InterSpeech 2021

Beey: More than a Speech to Text Editor
(3 minutes introduction)

Lenka Weingartová (NEWTON Technologies, Czech Republic), Veronika Volná (NEWTON Technologies, Czech Republic), Ewa Balejová (NEWTON Technologies, Czech Republic)
We present Beey, a newly developed web-based multimedia platform for producing Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) and editing its output. In addition to ASR, Beey employs modules for speaker diarization and identification, text formatting, automatic punctuation insertion, subtitling, automatic translation, transcription of stream and more. The platform and its development are focused on user experience and fast document creation. Our aim is to transfer research results in the field of speech recognition and signal processing into practice and enable Beey’s users to make their production processes faster and cheaper by minimizing human effort and costs.