such data from the NASA Apollo-11 mission for different speech processing tasks including SAD. Most audio recordings are degraded by different kinds and levels of noise varying within and between channels. This paper describes the EML online algorithm for the most recent phase of this challenge. The proposed algorithm can be trained both in a supervised and unsupervised manner and assigns speech and non-speech labels at runtime approximately every 0.1 sec. The experimental results show a competitive accuracy on both development and evaluation datasets with a real-time factor of about 0.002 using a single CPU machine.