0:00:13good morning
0:00:14ladies and gentlemen
0:00:16my name is one that chernotsky and i serve as co chair of these i guess
0:00:20it's my great pleasure
0:00:21we welcome you here
0:00:22and the only about the program of this morning
0:00:25let me present
0:00:26you the people on the podium
0:00:31but that if F T I was broadcast kind myself
0:00:34are the co chairs of the conference
0:00:37and but the tchaikovsky will present the general chairs message after i'm finished
0:00:42i've also the pleasure
0:00:43to welcome our technical program chair
0:00:46only on one that of a you know
0:00:48and the jonathan chamber
0:00:50i on a real shortly introduce the technical uh program
0:00:55ieee signal processing society the organiser of this conference
0:00:59and it this tradition that ieee S P S it words are presented in this sort of money
0:01:04therefore it's my pleasure to come the following important ieee officers
0:01:09most cover
0:01:10ieee sps president
0:01:14john track were
0:01:15ieee sps vice president president words since membership
0:01:19i'll here
0:01:20ieee director of division nine
0:01:23and thirty granny
0:01:24ieee vice president educational activities
0:01:27the sort money will be around
0:01:29my drum track where
0:01:31the last are isn't that the table is a likes uh a a zero
0:01:34from microsoft research and a like to present
0:01:37the ieee spoken language processing student grow
0:01:42i guess is a forward looking conference
0:01:44but let me take the opportunity to devote it's
0:01:47two thousand eleven addition
0:01:48to the memory of a remarkable there's
0:01:52for a clearly neck
0:01:53was born in a of a i in nineteen thirty two
0:01:56at is the leader of D M speech recognition group and like the preface order
0:02:00at the johns hopkins university
0:02:02he's can see to the founder of statistical speech recognition
0:02:06but is the mean eighteen the domain
0:02:07and wide spread everywhere from research what
0:02:10to commercial road
0:02:13at close links to the checks peace and match language processing community
0:02:17and after eighty nine
0:02:19he was the man that help us in getting back
0:02:22to the international compact
0:02:24he was on the organising more of these i guess
0:02:26and we are looking for to hear he's critical remarks are now was in his loud
0:02:31check accent english
0:02:33here in prague
0:02:34unfortunately suddenly passed the very last
0:02:37so please join all in making this i guess
0:02:40attribute to his work
0:02:50thank you this is closing my introductory remarks
0:02:53and but the you ski will continue with general chairs message each
0:02:56but their P
0:02:59Q comes down
0:03:01like this
0:03:01and and
0:03:03uh on behalf of the organising committee
0:03:06i have all come you though i cost two thousand eleven in brock
0:03:10the cup bit though of the czech republic
0:03:13it is and on our
0:03:14and privilege the whole the walls
0:03:16most prestigious technical conference in the field of signal processing
0:03:21organised by to i two E
0:03:24signal processing society
0:03:28um this is the uh the conference
0:03:31attended by some two thousand
0:03:33sixty three experts from fifty eight countries for
0:03:37all five continents
0:03:40uh_huh on side
0:03:41i just that uh participants are not the content
0:03:47mm thank you all for coming
0:03:50your presence
0:03:51confirms that this is meaningful organise
0:03:54such major events
0:03:56despite several challenges
0:03:59such as
0:03:59carbon dioxide production or
0:04:02what time so that's of
0:04:03das from of all carnal
0:04:06increased cost compared to small or even when i'm some of them
0:04:11the main benefit is that fits your house
0:04:14we have a to get a and X and technical program
0:04:18which includes fourteen to the of
0:04:20well special sessions and setting X but some monies
0:04:24they should provide
0:04:26and uh
0:04:28a fact of what do that if for people to need to get or
0:04:32and show the knowledge and inspire a each other
0:04:38um in the recent years
0:04:40i cost
0:04:41has been how out in the note double C these
0:04:43such as loss like gauss
0:04:45type a
0:04:47and the dollar
0:04:50at a continues this done
0:04:53as it is not only a model sit it was about the a lot
0:04:56infrastructure structure
0:04:58but also uh right sit the H
0:05:01this cultural and historic shows
