Joint Audio Visual Processing

Full Paper at IEEE Xplore

Přednášející: Thrasyvoulos Pappas, Autoři: Pubudu Madhawa Silva, Thrasyvoulos N. Pappas, Northwestern University, United States; Joshua Atkins, James E. West, The Johns Hopkins University, United States

With the ever increasing availability of the Internet and electronic media rich in graphical and pictorial information -- for communication, commerce, entertainment, art, education -- it has been hard for the visually impaired community to keep up. We propose a non-invasive system that can be used to convey graphical and pictorial information via touch and hearing. The main idea is that the user actively explores a two-dimensional layout consisting of one or more objects on a touch screen with the finger while listening to auditory feedback. We have demonstrated the efficacy of the proposed approach in a range of tasks, from basic shape identification to perceiving a scene with several objects. The proposed approach is also expected to contribute to research in virtual reality, immersive environments, and medicine.

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