0:00:13to men from is that there and also uh rubber the bob thomas of course not
0:00:19so i'm going to talk about the let to got be he goes so these um actually is a work
0:00:23that we are the general rising to out those types of remotes so
0:00:27state you ones for future development of these work
0:00:31so a goal
0:00:32and there could be a little bit about the the this patch um and and uh
0:00:38a traditional additional load forecasting
0:00:40and uh also the approach is are put forward for row controlling loads
0:00:46and and then i we discuss what what proposed as an architecture two
0:00:49manage the scheduling a uh i think a lot of the speakers before or a the fabled what of into
0:00:54using the problem or
0:00:56closing the loop to the consumer are making uh the consumer are
0:01:00uh a smart to um
0:01:02i would have to make a a a brief analogy suppose you have a store where you only sell one
0:01:07product and the
0:01:08any customer the calm thing the store has a different request but no matter
0:01:13um no matter what price you fix the customer we by whatever of was the preset the amount
0:01:19uh and we get out of the store so
0:01:22or the C D's is this would be a fantastic market to operate any store
0:01:27um if you could just slide the price be what you wanted
0:01:31uh because the customer always by is the same amount of wanted uh we do any is smart decision about
0:01:37the price
0:01:38so changing um
0:01:40the cease them uh i think these right now means that you actually will allow this some or to change
0:01:46the demand once this store poles
0:01:48it decoder surprise
0:01:50a in this will make these market all but it normally otherwise we will be stock with the enormous amount
0:01:56of regulations
0:01:57uh and the continue to to just not all but it these efficiently in
0:02:02as a mark as the a market
0:02:05so uh um now a that you be a goes uh uh uh of friends them for was um they
0:02:11friends because have no emissions they don't defined a noise so we gonna let to L at T C you
0:02:15can be produced by a we're from any many sources
0:02:18a how and and but they are a high voltage levels there the bow out of a are um plasma
0:02:24muddy bees
0:02:25uh a you much isn't turning go putting your to battery to charge would would be a but apps equivalent
0:02:31to to to to that amount
0:02:33i energy requirements so
0:02:37and just need a big problem in in people are afraid or a or for what can happen in fact
0:02:42it was even suggested then in california you to get a spectral permission mission
0:02:45an at three got car
0:02:47um a because the you D D was really afraid of having to to eventually you deal with black kind
0:02:53of what's and other the problem
0:02:56so i in jan and that all um
0:02:58we why these the problem because that has nothing but control along the load right so the or or or
0:03:03the the this patch
0:03:05has to match demand and supply in have time
0:03:09one of the big problems in uh uh in uh the like this is that the is all storage right
0:03:14so that has to happen you a time
0:03:19just to make an example you you could store energy if you had to be good a or or a
0:03:24a a and that take upon to right you could pump what the up instead of down
0:03:28and in general in terms of scale it's it's really complicated to store energy efficient to D
0:03:33so it's it's a it's a as it's that well was done a either a loss
0:03:38uh so the the prediction on the the the the pretty job see something that can excite the fantasy you
0:03:43of signal was people body
0:03:45it turns out that a lot of the techniques that we developed in the eighties uh either
0:03:49broadly applied to this problem a lot of statisticians stations also work on this problem so use a very much
0:03:54you field and
0:03:55uh a as long as the load continues to to to to go to a in in a way that
0:04:01where handle by these models
0:04:03um yeah things
0:04:04don on you need uh a new significant to research
0:04:08um and so i and that it time can but we have used ten percent accuracy the prediction of below
0:04:13the D is fed to the
0:04:15um the to to to these uh up to make optimal dispatch of energy and and think scroll uh from
0:04:20there so that is the load
0:04:23these audience not
0:04:25uh this is sadly um
0:04:27so i mean yeah with these at the mean allergies or the learnt
0:04:30yeah is the power with the D's there are an essential essentially by any um um any um apply that
0:04:37you plan can by the like that to there are known and by your head condition and so on
0:04:41um and and the E these mathematically effectively a signal is a complex signal
0:04:46is that i'm bill up uh or of uh a um
0:04:49if it is or the represents the product between the touch
0:04:53and the current conjugate to gate
0:04:55uh a at a particular or a line
0:04:58and the again these are complex because that a is them but up the complex envelope up of a signal
0:05:03ease a around the the the operating frequency fifty hz for be you rope sixty hz for being nine states
0:05:10um is not just
0:05:11uh the generated obviously uh
0:05:14by you single system in terms one we we look at bus C sorting are look that the
0:05:19uh uh a a a bath systems so were shown before the that these select a to read is where
0:05:24uh a sample of the transmission systems