0:05:05it has many buildings and a few dolls
0:05:07which represent master thesis
0:05:11from a the of times
0:05:15no S
0:05:16a sit the of music i'm it namely a classical music
0:05:21so we have tried
0:05:23to key if you an opportunity to sound but is had a touch
0:05:28that our social even
0:05:30which will be held out in the of in paris
0:05:33for also might not appreciate a classical music we also have a jazz band
0:05:38and the
0:05:39uh_huh you and
0:05:42who have not yet bought that the kit
0:05:43can still do so uh
0:05:49hmmm now
0:05:51it is my pleasant to do T
0:05:53to thank my colleagues in organising committee
0:05:56for their hard
0:05:57namely on that chernotsky
0:05:59and a last cost a as can not all cultures
0:06:03a lay on a one to of and and to not done champ as technical program chose
0:06:07and everyone else
0:06:09who have how
0:06:11but that that is not enough time to mention
0:06:17i must thank our partners time i you know hands and texas instruments for that support
0:06:23done dot of sis a novel as such
0:06:26i be M at a size for that the nations
0:06:29for student best a but of ours
0:06:32support support of student at time for of tutorials
0:06:42and the
0:06:47and to be
0:06:48thanks so or
0:06:49X a bit us for training
0:06:52it thank all orders so yours and technical are at channels
0:06:57for their are
0:07:01uh_huh i we should all
0:07:03to have enjoyable and memorable stay in power
0:07:06and hope you find i cost two thousand eleven
0:07:09both informative and stimulating
0:07:21my place a now to invite
0:07:23a on a fund of and four
0:07:25and put a microphone to present an overview of technical program
0:07:28our calm
0:07:34we one look and to plug
0:07:36well after have seen all these uh pretty pictures
0:07:40i i'm sure you want to go to uh down turn then see all the things that only life
0:07:44so it's my duty no to
0:07:45convince you to stay site here and enjoy joy all the technical talks
0:07:49so be show you a little bit of what's the what we're going to have yet and and i guess
0:07:54for the regular program
0:07:56if this it the number of submissions this probably as high as ever
0:08:00that's a
0:08:01about three thousand and that's five percent more than last year and ten percent or twelve percent more than
0:08:06two years ago
0:08:08that's that that's rate was
0:08:09it's like low fifty percent so we have about fifteen and that the and that i a pro
0:08:16you've never been at icassp them that we
0:08:18W you little bit about what we do here
0:08:20it's a very brought that rate
0:08:22approximately forty percent of the submissions are in speech and spoken language and audio an acoustic uh processing
0:08:29we have maybe twenty five percent of image processing video multimedia
0:08:34by a from ethics by a
0:08:36uh imaging information for than six and good
0:08:40X twenty percent discovered by signal processing for communications are they processing
0:08:45and the twenty percent but few the "'em" efforts including machine learning
0:08:49and the rest of the submissions are in
0:08:51design implementation but they shouldn't in the C technology
0:08:54and dedication
0:08:57and to wise
0:08:59the use a still dominates although europe as a whole
0:09:02bigger than
0:09:04then that's so that the mount
0:09:06and the just going significantly
0:09:08number two in fact that submissions is china and the before this uh japan
0:09:14but the regulars pitch just to form the core of the program that we be noting but temporal of sessions
0:09:18we on each part of the day five lecture sessions and nine poster sessions are running in parallel
0:09:23the lectures so single B
0:09:24down on that the station level that that
0:09:26behind to
0:09:27and the poster sessions will be one level up
0:09:30where was the exhibition
0:09:32a bit beyond that
0:09:35know something about the special features of the program
0:09:39the fall we have for these
0:09:41the really in the morning the first one will be made at the off to you what sort of money
0:09:44a just in the moment
0:09:47and i about this tall the titles of the ah a
0:09:50but not is because you can find them in the in the conference got
0:09:55we have
0:09:56twelve special sessions ranging from finance
0:09:59medical imaging
0:10:00it's at the to secure signal processing as smart it's
0:10:03these are lecture sessions running input parallel with all the other
