0:00:09i everyone it's are going to be here i love black and it's so also
0:00:15to see everyone here i've already like that bunch of people i've only have a
0:00:20spoken swan i'll see
0:00:24really awesome right
0:00:26great to see a print anything you come a long way guys where great happy
0:00:35this talk is basically meant to be a bit of a kind of a review
0:00:39when i see is in terms of
0:00:42developing the number three user experience so i must to gonna be talking about design
0:00:47so could historical you know
0:00:50i could've comedic different directions i could've talked about marketing
0:00:55but it's designed is what i do
0:01:00if i assume that most people you know who i am but if you don't
0:01:06i'm a member of the circle design team so i
0:01:10i spend my days
0:01:12trying to figure out how to make non backed so
0:01:16and i'm involved in
0:01:17pretty much every aspect of
0:01:20but now i'm from the channel settings applications all that stuff so i feel like
0:01:25i'm involved in a nothing was to
0:01:29have a pretty good sense of what's going on one example next
0:01:34and the their inspiration for this talk i suppose is
0:01:39i read online over the past six months or so we people being a bit
0:01:42unsure about whether going what's coming up what's gonna be next and
0:01:48personally speaking
0:01:51i think it's pretty clear where we're going and
0:01:55i think we've got well for to this or something's going on so i wanted
0:02:00to talk about that to give people your an idea of what they can expect
0:02:05it should be set that's
0:02:08what i'm gonna say here's another thing you
0:02:13if you will
0:02:14closely involved in the most of the stuff
0:02:18we'll be already familiar to you i'm gonna try and bring it together in a
0:02:22piece of ice so this talk is probably gonna be most interesting to those people
0:02:26maybe on involved in right
0:02:30the call what we very
0:02:34one clarification before starts i'm talking about the future i'm not kind of looking for
0:02:41five or ten years not looking for you know nothing about that you know
0:02:47and some kind of post P C future nothing like that the future i'm interested
0:02:52in is the immediate
0:02:54so the next twelve to waiting not it's
0:02:57i think that's tangible it's something that we can touch it's something that we can
0:03:01talk about during this plot that we can think about whether we want to be
0:03:06what we meet next year and strauss but
0:03:09and i think that's
0:03:11a more useful way to look at the future
0:03:14"'cause" it's very easy to get can a call to bring some kind idle speculation
0:03:19about what the future might hold so
0:03:21what i really wanted to talk about is what kind of future we making and
0:03:26what's we doing right now that will affect
0:03:34and they talk about the future i suppose
0:03:37have to start with an idea euro of
0:03:40why do we wanna be what do we well where we you mean what do
0:03:44we wanna feature to be like
0:03:46and i don't want to on this for too long
0:03:50but it's
0:03:51i think it's important to say that i think know has
0:03:55a really strong guiding vision
0:03:58i think
0:03:59when you talk to the members of this community
0:04:05it's quite inspiring to hear what motivates them
0:04:09and if anything we are really motivated you know everyone work so hard and i
0:04:14think that's because they believe in what we're doing
0:04:17and i think the thing that motivates me and speaking to them and members of
0:04:23the gnome project what seems to motivate other people is the idea of freedom
0:04:28nothing that's really essentials what we do it
0:04:31and what i talk about freedom here i don't just mean
0:04:36producing for use of so i don't mean
0:04:39releasing how that happens to be G P L
0:04:44conforms to the free software definition in some shape before i think to know freedom
0:04:51is more than that
0:04:52it's about being independence
0:04:56so you know
0:04:58we all we don't have
0:05:02we're not alone by particular company we have a independent foundation i think these are
0:05:07really important both to how we work and what we're trying to achieve that is
0:05:12to great software that anyone can participate equally everyone has the equal
0:05:20opportunity to participate
0:05:23i think well i experienced personally and i suspect to a lot of people in
0:05:27the remote experienced is be amazing potential that has for creating opportunities both opportunities for
0:05:34individuals and full companies and organization
0:05:39and what we're aiming to do we not amused to extend that was opportunities to
0:05:43as many people as possible we wanna put free software in people's hands on that
0:05:49machine i don't touch it use it
0:05:52and i think there are very few
0:05:55free software projects that are trying to do that in the way that no means
0:05:59we work across the staff we work with other organisations to make this
0:06:06so one with thinking about the future i think the measure that we use for
0:06:12ourselves is
0:06:13all we are advancing the cause are we bringing free software to more P
0:06:18only making free software more relevance
