InterSpeech 2021

Additive Phoneme-aware Margin Softmax Loss for Language Recognition
(Oral presentation)

Zheng Li (Xiamen University, China), Yan Liu (Xiamen University, China), Lin Li (Xiamen University, China), Qingyang Hong (Xiamen University, China)
This paper proposes an additive phoneme-aware margin softmax (APM-Softmax) loss to train the multi-task learning network with phonetic information for language recognition. In additive margin softmax (AM-Softmax) loss, the margin is set as a constant during the entire training for all training samples, and that is a suboptimal method since the recognition difficulty varies in training samples. In additive angular margin softmax (AAM-Softmax) loss, the additional angular margin is set as a constant as well. In this paper, we propose an APM-Softmax loss for language recognition with phoneitc multi-task learning, in which the additive phoneme-aware margin is automatically tuned for different training samples. More specifically, the margin of language recognition is adjusted according to the results of phoneme recognition. Experiments are reported on Oriental Language Recognition (OLR) datasets, and the proposed method improves AM-Softmax loss and AAM-Softmax loss in different language recognition testing conditions.