0:10:05lecture session
0:10:10if that yesterday fourteen tutorials and some in two workshops
0:10:13get spending a wide range of topics
0:10:15musical signal processing wrote of the filters that set to
0:10:20these are
0:10:20you you got that then that i think we had over a six in that if the at and these
0:10:24used to that
0:10:27we also have show and tell sessions
0:10:29these are like to sessions but if interesting hard for the most stations
0:10:33for example you can listen to
0:10:34the real time do you reverberation for hearing it
0:10:38this sessions are next to the post sessions
0:10:40and at any time there are two demos running in but a little
0:10:44the program is not to integrated is the lectures in the uh
0:10:47both the session then you your programs we have to look at the front part
0:10:51to see which uh
0:10:52special uh uh which show tell sessions so don't running
0:10:55a small
0:10:59i'm have to announce a new feature
0:11:00perhaps not so new
0:11:02then the expert over
0:11:04these or sessions which each of the technical comedy speech and the latest trends in the research
0:11:08which are served in these are S
0:11:11we that's these sessions and unix some forty years ago and then the year after that
0:11:15but since then the what i
0:11:18but this time to set the is a little bit different
0:11:20the scale of during lunch breaks and they're not somebody's of the conference
0:11:24but their visions of what this coming
0:11:26in now when in the future
0:11:28it's technical comedy generally has two experts that give the presentation
0:11:31and it's supposed to be interactive
0:11:33so you can collect them if the wrong what if the forgot to mention you
0:11:37this she's will start tomorrow during lunch
0:11:40and you over fuse will be published later in the signal processing magazine later
0:11:49finally something only you the sentence
0:11:51well they will be menu words later on the this source signal processing society ward
0:11:55but you also have some conference towards i guess board
0:11:58uh these are students
0:12:00paper towards
0:12:01for for the best to student presentation
0:12:04and after pre-selection but a technical comedies is more comedy from the conference
0:12:08that's identified the five best papers
0:12:10and they're listed in the conference guiding which you in case you want to to look
0:12:14which papers they are
0:12:15but they will receive do what's the model doing the bank at session
0:12:20the model you've
0:12:23one putting putting a to mention that the signal processing society that has decided to use part of
0:12:27it's resources
0:12:29tell students and other participants from low income countries
0:12:32to be able to travel to the can
0:12:34in total there are over fifty such travel occurrence
0:12:37so it's quite a significant them
0:12:40finally at like to thank the technical comedy chick a teachers for the help deaf
0:12:45that you don't most of the work in coordinating the views
0:12:47and putting to got to the program
0:12:49thank you
0:12:56when a switch to the word sessions so i invite a jumped right
0:13:17good morning ladies gentlemen colleagues and friends
0:13:20my name is john track an and the ieee signal processing society use
0:13:24by president of awards and membership
0:13:27uh is like great pleasure to attend icassp cast with you this week
0:13:31uh the general chairs
0:13:34uh patch or to house key
0:13:36was not sure now ski and at which has got and they're amazing team have the symbol an X and
0:13:42program for you
0:13:44uh it's my privilege to have the ieee signal processing society is award ceremony
0:13:50uh with me on stage today
0:13:52to my right
0:13:53uh the help present the awards is a society's present mask of a
0:13:59we have a lot of people involved in today's ceremonies monies as you will say and will need to move
0:14:03click so i'm counting on you folks and the first couple of rows to uh
0:14:07to do click lee
0:14:09uh uh we have a plan eric coming later which i'm sure you don't wanna miss but we wanna make
0:14:14sure that all the or it's get their attention as well
0:14:18so if you'll respond when your names are called i would appreciate
0:14:54the first towards being present in a day or the society best paper awards this year sex or being presented
0:15:00on in the authors of papers uh of exceptional merit dealing what topics related that the society's technical scope