0:06:22and so when i go through what we're trying to achieve i think that's what
0:06:26we're trying to do
0:06:38no project was founded
0:06:40of the fifteen years ago
0:06:44our project came about because we thought that "'cause" there's a feeling within free software
0:06:48that it was a risk
0:06:50that they needed to be awfully free what they call back than a desktop part
0:06:57i don't think that mission is changed in fact i think it's even more important
0:07:01now than ever before
0:07:05you know when we when we look around and see which gonna open source projects
0:07:09the kind of you know it's
0:07:13things that look right i mean we have things like android which is obviously a
0:07:16so i don't think like one for free
0:07:20so really the challenge was
0:07:22right now is the same as it was when a project first began and i
0:07:26think there's a real kind of
0:07:29designed to make the world a better place
0:07:33that's a desire the i think we have to fill with the actions we take
0:07:38as if you
0:07:41all needed a well is as important as have a
0:07:47i think we have the really
0:07:50helpful opportunity to do something important in terms of bringing freedom small people
0:08:02so that's you know i think we did the important message there is that
0:08:06you know we can become but even about the feature we can make the world
0:08:11name can be a problem
0:08:15so that's kind of what we wanna be
0:08:18so the can
0:08:19so the question then becomes well are we moving in that direction and i think
0:08:25to a lot extent we are and we've made some amazing progress
0:08:30and there's a lot of the future to become be confidence about
0:08:34you know there's a lot of really cool stuff going on this project
0:08:37and we
0:08:39established a really good track record for us
0:08:42and the key requirements i think for is to
0:08:45make sure that nine three continues to be relevance continues to be interesting we want
0:08:51more people to want to use no more organization to participate in the know project
0:08:56and we won't warp you want to distribute know
0:09:01and i think we're doing quite a good job of that
0:09:04so one thing we can be concerned about for the future is that
0:09:09no three will be even better than it is now
0:09:14so it's around the nine three series
0:09:18it releases been
0:09:20a real step
0:09:22like you know i write the release not and every really side by about is
0:09:28this big long list you
0:09:31and that's really exciting and
0:09:34i think the
0:09:37the user experience to work providing is been getting back to back
0:09:42something that i see personally when i'm using it but i think the quality of
0:09:47the feedback we've been getting about producing getting back to
0:09:52we can be i think we can be reasonably confident that trend will continue in
0:09:56the future so if we're thinking about why will be twelve or eighteen months down
0:10:01the line then one thing that we can say with a reasonable amount of confidence
0:10:05is the
0:10:06we can have a better
0:10:07products that we have now
0:10:09which is pretty also "'cause" i think it's already pretty good if it's gonna be
0:10:12getting better with each release that you know there's more reason to be optimistic that
0:10:17i think more people are gonna wanna
0:10:20used and three as a result of the work that we do it
0:10:27i think it should be really i think it should be emphasised that
0:10:30those improvements
0:10:32and possibilities the we have the future of come about through the hard worker alarm
0:10:38all the computers work
0:10:41you know we could have very easily been in the situation when names techniques that
0:10:47that hasn't happened if anything
0:10:49the development rights is increased
0:10:51and that's been logically the dedication and hard work
0:10:55of the people in this project
0:10:57so i think the needs to be you know i wanna say thank you and
0:11:02i wanna say well done
0:11:06the dedication the commandments of the people i work with on this projects is just
0:11:10been absolutely amazing we could have been in a much worse situation we have today
0:11:16it could have been you know we could things could have been really terrible
0:11:22the fact is the is the community and that hard work
0:11:26the sports the pitch assurance value what we have really great product it's getting better
0:11:31all the
0:11:34i'm just i'm just always totally blown away by how hard everyone well
0:11:38people really going beyond the call that you to you know when i think about
0:11:42people like
0:11:43the partially jasper giovanni who just like do like amazing things by every really slight
0:11:50like the that holding is poured into the future and those people to be congratulated
0:11:56and i think it's pretty down someone's to let those people know how much we
0:12:01appreciate the work that doing so
0:12:12so if you see any of those people this conference by the be a i
0:12:16think have been a lot promises to be a
0:12:18complete with lori and i think like is gonna be suffering it all the promises
0:12:24like actually become true some of these parties we're gonna