0:05:26and the every line in that system obviously bundles up a a a lot of requests the come from the
0:05:32distribution that a clear that live
0:05:34to your um
0:05:37so that that that to die
0:05:39or or of a a request
0:05:41uh that for this low
0:05:43uh one have generated by you think a would describe as of dom at as like electrical vehicles of these
0:05:48right so they on with the search and
0:05:50uh the state for they back to T and they want to feel it up
0:05:53uh a up to a certain amount
0:05:55and in a lot of the discussion the is done right now the the the question is whether you would
0:05:59actually to
0:06:00a a new provide energy uh in in in chunks but actually that's very bad for the bout in fact
0:06:06you should actually continues it
0:06:09um and so
0:06:10uh in the model that we adopt we assume that these uh electrical be close have not be have to
0:06:15ball once they are on on they we say you on in charge
0:06:18for the entire duration
0:06:20and i say that the same applies to that appliance is like your dishwasher your order
0:06:24washing machine and someone
0:06:26and that not going but is that the data are more storage systems
0:06:30oh as team said to if you did date or see there's that conditioners they we have in a measure
0:06:34state the temperature sure they want to read it to a them point
0:06:38and they will uh uh C adjust just their request
0:06:42based on what they money to use the state of the uh of the system
0:06:46so i'm not going to
0:06:48this anything that is a element
0:06:50uh to though
0:06:51um but i think that for example the the methods that's from was a mentioning of pricing that could be
0:06:57easily applied to those
0:07:00so a a is mad at me dating has made the low but but is not steal clear to how
0:07:06to make it can above
0:07:08uh a mean initially was saying that he's going to have by january
0:07:12some uh where you
0:07:14uh uh of uh closing that have but that are a lot of a you should we send the price
0:07:18uh to each individual device should we send the price to where her
0:07:22energy management system a lot of proposals this is one of them
0:07:27and that that he's one is based on the fact that if i want to have them in sections
0:07:31i space if i
0:07:33well i what i want
0:07:34uh and actual specified to because these has to be automated
0:07:38to a computer
0:07:39so how do i specify what mike our once
0:07:43to a compute system that can automatically
0:07:46uh schedule it
0:07:47um and schedule it's to optimize the shape of these low
0:07:52okay so i'm assuming but these can be directly controlled because
0:07:56uh the load we
0:07:58the many quests and the digitising these request is what these the talk he's about
0:08:03and that i can uh delay uh they the time at which these request is mac
0:08:10so um that a be two approaches i'm i'm gonna be very brief on these
0:08:15uh one is deemed be man side matt
0:08:17but the much money money will this small
0:08:20when is price based and one is lack control
0:08:23uh and again i i i T meg and he said that you may have pricing
0:08:28uh a five minutes before and then after a uh um after a why you wouldn't want to just to
0:08:35uh you need to some form of control
0:08:38um and the i i very much uh it agree that uh a right i think may cause problem so
0:08:44the time but i think that a cat in you are can see that is one it's that the additional
0:08:49one is time of use
0:08:50depending on the time of day to to be like set phone systems
0:08:53you are charge a different eight
0:08:55um and the the didn't have time i think he's the new um
0:09:00is the new wave for a a uh where are the despite is that actually a uh are computed
0:09:05based on the spot market of energy which already exists and the consumer is made aware of that
0:09:11uh and some how some automated system takes advantage of that
0:09:15the lower controlling is another strategy uses skyline
0:09:18to S be and you walk so
0:09:20for some incentive steve out to have your load into adapted all my conditioning condition we being in not that
0:09:26on an optimal
0:09:28by the uh uh T D um and i get some benefit out of these might cost is be used
0:09:33or negative even directly money based on how many times the use my sir
0:09:37so these are it would these call than see that said be say could be part
0:09:41or of O over these the cease them that uh can but lies to optimize the the neck
0:09:48um so that problem so obviously we'd plan seeing
0:09:52they rebound P
0:09:53problem that was mentioned by solely needs set be a problem of a a a have to imply i think
0:09:57in need use a dynamic that system so there was a question before and stuff but
0:10:01so there is a question whether these would cause oscillations which writing the worst
0:10:06and uh you can obviously understand that the the time of use uh maybe be actually a a a a
0:10:11problem a D uh approach because he's site up much had of time and i think shown you uh explained
0:10:17that but was on not gonna spend more time and these
0:10:21um the problem a lot "'cause" statement to with this sort of having a a a a a control
0:10:25uh made by they they the control station is it is very hard to understand how much you inconvenience this
0:10:30to the the the consumer so
0:10:34it's it's hard to predict with a few what with sky beans were arms