0:15:07and appearing and one of society's trains action
0:15:10the prize for all the paper awards is five hundred dollars per author
0:15:14and a get
0:15:16as i call your names please come forward to receive your war
0:15:20the first award goes to
0:15:22settle lou
0:15:24and honey for either
0:15:27i think either of them are present
0:15:29so uh uh uh uh and again will
0:15:33the their paper is a stake analysis using higher order image statistics published in the ieee transactions on information forensics
0:15:41and security in march two thousand six
0:15:45our next paper award goes to
0:15:48to lie i E
0:15:50okay and one laying lee
0:15:53mike no day
0:15:54and a jean fronts card so for their paper complex ica using nonlinear function
0:16:02published in the ieee transactions on signal processing
0:16:05september two thousand eight
0:16:16our next award recognises that the tree my at all
0:16:21merged at sit can
0:16:23and at one we'll ski for their paper a sparse signal reconstruction perspective
0:16:28for source localisation was sensor array
0:16:32published in ieee transactions on signal processing august two thousand and five
0:16:48the next or T is a steven thomas minutes for the papers statistical resolution limit
0:16:54and the complex fat from error out by around
0:16:57published in ieee transactions on signal processing
0:17:00may two thousand and five
0:17:12and who says we are not flexible
0:17:19are next award recognises jeremy morris
0:17:22and eric passed C a for their paper conditional random field
0:17:28for integrating a local discriminative classifiers published them the ieee transactions on audio speech and language processing
0:17:36march two thousand and eight
0:17:46and to were T or hero you key
0:17:49talk to you know
0:17:51sin ah
0:17:52farsi C you
0:17:54and pay mine mill far
0:17:56for their paper
0:17:57kernel regression for image processing a reconstruction
0:18:00published in ieee transactions on image processing
0:18:04that you're or eight two thousand and seven
0:18:13and i i think that's to
0:19:05yeah ieee signal processing society celebrates young engineers and we continue that this year in our next to
0:19:13the young all other best paper award honours the author of and especially meritorious paper or who is less than
0:19:20thirty years of age at the time of publication of the paper
0:19:24this year there's six such a
0:19:26our first to ten be a me a T
0:19:29is uh a cost to D double up
0:19:32for the paper co author
0:19:33what a this under lot of mary cut cover off
0:19:38and care and you guys as a T and
0:19:40entitled image denoising by sparse three D
0:19:44domain transform collaborative filtering
0:19:47published in ieee transactions on image processing
0:19:51august two thousand set
0:19:59or next to war T is and one
0:20:03for the paper co other other with cory in
0:20:06june G come at you she
0:20:08and ran whining and entitled
0:20:12integrating articulatory features into a gym em based parametric speech synthesis
0:20:18published in ieee transactions on audio speech and language processing
0:20:22august of two thousand and nine
0:20:31next next to T is hard big non the coup are for the paper co authored what an able train
0:20:38shah brass
0:20:40pen key
0:20:43fingerprint based so as vault implementation and a performance
0:20:47published in the ieee transactions on information for in six security
0:20:52december two thousand and seven
0:21:00the X toward a recognises jeffrey san antonio for the paper whole a third with a then you'll firm and
0:21:06and frank role be entitled a mimo radar ambiguity functions published in the ieee journal of trans act of selected
0:21:14topics in signal processing
0:21:16june two thousand and seven
0:21:24the N X to E D is doc some am for the paper co authored was
0:21:29uh a lot is the beer entitled analysis of multi component palm money only all phase signals
0:21:35published in the ieee transactions on signal processing
0:21:39january two thousand and seven
0:21:48an next to were T is lee so on for the paper in
0:21:52uh co authored with the you make K
0:21:55and a she she an entitled
0:21:58analytical performance of my of multichannel beamforming in the presence of a and equal power or co-channel interference and noise
0:22:05got that
0:22:07published in the ieee transactions on signal processing in july two thousand and nine
