have a we all my name on the know i do right to well the of the initial model control whole generalized sidelobe canceller based speech in is not i i'm going to spray might talking to for parts or oh i one wanna well starts by explaining the is spring that you S C and at a M I and oh it's do that i use that is the proposed amc for each i the duration of arrival or based the or but to to a lower of channel mean type type to montana hundred much a estimation um oh is explored and the a target directional speech of cells of progress probability estimation used also explored and the pipe parents oh the proposed algorithm we use the at mean in and i use summarised to my study or are sent to a much channel based the speech enhancement oh approach is a a cut to as three into these i i've pass oh pimp or yeah well yes this and masking approach you and class are and but china the the pretend i or or other than oh in he's he's a nineteen is a pretty issue need up over there oh by P that's to or approaching proteins a plus the in this part so so this is she or in compares the two or picks the problem and other the meant to use and those can signal oh at at bit proof of peaks from calm uh a a at the bit or for a as that takes that in in the type to options so that no that or so as you can also so to obtain a at to and in contrast let look and products but i don't to noise show can us so that whole not have to a chance of the nose mean that a collection can thus oh can pass through and my a cancer that generates but you know as good at the processing and that's it's probably a and it be a map of signals so yeah use uh oh you do one and and don't was set but the lead to by reason is for a two in the uh yeah and and C or the main problem yeah but to a solution you is or how do it to a show together or well oh have a to assess about special um especially uh but and they should have had attention mission as you do a petition that's gonna come from that scene everybody a oh to give us performance so use a just a C P is that there is just a touch and others come to the get that processing that it would be have and the S C i i have to the do it's again a to been to both so that was assume is cut can this to time uh hi but this stone and so that the is a uh how the addition is there's is um oh have that how that sparse component is for me not be it's clear to be in a not so how this is for about a the yeah yeah sure is so that have a nice how a decision based M C a and to that and is the based them to do and where the a should be can target and there's a clear in from us yeah a separate this is based on the how much the time the speech energy is included in the in to have yeah a time-frequency bin so it's separate addition for this the in the where the tears yeah it's important to to run a a no some put additional approach is user it to as that kind of speech that's that's is as probabilities so this so that a this so that the shows or or i or proposed to sort additionally am oh and i to the conventional or and a she or in i a the area she or of a probability a but the clutter probability in improved the you a cancer uh and i have a the probability is improve that you know i the can the kinetics uh they have a that for a a point of high and of the probability use the plan to ask a product of or require a and clear but known at least in our study so so missed stats or you start from to help the is or that this thing is no permutation of components and this and is kind of the components so yeah nice to have but is time to have to a you can try the i do to action a speech to has i could mean have to that and for um that oh like or you the ratio that we can obtain the core in a probability so i could be a meaning to i don't tuition are components at that we we need to estimate the perry so the kind of all components in target directional components so the estimation process to use of i could do this the you venture uh a can have that the i uh a from a uh had a a a for a to have a use that to probably for the reliable estimate of to and it to action a speech of or pretty probabilities uh this parameter one look at this power but that uh use the pin show is have that direction or to not how to a directional components uh no do a tune and tied it to show that component issue oh is is use the can show you that's and clear that or a word special a information so hmmm in prayer you improved to and an additional uh a no by incorporating a but you it is gonna press to T that estimate oh i could do this is up where this is opposed to the scope was to plano the million you to estimate the the of us to have an estimate so that stats most type a problem the to been can extract to this that to go but channel in from up to so this is that in problems storage to a problem a this that so we can i right that pimp and the estimates condition oh this to me yes but it it about the function to improvements the the the data base you see creation use uh can be you to this or at this occasion so we can try to the oh you can do that to knots compunction to be formers right could these do you do this you can and me can can it had to H are not you know a so and there's a comparison like this uh of that kind of direction and that's fashion and me yes oh to the for mapping and can promote and for the image compression we you use spread phonetics so me obtain a the hundred to actually sure that's component yeah and i don't need to completion or like this so you know to that i to two action and is the can question we can you we can obtain the approximate but that approximately the but don't know the kind of direction ah and of to the now and then by the collection of components like but these the that's can is applied to a yeah wrapper as channel signal signals so you doing this these approximately do which signals maybe obtained with the a close to can a one channels i could be a the the corpus to the can only uh but a it's somewhere else to the just to to to has a function like these so so if i in it can obtain or a post so it an i by averaging the value a up to a poor um a to a like open or E C send to per cent you may take to balance space use is constructed you know a you might amounts and speech and energy G uh from we could do and actually mixed need of the purpose in on it a you prepared the to additional provisions for the performance comparison of you no you reduction in every and i and the of china evaluation of speech quality or for the had a dish ten that of to as you can interval was may now to detect key and for about a conventional a separate the decisions are we for a i pitch you know a in the let ones paper yeah uh proposed the what this is a message so C so is a noisy signal yeah it is quite a and it means all the white house is okay but and uh uh of the decision but a yeah proposed so we show but and and in the menu or lead the T is that have the least still it just the that runs yeah so no you reduction and propose evaluation oh about the uh and that the noise reduction was used to compare just signal of that just not just gonna of new the than a discussion the in the yes or this proposed the or approach or have a that's sure and it has that the performance that are our results or was so in that every test in uh or pulse or our proposed approach uh compared the performance to then you only had a distant and and the parents then conduct of the addition and this an issue the pesq can has yeah the proposed that amc a oh has or better performance or compare with people most than the other oh yeah commissioner soap addition am C so in conclusion in conclusion a a plus to a to do this the post to train a was in this can improve the reliability here oh a lot of at time to the city P S and however i have a the problem a decision is was to yeah i in she maybe yeah and can of up to this show okay i that further the to use in providing that and see no it has a consumer so it that's shown per the performance compares them using pesq a and a every scenario uh uh uh uh that i for for the was this time to but from better than that conventional a a a a a to see this you thank you very much i and a questions comments from the audience yes please a a is a microphone here i yeah i wanted to ask "'em" your own experiments in the car it was it did some quite good but you played that the and what i would be interested if you make different experiments with those will then windows can would in on and you know file be on one P um and things like that i mean but that but it but that you try to do that at the critical points of work oh of of your to the menu been dealing with the in situation a a a a uh i just the can the noise the maybe stay or noise problem "'cause" to system so does it mean that the engine was not one to two yes i think and that kind of sees oh is i you the from that of conventional we know two i see one and you so and how many microphones yeah yeah for this application well and and microphones that we have there how many might microphones the do you okay yeah i'll to for the simulations right yes okay more comments quest so do you expect this in a performance if you have and the noise uh a non stationary noise so is like the windows or man in exact or you expect a similar performance then one but uh what kind of a do you expect if you have a non-stationary noise or is like you are the windows close the windows i i engine noise exactly two oh i se and do you expect a and that performance or do you a a change algorithm if you have a and noise that it it is just had a yes i i i expect this similar performance or or or all kinds of noise okay okay