0:10:38uh or how you are going to make the control so that you don't in
0:10:42i actually people this a skype select we have enough people it's a so
0:10:46that is have the questions i thing is that takes that into account because you can set up your system
0:10:51and respond to be
0:10:52uh uh while a lot of time at is on top down and so you may be very unhappy happy
0:10:56what the ut
0:10:58so i think it is a good
0:11:00so motion because by specifying X C you what you want that this time
0:11:05uh then you can you both pricing and
0:11:09safety uh you me
0:11:11decide how to shape
0:11:13uh the load
0:11:14uh uh and and they you didn't know that that "'em" that is trying to a marriage here as so
0:11:19how how do you
0:11:20do you make energy to fact it so that every time the to one sending thing there is a section
0:11:25that goes on
0:11:26um so the idea is that you have actually to specify what you want so
0:11:31a obviously not a words are are uh a like a tickle be can so we assume that is that
0:11:37the additional load that you can pretty used
0:11:39we ten percent of accuracy and that
0:11:41so an imposed to these this is a lead to be got a he call wrote
0:11:45uh and the key idea is S one bond but it so to say that each or a that this
0:11:49process the cost it use the there's is matt
0:11:52you be load
0:11:54is not something that the axe price but he thing that are informed about
0:11:58uh so that is an that i'll a process uh which should we assume it's a possible process
0:12:03uh T I a a are uh they are rivals
0:12:06or these that that they got be equals
0:12:08associated to to each other i well
0:12:10uh uh is a a a a a charge model
0:12:12you want to be charged for for the system on C yeah up i
0:12:16and so uh the the good of we that we have is that we can actually change these time mean
0:12:21to a a a a a a time
0:12:23yeah i D E which is greater than T I i
0:12:26uh so that the shape
0:12:28oh these is mapped to load just
0:12:30is that's close as possible to what helps a a a um paying less for the consumer inconvenience sing i'm
0:12:37the least scroll C board
0:12:38and be sensitive to price
0:12:42uh obviously that i'll a process uh uh um is uh it is uh is the simple step staircase profile
0:12:49and V is the uh the team on the process so
0:12:52we are discussing how to perform these mapping
0:12:55okay so so that we were want to communicate
0:12:58is the time about i arrival
0:13:00and the charge
0:13:02and then and then that uh it's very easy to understand that you would have to one ties
0:13:07but also i them
0:13:08uh but i in to think part is it one time i is the amount of charge for example you
0:13:14use for beats to quantise and you have sixteen classes
0:13:18what you basically do least turn this P the control problem is actually
0:13:22unit net for a problem because this classification so these saying that each charge should be lost with this screwed
0:13:29essentially once every one of these requests
0:13:32in a Q
0:13:33so what you are doing is effectively storing D on tell of sorting
0:13:37energy you're using that
0:13:39uh to work around the problem that you can not store energy
0:13:44and at this point you can sort of the lack of hmmm but was that are like that the certain
0:13:49you just as of this that and number of a drive so but a certain
0:13:53uh a time you need
0:13:54and the schedule or should makes a certain amount of these two D pot
0:13:59i assistant time
0:14:01and the i if you uh the like the the the difference between the top of departure at time K
0:14:07T and in time came as T for is so the amount that should be part
0:14:11in these in about
0:14:12then you can be shape the load
0:14:14uh essentially one bad being the shape we
0:14:18uh with
0:14:18electron you parts that has exactly the same duration which
0:14:23ease the load profile i or of the radical be he called
0:14:28this is actually to think point you can actually to stack up
0:14:32uh and i mean this Q and is is
0:14:34that's used for for an only meeting
0:14:37because i i have to a a uh are essentially a a back
0:14:41the information all should start
0:14:43yeah is to find the that he's uh that they are the process match the optimum
0:14:49uh departure sure of process
0:14:52uh uh test and time
0:14:53and you just send back this time stamp that says if you want ride
0:14:58at this time
0:14:59please go ahead and switch
0:15:02so these is the feedback mac
0:15:05i so at this point these um it is just essentially where we are thinking
0:15:10is that the we got the eagles we'll interact some soft after it could be in your i for or
0:15:14or or are there's not P D A or we could be in your house to could be just some
0:15:18soft in computer
0:15:19which we are but it does and home energy management system
0:15:22and we've commuting at is like at the seizure and
0:15:25to two uh uh uh a place that could be situated weighted a at the level of each that's form
0:15:30or or or perhaps even better that at the substation level
0:15:33so the substation level
0:15:35would be in he's the beep what is the expected profile five i
0:15:39or or brought consumption for that they
0:15:42and and you also some network management to that could be a question is stick play scene
0:15:46renewable energy especially specially if these is available in your uh uh uh at area