0:22:20the uh next award is the ieee signal processing magazine at best paper award on in the authors of the
0:22:26paper of exceptional merit in brought interest in this section relating to the society's technical go
0:22:33and a in of the magazine
0:22:34as you know the magazine as receive so by every member the study
0:22:38is problem rated in the journal citation index and is itself self one or number of a
0:22:43this year we are proud of yeah the ieee signal processing magazine best paper award
0:22:49to kings yeah O
0:22:50and brian said or
0:22:52for the paper
0:22:54a survey of dynamic spectrum access
0:22:56published in the at triple signal processing magazine and may of two thousand and seven
0:23:08there is one more paper award the ieee signal processing magazines best column award which honours the author
0:23:15oh the column of exceptional merit and brought interest
0:23:18on a subject related to the society's technical scope in appearing in the is magazine
0:23:24we're proud to present the ieee signal processing magazine best how one ward to james L plan again and nine
0:23:31you might recognise
0:23:33okay for the paper entitled parametric representation of speech signals
0:23:38published in the ieee signal processing magazine
0:23:42may two thousand and ten
0:23:45a special note on this matter G um who as you know was a plank owner of the society couldn't
0:23:50join this today
0:23:51but a S that it's great appreciation be conveyed to all of you
0:24:00congratulations to all of our paper award winners today
0:24:59now we will present the society's major award
0:25:03the meritorious service award
0:25:05which recognises dedication and effort in contributions the society
0:25:09the award is a plaque and a certificate
0:25:12this year there are two award use
0:25:15lin change leave would you please come for
0:25:19it is our pleasure to present you what the meritorious service award for extraordinary service to these speech and signal
0:25:26processing for communications communities
0:25:37the second award goes the nikos sit or up well as
0:25:41please come for
0:25:42okay it is our pleasure to present you know with the meritorious service award for dedicated service and leadership in
0:25:49the field of signal processing for communications and networking
0:26:01the second major award
0:26:03is the ieee signal processing society technical achievement award
0:26:08the or consists of a prize
0:26:10a fifteen hundred dollars per for a a plaque and a certificate
0:26:15this year the society recognises that X technical up so a to of its members
0:26:21i so was so i got colours
0:26:24a sorry again
0:26:25okay please come for
0:26:29or outstanding contributions to the field of image and video processing
0:26:35and a
0:26:36joe's a more uh
0:26:37please come board
0:26:39for fundamental contributions to statistical signal processing
0:26:52the signal process of setting education award honours educators who it made time in and significant contributions to signal processing
0:27:02this can include writing the scholarly books and text
0:27:05a materials some papers on education
0:27:08and may also include inspirational an innovative teaching
0:27:11and creativity and the development of new curricula and methodology
0:27:16this year's award D
0:27:21the the are the latter criteria the award consists of a plaque a monetary word and the search of a
0:27:28this year the society recognises which in a
0:27:32for found in promoting connections a web site to develop use in a share free educational content
0:27:48the i and society is most prestigious award is are ieee signal processing society award it honours outstanding technical contributions
0:27:57in a field within the scope of the society and i outstanding leadership and that field
0:28:04the a word consists of a and a carry ward uh twenty five hundred dollars
0:28:11this year
0:28:12pardon me it is my honour the year to present the society order to martin better remote
0:28:18okay for fun the
0:28:21contributions the signal processing theory technology and education
0:28:44good morning everybody so i i i i to the existing of to be able to say a few words
0:28:51so first that would like to thank all my friends it's a signal processing sort D to make use happen
0:28:56as you can guess is the social network
0:28:58and uh so it work
