0:00:14my my by the and
0:00:16monday yeah but the i are come from a a a a a a good up that not a
0:00:21and it it be in on that the bad that i will work here
0:00:25i hope it our topic it are all the all that in model it and it can see and then
0:00:30gain but that
0:00:32a you you could
0:00:35the all you know
0:00:36include include include the following path
0:00:39that in
0:00:40a and it can see a and again
0:00:43i i and that goes out and the would
0:00:47but me that
0:00:49that we introduced and background information
0:00:53data a you know it's called a video
0:00:56but that that the used
0:00:57C C then it's uh and uh that you to be you correlation two
0:01:02in that a call be deal through the
0:01:08but such
0:01:10should you of that well
0:01:13but that is called could and uh
0:01:16pop the well known scott status called be you could be you really
0:01:21and it up
0:01:22both these type to competition the data and that
0:01:26and the most and competition that the that
0:01:30i mean i i and
0:01:31about videos that is a whole in that i don't on that well uh
0:01:37had in probably due could
0:01:39and uh i i can see and
0:01:42can you can try not video content
0:01:45at and that the codes that is done at the
0:01:48it's and made that technique to the of with the problem not
0:01:51how to you at that that time so
0:01:54and so called a in
0:01:56well i don't since them and
0:01:58hi in in the it is not a a in single be you could be
0:02:03i it can see and and well that is probably video coding is not a who this time
0:02:09and that it what inside the problem
0:02:14or quality that yeah
0:02:16model it i and this and
0:02:18this G and all that but that
0:02:21that that all it G but they can do it that the uh it that all oh
0:02:33since yeah have you had a a a all but the here
0:02:36but be in you that it uh and uh it to do E is that are able to law
0:02:42yeah model you and concealment but that is a copy the we you could be
0:02:48it is that it take that they that all to be they that is a call the with you couldn't
0:02:54then that the you can it could be independently
0:02:57by i and C G and B it is independent
0:03:01and the the that you is the
0:03:03you code by board
0:03:05and C P and the D C P and a be caught data in to be to take to be
0:03:10of the uh day
0:03:11and the and it consumes game for the two use
0:03:15could be different
0:03:18we propose a have so yeah model for independent view and not have to you do you yeah model point
0:03:25in view predicted view
0:03:28well independent view
0:03:30we use that time you
0:03:32mole do mostly the in
0:03:35i have a date
0:03:36yeah model and uh
0:03:37you can try the not be open time
0:03:40and a couple of and and yeah model
0:03:43all the that you you use that
0:03:46and and more than you've made in and that in but it to you be and i had a a
0:03:51yeah model
0:03:52and uh you can try the not video content i'll a or the
0:03:57uh and to and the in view a model
0:04:02you know the you know that
0:04:04but close to it is but it can that the are you i
0:04:09but they can do that then ball yeah model we that the bound lower
0:04:14the next yeah is yeah
0:04:17a car that and all yeah and it is band at the at the do you different you to the
0:04:22at no on the of the lot of in time yeah
0:04:26and that the you know on the of the do they might do well you know left
0:04:36all that in that in depend you
0:04:38we can
0:04:39up to L C make the kind and not take so i i to be eight
0:04:44and it to a whole
0:04:45takes so it in a bit you know they in though
0:04:49and that on the
0:04:50called you i'm in fig so you can call really related yeah
0:04:55made the
0:04:59is a a a cool coding
0:05:02uh a bit yeah i to it
0:05:04so it can we can
0:05:07you can try the lot of the U
0:05:10i think so
0:05:13it um
0:05:14it found that it is that the that this and the character all four
0:05:19they are made we can assume that a a a a can see
0:05:22called the
0:05:23and that the most the you know that in
0:05:26although the not not to broad and uh