0:12:28so you know well the keep going you know we're gonna be getting bathroom
0:12:34and the i think the next thing we can be confident about the future is
0:12:38the assembling them three will be done
0:12:41i that's kind of i mean i don't mean don't in the sense of my
0:12:45we can all like go on a popular holiday this is no more work to
0:12:49be done but it is true to say the them three is a work in
0:12:53progress and
0:12:56i think the last familiar with
0:12:59all the initiatives that would doing in our looks like it release we have a
0:13:04round and you set of features like change some things and
0:13:12and it's like it's like this kind of
0:13:15six months sure
0:13:17but in actual fact what we're doing is we're building something
0:13:20and for those of us who are designing and three and trying to chop the
0:13:26calls or
0:13:28is play the will making really good progress in terms of putting the individual building
0:13:33blocks together
0:13:35and a lot of those call building blocks and one place you know we've made
0:13:39some really good programs i think the core user experience like the
0:13:45the shell and settings that's been a focus for a while and that's been getting
0:13:50better and now we're looking at the other parts still need to be completed and
0:13:55that's mostly in the application space
0:13:57and i'll talk a little bit about our progress or
0:14:02and they the important point to make right now is that
0:14:08a some point is will be done right someone will get to a stage where
0:14:13know three has a is a very cohesive integrated experience what everything is a clear
0:14:22well at their basic capabilities that will fill then well we have that sets of
0:14:28consistent really nice applications
0:14:31and i think one we reach that mall
0:14:35we will kind of appreciate according to shift
0:14:39and will provide
0:14:41because when you use something that is integrated is a whole line it's come system
0:14:48it's coherent what it feels like a system has been designed as a whole it
0:14:53will feel
0:14:56light just also basically like i think model turnaround at some point and think i
0:15:01was and this is what they were doing all
0:15:03this is really cool and that's kind of the point working to know and i
0:15:08don't think without power of i think it's something that we can hope to achieve
0:15:12in the next
0:15:13twelve to eighteen months and again we're making good progress so at some point will
0:15:17get to this point well known three will i feel i have much more likely
0:15:23come here now as a designer i find that to be really exciting prospect
0:15:29and i'm gonna talking about how we can get
0:15:35so with that making progress
0:15:38experience is getting better
0:15:44i think we have a lot to look forward to over the next twelve twenty
0:15:46team at the logistic challenges this is tasks that need to be taken care of
0:15:52this obstacle so we need to have a come
0:15:56and the rest of the talk i'm gonna describe a little bit about what i
0:16:01see is the next steps in terms of
0:16:04the design of them three and my hope is to try and
0:16:08and of
0:16:10simply people about what they need to
0:16:14so as i was alluding to a second are gonna i think the key challenge
0:16:20for is right now is to round out the pick-off applications that
0:16:25you know that i have the still what to be done on setting was an
0:16:28on the shell that's
0:16:30actual people really need that's what we provide the
0:16:37main functionality domain features the people use on a daily basis
0:16:42so this is on this is the
0:16:45the existing
0:16:48core applications that i've kind of great out the applications that they're gonna exist by
0:16:54exist i mean haven't been released as possible and i'm so there's some things in
0:17:00here that
0:17:01carried exists you can run these applications but they're not something that we bundle up
0:17:07and people to in schools
0:17:15so that's the situation right now with the right now kind of things missing and
0:17:20this is the
0:17:24i'd like to see anything
0:17:26and what you can see here is that
0:17:28maybe go back for
0:17:33some existing applications have been great out here last because we're looking to do is
0:17:38consolidate them all
0:17:44it's a great that functionality an existing application
0:17:48some third new applications here the lot hoping will come to light
0:17:53well i'll go through this another remote it's well
0:17:57so this is michael a to do list for but complications that divide into three
0:18:02missing got a number
0:18:04so the missing applications up things we don't have in any shape or form
0:18:10right now and again i'm what i'm talking about here is in the state whether
0:18:14can be released
0:18:17and so the music photos of
0:18:21helen that we don't need some of these are probably low priority ones was the
0:18:26top of the list here i think pretty high priority maybe if you have someone
0:18:31else to get different kinds
0:18:34that's where
0:18:37it should be said the word making fantastic progress on this i mean if we
0:18:41talk about is having vision and direction mean this is a really good of illustration