0:29:01a it's of course of the extreme a or here
0:29:04to receive the highest all of the signal processing society
0:29:07uh which is my home town for my technical work
0:29:11what i would like really to do is to dedicate just aboard to
0:29:14all my former and current phd students
0:29:17a a which will it great place to work and
0:29:19thanks to whose work i'm actually you're to be
0:29:22thank you room
0:29:32it is a social network martin and i have known each other for uh almost forty here's it's a scary
0:29:39oh and a wonderful thing actually yeah
0:29:43okay as most of you know the ieee has a category of awards known as the technical field of war
0:29:50they are
0:29:51typically created through the efforts of an ieee society or a council and recognise an area there's is women the
0:29:57scope of that society
0:29:59the ieee signal processing society worked with
0:30:02the ieee to sound of the ieee james L flanagan speech and audio
0:30:09processing technical field award
0:30:11the society
0:30:12sponsors the ward
0:30:14i would like to well up to the podium al here uh the ieee division and director and to rick
0:30:21running the ieee vice president of educational activities
0:30:25to present the ieee james of flanagan again the speech and audio
0:30:29processing technical field yield or
0:30:35i Q john
0:30:36good morning uh like isn't channel but
0:30:40a a director trigger on the and i are uh very pleased to be here today to represent the ieee
0:30:45board of directors
0:30:47in presenting uh this uh i to play james L flanagan speech
0:30:51and audio processing award
0:30:54the ieee J L in speech and audio processing a is sponsored
0:30:58well the ieee signal process
0:31:00and recognizing recognises nice is outstanding contributions the the the speech
0:31:06and that war audio signal prof
0:31:09they we're honouring to early a her per
0:31:12as professor in the part Q were science
0:31:14at columbia university new york
0:31:17uh doctor her per as they recognised pioneering contributions
0:31:22in speech synthesis
0:31:23and prosody research
0:31:27joey first burg is an innovator
0:31:29in building viable computational models of human prosody
0:31:33in uh uh uh speech said
0:31:36a goal is to has been to make a human computer interaction
0:31:40in spoken dialog symptom the uh systems more natural and in active
0:31:45she was one of the architects of the and break indices also known as total B
0:31:51the this system uh labels you when prosodic contours
0:31:55that a a use in many text
0:31:57speech speech systems
0:31:59and uh widely used and prosody we sir
0:32:02initially a used for intonational description standard american english
0:32:07tell has been extended to other languages
0:32:10um and doctor first berg is also i working a motion all the speech
0:32:15uh on audio browsing and retrieval research
0:32:19in a a a a techniques to improve audio search and to make a search engines
0:32:23that is audio search and it's more usable
0:32:27uh doctor hurst work is in the ieee senior member
0:32:30oh one of the endorse or is a for this ward
0:32:35in terms of prosody modeling
0:32:38uh she was among the first to build a usable
0:32:41computational models of human prosody
0:32:44based on knowledge of human speech a language processing and real day
0:32:48or work is had strong influence
0:32:50on most of the current work in this area
0:32:53big applied in many are perhaps most
0:32:55speech synthesis just system
0:32:58like in general then
0:32:59please join me in congratulating
0:33:01the two thousand eleven recipient
0:33:03of the ieee jane's L fighting in speech and audio processing ward
0:33:06julie hersh per
0:33:48while not of formal part a today sir mountie i would like to take just a moment to recognise
0:33:53not to beam but don a long time a member of the signal processing society
0:33:58you happens this year to be the winner of the ieee is
0:34:02a right triple us S A is i'm and toward a a be if you're in the crowd at appreciate
0:34:07if you would stand for just a moment will give you round of applause
0:34:12the in presented
0:34:13for the first time this year is the ieee garnish rum salami in memorial student growing a
0:34:20a guy from a swami memorials student grant find a sponsor but had be um
0:34:25and honours the memory of a former member of the society and ad B M an employee good that in
0:34:30two thousand eight