0:05:28then the we met so well
0:05:33a and i see and uh uh i
0:05:35we can compute the ar
0:05:37compute C
0:05:39copy is in uh and uh you can track the not be do you that
0:05:47although can be able to take a you know
0:05:49make a
0:05:50oh oh all
0:05:51oh not in it that i don't
0:05:53so i that it or
0:05:54and in then all the old in tools is so you know
0:05:58a a on the
0:06:00called we probably think so intent so
0:06:02in detail
0:06:04a and uh in a video quality it i
0:06:08note that
0:06:10called a be like so you know you in
0:06:13and it
0:06:15can but i
0:06:17a a a a that it had a right
0:06:20uh also we can can use to the top is and uh a class the dog be
0:06:30okay you our how it high experiment
0:06:33maybe you that the self about yeah and
0:06:36to simulate a
0:06:38some that it a that was called a video coding uh
0:06:42and the the that you is the code they independently
0:06:46you you the day
0:06:47by and
0:06:47C C P and uh
0:06:49the that
0:06:50that a U is a
0:06:52called a that one and C T and the dct C
0:06:56the i
0:06:57see game
0:06:58a a i
0:07:00and so that they then
0:07:02i don't concealment
0:07:03two in yeah and our proposed propose a a a a model they uh and i can see a men
0:07:11type that i it
0:07:12a not it a
0:07:14that that that have
0:07:15and and and that and uh
0:07:19well i
0:07:20the assume at that that that that you that that use you can at make a vector that lay and
0:07:25that the that but you can
0:07:27that make a
0:07:28it it at all
0:07:30so yeah on all
0:07:32i do for all eight and from the that that you to the that you
0:07:37and the be kind of that the i concealment see
0:07:41performance the all the other that you
0:07:45um the table we can on that
0:07:48i well i was game have
0:07:50the point and i
0:07:52that a to stick on stand yeah i do concealment performance improvement now
0:07:58she at a game and uh and
0:08:00or it i it to the on that it too
0:08:04oh man now the
0:08:06yeah guess
0:08:10we assume both the that and that the that we you can at that to make a the bit packet
0:08:17we can
0:08:18from the table we can see that
0:08:21our well our yeah
0:08:23can have
0:08:25the point
0:08:26it's back to take a long
0:08:28yeah that i don't concealment performance improvement nine
0:08:33yeah i and uh
0:08:35the though on stick it to two
0:08:38one point
0:08:41and and the improvement nine yeah
0:08:48that me conclude our work
0:08:51the it and also you that and model it i a concealment in all that is called a but you
0:08:58the night that and that that and the and the you the thing is that it's called the and uh
0:09:05you you L A of a a model
0:09:08a map that to i haven't so yeah model for independent view and uh i and so you you yeah
0:09:15a model for
0:09:16do you take yeah
0:09:18and uh
0:09:19and that they can
0:09:20we can track the
0:09:22you can and the not video can you a in band up to for the and more
0:09:28okay i i one and i think it that and see that
0:09:39it actually ahead of time so we have a a question
0:09:49or what type of network most model use them was is just uniform packet loss but
0:09:53the loss probability
0:09:58what back lost
0:10:01was a random lost for the packets
0:10:04or was lost
0:10:08and just a
0:10:10can go back up the slides
0:10:13use a packet
0:10:15but loss rate
0:10:18was this
0:10:19random packet loss
0:10:21was a posting lost
0:10:22what type of a
0:10:25uh but that to you is the
0:10:29i don't you
0:10:30and so
0:10:31so that is no i though
0:10:34uh_huh had will it can to the that you so we can uh
0:10:38and and to the i the things the performance of all the that you want it
0:10:58a a a a uh and high
0:11:01the a and is a that uh the the loss is is uh and uh
0:11:08in that time
0:11:10and did you try also burst lost
0:11:13if you have
0:11:16that is a sequence of losses
0:11:21uh and so may be get it is for
0:11:23so i make yeah a or the you quite uh of to teach okay
0:11:28at the questions
0:11:33but and that is that's fine
0:11:34then and once again