0:18:45of how we are working community because there's a lot applications only about are actually
0:18:51being what's on the not that often release so music is happening photos so well
0:18:58no calendar all of those things exist right now are interactive develop
0:19:04so like that's why you applications
0:19:06straight away
0:19:08like pretty amazing when you
0:19:11so the second have to real applications i need to be working on a difficult
0:19:17and the apps the time got and is this if you're this around i am
0:19:23and that kind of
0:19:24no that gathering dust them they look a bit like that
0:19:29and i think one of the challenges froze
0:19:31as the community used to make sure that these applications don't stay the button for
0:19:39one of the important things about
0:19:42providing a really high quality user experience is making sure that every aspect of that
0:19:47experience it is a party quality you know it doesn't reflect well on as if
0:19:52someone is using we have to they like and they used some utility and it's
0:19:56like what was
0:20:00and particular some of the application on the bottom of the last
0:20:05i've got right if your attention in recent years and i think that's because you
0:20:08know that look utilities that people don't use a huge amount
0:20:12but it's really it's was to make sure that we get them
0:20:16they should be set we have designs all this site funniest and most work on
0:20:20any of this
0:20:21and then please
0:20:24we will give you guidance will give you market and hugs and you
0:20:30about that you application to the top of this precise apricots and sorry best
0:20:35bastion is working video size happening so i don't be forgotten is in
0:20:39you know that maintains and forgot that got some in terms of looking about action
0:20:47and then row which is possibly
0:20:52i could app about that is not meant to be disparaging comments
0:20:57and so these are the applications which
0:21:00i don't feel
0:21:02should be in the call applications as they are now
0:21:06and some of these are what we want to do solidly them so for example
0:21:10the system on it and this case each analyse and that's gonna is similar enough
0:21:16to combine them into the single application we've got some rough designs for what we're
0:21:21calling usage
0:21:23i'll be really nice just cutting down the number of the utilities that we have
0:21:28is generally helpful i have things like file rollers something that we'd really like to
0:21:34do integrate that direct splints and also so if you're not familiar with the twelve
0:21:39dollars for a car
0:21:42opening them and that kind of thing and i think we have to have a
0:21:45decent student working on some of so eventually i'm gonna have a well we kind
0:21:50of just
0:21:52and you want i mean they can exist you know i can carry on existing
0:21:56we wanna use it but we wanna make to support for that's and the in
0:22:00the old so people don't need to
0:22:03and likewise for events and i have no i definitely about features applications but
0:22:10i would really like to do is
0:22:14integrate that functionality directly and finals that's what we do previewing viewing and
0:22:22out again mean few applications the people to do with more can conveniences integrated file
0:22:30and i would hope we have the developers of those applications to maybe doing more
0:22:36interesting things there
0:22:40so that's kind of that's kind of the one of the major to do it
0:22:43mystified right now
0:22:46they're definitely applications on here the a and developments and
0:22:50need a helping and i think like that some common there are a good example
0:22:54that we also applications what we have designed and the looking a big old fashioned
0:22:59that we want help and i think
0:23:02she's hard to map probably quite good that
0:23:07and this will be you design so that's market suck you mock ups
0:23:12this is what's
0:23:14i'm happy looks like now kind of all fashion multiple windows that all kinds of
0:23:19issues with this we wanted to shift so much more than conversation based application we
0:23:27have designed this
0:23:29and what would like a
0:23:33much more based around that contents rather than i'm sorry
0:23:38and single window application
0:23:41what you can easily view history and things like that which
0:23:45you can't really do nowadays
0:23:48the character on there
0:23:49will or so many things here
0:23:54kind of how to use the some of
0:23:57very old fashioned
0:24:01shiny nice
0:24:03application is really focused on what people are interested in which is different kinds accounts
0:24:10so if anyone wants to work and get in touch
0:24:15so applications
0:24:16one of the things i think that is crucial to the future of them and
0:24:22user experience to mix but word
0:24:28and the next major to do list item is
0:24:34and again this is another area where
0:24:39we have been working in that i coordinated
0:24:43manna driven manna towards the
0:24:46specific goal which is
0:24:48to produce right applications based on the model set of design patterns
0:24:53making a easy for other people to produce the right up
0:24:58it's a look at is really essential to that's