0:34:32rama salami was manager of the conversational biometrics a in the language technologies department
0:34:38at i B um a thomas J watson research laboratory of channel high C was a member of the ieee
0:34:45speech and language technical committees
0:34:48to be
0:34:49eligible for this award can it's must be pursuing a degree at a university
0:34:53the will support the recognition of an outstanding any paper or by a student in the technical area a speech
0:34:58or language recognition
0:35:01this year the recipient is
0:35:03andre limb back
0:35:05from brno university of technology in the czech republic
0:35:09you can plant full information about that i don't a lot there's of this paper in the uh two thousand
0:35:14eleven i K S what they
0:35:21there are two students in need to be recognized today they are the recipients of the spoken language processing student
0:35:27travel growing up
0:35:28the grandest just it through the generosity of weight on weighing
0:35:32alex as zero
0:35:34and it shall we and a on the proceeds from their booked phones the up
0:35:39the basis of the grand is excellence of the paper submitted i can
0:35:43and is provided to assist the student recipients in it any i cast
0:35:47to present that paper in purple
0:35:49in person part my
0:35:51i would like to welcome how it's just a about to present the ieee spoken language processing student travel grant
0:35:58the recipients this year are man C F she N
0:36:02from the in mad T lincoln laboratory like mass in massachusetts it
0:36:07and as a a a a a say
0:36:09i there
0:36:10research institute and switch one
0:36:13you can fan full information about the titles like lot there's of their papers on the web as well
0:36:45today we also recognise as individuals who were members of the ieee signal processing society the been elevated to the
0:36:51ieee follow uh as a of the first to january two thousand eleven
0:36:57a when i call your name if you had step for i would appreciate it so everybody can see uh
0:37:02and the like uh and two thousand eleven the ieee a at forty nine signal processing society members to follow
0:37:10a if you would map not my and it uh please hold your applause until till the end
0:37:15uh we had as you can see we have a number to go to a i'm or read each name
0:37:18and also the uh
0:37:20uh the contribution and that was identified in the citation
0:37:24mohamed hominid
0:37:26up till
0:37:27to yeah
0:37:28coral gables florida for contributions to biometrics content based image
0:37:33and a video retrieval and digital mammography
0:37:38market bell west lafayette indiana for contributions to signal design
0:37:44and processing in and radar in communication systems
0:37:47sure over a
0:37:48but to channel a
0:37:50coverage park a and
0:37:51for contributions
0:37:53to design and optimisation for signal processing
0:37:58hold your bush
0:38:00burl and germany for contributions to signal processing
0:38:04and a multiuser wireless communication
0:38:08wine bar let's and
0:38:10amherst massachusetts for contributions to integrated
0:38:13circuit design and and signal processing
0:38:17john isn't chambers what role in the U K
0:38:21for contributions to adapt this signal processing and its application
0:38:26mark a T nineteen
0:38:28but one yeah it'll T
0:38:30for contributions to wire list
0:38:32communication systems
0:38:34pack shown chan
0:38:36from hong kong
0:38:38for later a in engineering education and accreditation
0:38:43R J K
0:38:45the back are i'm
0:38:47princeton the new jersey
0:38:48for contributions to multimedia content analysis
0:38:53E mod you bonnie
0:38:55minneapolis minnesota
0:38:57for contributions to all sound at temperature your imaging and a dual mode order sound
0:39:04L's a arc yeah
0:39:07broke one new your
0:39:08for contributions the the the user in cooperative communication
0:39:14once set
0:39:16the blues
0:39:17from temp or
0:39:20for contributions the nonlinear signal processing and video communications
0:39:27cambridge U K
0:39:29for contributions to acoustic modeling for speech recognition
0:39:35david just there
0:39:36sophia uh and list
0:39:40for contributions to multi antenna and multi user
0:39:44communication theory and their applications
0:39:48mar a crack a piece a italy
0:39:51for contributions to non gaussian radar clutter modeling and signal processing algorithm
