Parallel Software Implementation of DSP Algorithms

Full Paper at IEEE Xplore

Přednášející: Wonyong Sung, Autoři: Dong-hwan Lee, Wonyong Sung, Seoul National University, Republic of Korea

Parallel computation of the adaptive lattice filtering algorithm is difficult due to the dependency problem caused by feedback operations. The conventional control-level parallel computation method that exploits the modular structure of the filtering algorithm can only utilize a limited degree of parallelism even when the algorithm is pipeline-transformed. In order to increase the degree of parallelism, we apply the data-level parallel processing method that computes multiple output samples at a time by parallelizing the computation of time-varying linear recursive equations. The control-level parallel processing approach is useful for SIMD (Single Instruction Multiple Data) processor based implementations. However, the data-level parallel processing method is indispensable for multi-core based implementations not only to utilize the increased number of processing cores but also to overcome the communication delay between cores.

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