Trends in Multimedia Signal Processing

Přednášející: Philip A. Chou, Francesco De Natale, Eckehard Steinbach, Enrico Magli, Autoři: Philip A. Chou, Francesco De Natale, Eckehard Steinbach, Enrico Magli

Pushed by the tremendous technological and societal changes of the last decade, multimedia is more and more emerging as the cornerstone of next generation ICT. Mobile devices, sensors, embedded systems, high-performance computing, broadband networks, 3D, are some of the technologies that are pervading a generation of users that are more and more exigent and proactive. Evolving from a simple integration of existing technologies to a mutually-aware, interdisciplinary, development of new technologies is the biggest challenge of the Multimedia Signal Processing (MMSP) community. After introducing the technological and societal trends that have an impact on our work, we will list some of the most promising research trends that have recently emerged in MMSP.

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