oh okay the title of all these you V C C discrete fractional was similar optimal to for me its application i and is to show a formation of telling them word this is a a a a lot all at give something to actually a and that is quite a to a a a five week of a fun and we describe she's point and and we propose some fishing how front fall and we some of feature and make a convolution right like you that you know that you know discrete issue for us one four is uh come to new for to for use five or discrete version and this discrete for to real fun it's a generalized all a combination of we use one for we can to be a by a one party to be called of fractional of the and the right now they are many existing discrete fractional or a signal that's also just that much of my i to be the you have i have D right than D T you of the dct a fraction the discrete an for four and the only sixty one that that only important holds one for we need mobile and square compress and that will propose and new discrete fractional what what's one form the all that can be due to little although and to the one point five computation and the this a new only use of fractional will wrote you all that has small remote and four and uh what's of hot five or was that it's this free yeah base transform or and the in the reference for thirty it is quite a all all this kind of the how far as well and the in the last to to right S they try to use this front wall to deduce the uh a solution compress T and it this paper we try to fraction of how fun what we said to have a to to do you C is the press we we be you near to the whole and compress B we also a prior of this you if you transform to you could you the digital made and for we tried to define the hot spot all i already made to use the dft base or or a signal four it's more efficient than the yeah i and this this is this that and are probably meant to put that but we uh for and uh this we deal with that "'kay" by K yeah signs minutes a a five for is the or is just by this this side for quality board that i i that at macy's that this is a a week old of a one for but the time you will be case we have like a square and i i of so that that and my point a quite or this this nine one five part and this night for five times okay can be created three separate the the energy five such a this slide so we have this three paul all D T and three separate make a a a a a a five my point five all case we a point a five it but a that right yeah i and it's a case where oh okay okay my case where i and a pressed where and okay all that i five more C and yes very nice but it's your sorry the uh a five four hundred and i and it's man it's are if you the i i you where come i that you mess a how to find a a i can by it would is hot five four if we can find that i got back so you get that this is a a a a a little places that the but the at i got back to a call for that the the i that it is uh also a lot but is this will become the i i got back self a and uh i got back a also do you like to the D T eigen very yeah yeah yeah i oh i i and this is a a a a a a more recently i i you just i this could that will be the hot i got my much research and that come a few minutes if we can find that come really is to that or if the D M C a that this coming to at is called it that identity where you can be able to the fast five five and we tried for should no a so we are a a fraction of this a a a a a a i mean it's that is not a oh get the fraction at six a it's this is i i i with yes fraction i got that you a couple of this with uh you a a fraction all time it there are become identity matrices if this fragile all the is equal to one of this can be handy uh some basic the dog may six so the for G Y and that the all of you to get any kind of a actual all the say like the the old the three that's we called them flexible the T i the fraction all the times use just this french all that is that we make use for the case in the fraction you i i'd you become come to the i that at that we get this five version of the facts you all the past we can oh i i but you know a five this is a in of one and uh we already mentioned that is these uh the and one five uh this is do do you by but but company for yeah know uh is a a is you are C is the because i and uh i i that we have i might get that would be and i for and all well yeah my and all the these you one three you you the three we five oh with a one uh i i a common a ha and you need to but it is uh make a a conjugate five this becomes i and i that that it is kind of an we can become come you this one that it L this is L Y and this is it all down and fine a you would be my and and L that L B by L C or or we and my yeah we we you you know all the all yes used to the you you i yeah and uh we try to you which is five i it's uh that and a but phase function just my i but face and uh that why a row oh i i i table we that i i i oh but three that and so i i i uh so at time get you you is this one we i i my by i i i i i i and i and is face with here okay a oh yes we i that she she where a right but we for sure it uh and this is uh experimental now say this is already and try to if this you quickly if i get the right now we can i buy you you get a role you know what have i become oh i i'm a convolutional this paper in this table we define the a discrete fractional hot trends so my probably what that whole french the D and D and identically man six and uh this yeah yeah why a T is more easy to use than the combination of one and the old compress the D can be reduced to a and to the one point five even but in the the the older with and and that is all also has a very good quality and then we uh to this to the you you the digital the image and this from one i we actually but a one time a time to question yeah wish uh i i have a well what too much actually the first one is computational you know that would you know how fast can well you you actually for a it's a uh for points for what when you by one twenty how that's can you with that so although the unit so maybe L hence steve okay be used that all sixty four square and uh the next question is have you uh i actually trying to well there are two of the regression um the techniques in terms of a a a trying to one size or and the you image but that's we have two to make more for these investigation but the double random phase uh uh two people wind up optical imaging could and i we tried a couple into a discrete version oh image so a double random phase we we should use uh it's a popular scheme able to go for you one right now we are doing that do you to image oh man oh okay the the that that she right now we have a i D right the face that's a lot of space and also for power that's of a fraction although how talk that's a a total she's space signal you