Making Sense of a Zettabyte World

Presented by: Henry Tirri (Nokia Research Center, Palo Alto, CA, USA), Author(s): Henry Tirri (Nokia Research Center, Palo Alto, CA, USA)

As computing continues to evolve, we have entered an era where radio equipped computers dominate, and they have an ever-growing ability to sense their surroundings via embedded sensors (camera, GPS, accelerometers, compasses, light sensors, etc.). As has happened in the past, there is an order of magnitude more of these devices than in the previous generation, to the point where we are now reaching numbers in the billions. The result is that the flow of this mobile sensor data across these pervasively networked devices is growing at a pace never before seen in history. By many estimates, within the next few years global networks will begin handling over one zettabyte of information annually. As it is, humanity created about 1.2 zettabytes of data in 2010, and this number is climbing at about 50% a year. This begs the question: What will happen with this torrent of data, how can we make sense of it, and what new frontiers can it enable? This sensor data already is - and will become even more so - the basis of the next generation of services in the so-called "cloud", where aggregates of these large data streams are used to enable contextual inference such as point-of-interest recommendations, local search, social relationship recognition, macroscopic traffic patterns, even energy consumption. Obviously many of the adaptive/machine learning methods that have been developed in the research community are becoming more and more common as vital components of this "global computing infrastructure", and are integral to future growth. Dr. Henry Tirri will explore how the characteristics of this global ocean of information are shifting over time, where they are being produced now, and what will fuel their future growth. He will also challenge our community to rethink how we approach the systems and methodologies for processing this leviathan of data.

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