0:39:58or a a who or
0:40:00your town high
0:40:01new your
0:40:02for contributions the video indexing video search and surveillance systems
0:40:07robert he austin texas
0:40:09for contributions the multiple antenna wireless communications
0:40:15these uh co lead one and
0:40:17oh to thin one
0:40:19for contributions to statistical signal processing and for multichannel signals and sensor a rate
0:40:27being channel hang
0:40:31for contributions to cognitive radio communication
0:40:36you're on on all arts
0:40:38i know how but
0:40:39the netherlands
0:40:40for leadership and security what noisy data
0:40:45"'kay" wanna the san diego california for contributions to independent component out them analysis
0:40:53she being lee
0:40:55beijing china for contributions to the advancement of image and video coding
0:41:01patrick loft lit
0:41:03pittsburgh pennsylvania
0:41:05for contributions to timefrequency analysis
0:41:08and nonstationary signal processing
0:41:12weighting being a beijing
0:41:14china for contributions the multimedia information retrieval
0:41:20wren year martin but um germany
0:41:23for contributions to speech enhancement for mobile communications and hearing aid
0:41:29steve mclachlan phone
0:41:30in where
0:41:32it's got scotland
0:41:33for contributions to to statistical and nonlinear signal processing techniques
0:41:37and communications systems
0:41:40nice seer memo on
0:41:42broken a new york
0:41:44for contributions to multi me to media security and compression
0:41:49i so okay non that
0:41:50liverpool U K for contributions to signal processing and its application
0:41:57harm on a a in germany for contributions to statistical language modeling
0:42:02statistical machine translation and large vocabulary speech recognition
0:42:09christoph par watch "'em" germany
0:42:12for contributions to cryptographic engineering
0:42:18eric party a
0:42:19for time you
0:42:22for contributions to the the metric to a specific absorption rate
0:42:29just time to
0:42:30row how roger
0:42:32for leadership in digital audio and signal processing
0:42:38so on be A
0:42:40are someone is spain
0:42:42for contributions to region based image analysis and mathematical morphology for compression and indexing
0:42:50and as correctly owning
0:42:52davis california
0:42:54for contributions to filter bank precoding for wireless transmission and signal processing for cooperative sensor networks
0:43:02lawrence some are richmond texas
0:43:05for leadership in digital signal processor architecture development
0:43:12score cut menlo park california
0:43:15for contributions to just just statistical language modeling
0:43:19automatic speech recognition and understanding and automatic
0:43:23speaker recognition
0:43:26i he a co
0:43:27so a yeah i'm a
0:43:29how was sake japan
0:43:30for contributions to speech and audio signal processing
0:43:36Q been sun singapore four
0:43:38for contributions to multimedia security
0:43:44may young on sun wu
0:43:47sue one korea for contributions the multimedia media and communication
0:43:54train close so
0:43:56lisbon portugal
0:43:58for sustain contributions to speech technology specially in the provision of research in and resources for like portuguese language
0:44:08michael a
0:44:10paolo alto california
0:44:12for contributions to wireless communication
0:44:15by name by shown pay N
0:44:18floor part new jersey for contributions to error resilient
0:44:21compression system
0:44:24and to that are a
0:44:26cambridge massachusetts
0:44:28for contributions to video coding three dimensional television and multimedia
0:44:36now or a and B J cushion nine
0:44:39university park
0:44:41for contributions to power aware systems and estimation to
0:44:47mind you uh the turbo uh
0:44:49rent day italy
0:44:51for contributions to coding and decoding for wireless digital communication
0:44:57leach on one
0:44:59he show
0:45:02for contributions to cite other architectures and radio resource management in wireless networks
0:45:09min woo
0:45:11how much park merrill and
0:45:13for contributions to multimedia security and for in six
0:45:18show and will do
0:45:20hamilton ontario for contributions to image coding
0:45:24communications and processing
0:45:29and gangs in urban and california for contributions to metrology techniques for electromagnetic compatibility
0:45:37congratulations to all of you on your extraordinary my