0:15:51and uh essentially what they don't the decision on would consist on is
0:15:56deciding what is the optimal
0:15:59a departure rate
0:16:00so that the shape
0:16:02all of these
0:16:03matches that's as much as possible
0:16:06the energy that you have available
0:16:09so i'm just gonna clue very quickly with sample mean and is at some no gonna show that the that
0:16:14the the actual of these optimize but
0:16:18the these um but is going to be more soon i'm i just a to the paper on uh we
0:16:23money motion to the battery column
0:16:25with these uh uh uh formulation of these optimization so i imagine that the the the profile or or power
0:16:32available is these beam a profile D is the combination of all
0:16:36uh you're a a a a that i had
0:16:38bead for the consumption
0:16:40or potentially leading you know where
0:16:42and nine as the the the the the additional load
0:16:46that has to be mad
0:16:47that is present in the network
0:16:50um and a uh suppose in is you are controlled electrical be equal loads
0:16:56you can actually just you deal i is a a the the the the the scheme that they just proposed
0:17:02in select optimally these the patch time over a finite or as a windows
0:17:07to bad to a in the getting line
0:17:09so these would be the schedule old
0:17:10so as you can see you see what you expect to you see that these provide a do not just
0:17:15as much as possible
0:17:17um the blue line
0:17:19how are and and the parents it is not a great you you have to imagine a these were work
0:17:23better in C state
0:17:26however at the important
0:17:27a point is that it is also
0:17:29paying a
0:17:31for the delaying the consumers
0:17:33uh uh and then further it is not necessarily matching these exactly
0:17:37uh it doesn't have also the degrees of freedom necessary to to these exactly
0:17:41but a a a a a a mouse so it tries to also meet them uh uh either a certain
0:17:45time that is not excessively high
0:17:48so here we have a
0:17:50it peaks of eight plus a have a process
0:17:52three you a part time you need
0:17:54uh and we have a new look ahead or eyes on all five time you neat uh it could be
0:17:59mean it's or five me periods
0:18:03and and uh uh we we find that you the the um
0:18:08the delay is no
0:18:09more than fifty you in this particular example so you would be delayed
0:18:13about the a and now way
0:18:15and the the is the main that uh these is that you can
0:18:18essentially being to these to a fifty percent reduction of deviation
0:18:22uh from the leading up profile uh and the the modulation is that you are not trying to sort of
0:18:28uh let the dynamic that system find a query be "'em" are actually engineering the optimal shape
0:18:33so this is the mixture of control pricing
0:18:36you're a word of pricing but you are not giving a single price to every age
0:18:41a you what actually doing very different actions for the different an agent to to read these profile
0:18:46and these
0:18:48my doc was keep these
0:18:50so uh in conclusion an efficient market
0:18:52need to have some way of sailing on good opportunities need to be aware of pricing
0:18:59but these these uh a a a a market that has a lot of safety constraints
0:19:04and therefore
0:19:05uh some optimization framework is necessary
0:19:08a i think that more than a simple feedback control
0:19:11uh there is a simple feedback control system that quote control the load
0:19:16i think in the low needs to be a bundled them put all see billy uh that we
0:19:21as the service
0:19:22so network took rose and Q thing
0:19:25can place
0:19:26uh you know
0:19:27a a through we in uh in uh in the storage technology
0:19:32and so the basic principle of to do so at used one bundle indeed you dies the loads so that
0:19:37to one can exactly express what everybody
0:19:40um what i do you once
0:19:42um and i think that is a lot of space and signal processing to eight to that process
0:19:49okay thank you
0:20:10and i want to uh in my job might but at P that these much so the use a much
0:20:14i want to charge
0:20:25so in his model but we model the delay a uh we've ease uh um
0:20:30any inconvenience cost
0:20:33so we are of trying to minimize that to in our objective function
0:20:37um um
0:20:38and you can imagine that you could put it as a hard constraint
0:20:43uh we have and that it with i think constraint because we wanted to see
0:20:47uh just by playing with a different weights they we gave to every cost
0:20:52could be predictably have
0:20:54it is a novel amount of course
0:20:57now dealing with D V D a constraint on the in of course all might also ease complicated to these
0:21:02model because
0:21:03it would be much better in terms of also source but
0:21:06to lose the a C fig
0:21:09uh a on the consumer to just scale you the number better that we go at this time
0:21:15so i think more practical in these environment also force got be D D would be
0:21:21just trying to play with the parameters and the cost so that you in fact
0:21:25give something which is this T
0:21:27which is a little bit the net model i mean they they don't all when i want to have the
0:21:32like they just the i to put enough D
0:21:35that i one be to uh this i i
0:21:38and i think that's a more reasonable
0:21:40more than
0:21:47okay thank you think i mean