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Compressed Sensing and Sparse Representation of Signals

Přednášející: Hayder Radha, Autoři: Abdolreza Abdolhosseini Moghadam, Mohammad Aghagolzadeh, Michigan State University, United States; Mrityunjay Kumar, Eastman Kodak Company, United States; Hayder Radha, Michigan State University, United States

In this paper, we explore the notion of using frames to project sensed colors within their inherently 3D space onto a larger number of color basis vectors. In particular, we develop a new frame design, Incoherent Color Frames (ICF), which can include an arbitrary number of incoherent color vectors. An ICF frame possesses key desired properties including the ability to sparsify colors in 3D and to decorrelate color channels utilizing a spatial-frequency selective strategy. We present a low complexity algorithm for constructing ICF frames targeted for the problem of image demosaicing. Our simulation results show that when incorporating the proposed ICF within a Compressive Demosaicing framework [8], significant visual improvements can be achieved when compared with traditional and Compressed Sesnsing-based demosaicing solutions.

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