0:25:01and this projects been going on for some time you know very early in the
0:25:07ninth reece series we started
0:25:11prototyping and new applications and they been able as we've figure that works doesn't
0:25:19and that is design patterns of in fact and so
0:25:22it's a new widgets
0:25:24new user interface element
0:25:27and a lot of those
0:25:28have started to appear now i mean we're making great progress already in G T
0:25:33K we have me which it's like the
0:25:36but listbox we'll
0:25:39so you know those things are which making much easier to create say
0:25:46a more than a room application
0:25:48so what one of the challenges pros of the next year
0:25:53and hopefully even seen that is to
0:25:56all those new which is that we need for the new applications in C G
0:26:00T K
0:26:01and that is kind of slide
0:26:03it's like topless
0:26:06and again you know we're making good progress had a boss exist hoping to get
0:26:13grits we talk about replacement after the icon view there is a
0:26:19a prototype which i already that exists for that
0:26:24to have some pop over is a look more speculative
0:26:28there was to top items of the really important
0:26:32and this what is really important not just to enable us to create applications but
0:26:36also to enable us to build an effective developer experience
0:26:42we can document help to build an arm application
0:26:46into we have which is the unnecessary be able to build
0:26:51we calculate tools to create as applications
0:26:55if the which is don't exist
0:26:57you know we wanna have things like template applications and
0:27:03tools to generates those templates
0:27:13what we have
0:27:18we have the list on the we can
0:27:21that is that is
0:27:23i've been building that in the past couple of weeks
0:27:29so this is this is really important both for the user experience and the developer
0:27:34and the same we can do this the sooner we can start documents act so
0:27:38i am working on a new version of the egg once we have these widgets
0:27:43time we can we can start i'm always up we can put the online we
0:27:47can show people have to make their own applications and i think know again deal
0:27:52people so we think at this point are right so this is what i've been
0:27:55doing having just but in kind of messing around and playing with new kinds of
0:27:59applications the no one else do
0:28:02and that's really important
0:28:05so again markets very quickly because that's is the that had a bus you can
0:28:12see them already and
0:28:14some shape or form and some them application right now it's essentially
0:28:20a combined toolbar and window type
0:28:27has all kinds of properties which make kids
0:28:33appropriate promote an application so one of the on most obvious ones is that it
0:28:38cuts down on the height of the application
0:28:42to traditionally read toolbar and menu bar and then window title
0:28:47lots and lots of pro so we have less crime
0:28:50it's also just lines be much more dynamic so no and some the you often
0:28:54see in more than applications is different views and paging and switching between different perspective
0:29:01some continents and that had a bar is designed to allow this so we will
0:29:07updates depending on what you're looking at
0:29:10you can see this in the new designs
0:29:13try documents try musical for it service and you get a clear clever idea
0:29:19how had to pass fits into the picture
0:29:22and that wraps our new type widget we've been working on the design point of
0:29:28view yes
0:29:30and one of my tasks to this quite back is to
0:29:33sit down where john and can open whoever else comes to join as and
0:29:38how shall the final details of the design i think about eighty percent that
0:29:43yes will be really contest
0:29:45something really
0:29:53so two major to do items applications
0:29:58so cats
0:30:00and the final one is a biggie and it's not something i'm really qualified to
0:30:04talk about so anyway a few know in any technical detail
0:30:12as since this project again we've always struggled with
0:30:17application definition just
0:30:21is one a it's been a actually heels right again
0:30:24it is so on or two
0:30:28developed an application phone i'm gonna help to use
0:30:34throughout history of we have some of this all uses of stuff that application developers
0:30:40have suffered
0:30:42and i think now is the time for is to take on that challenge
0:30:48come up with the proper the framework for developing and distributing applications
0:30:57this is something we've been talking about a lot
0:31:00we had really long ball about the last year we talked about more the application
0:31:09application developer X variance access in brussels
0:31:14and is something that is being worked on and let it will be talking about
0:31:18his work
0:31:20on the sound boxing side of it
0:31:22we have a lots of
0:31:25since we talked about this last year we solidified a lot and we have a
0:31:30fairly clear roadmap what needs to happen
0:31:33to get as well we need to be
0:31:36i'm gonna be having above on it or what
0:31:41this is just so important for feature we have to make it so the there
0:31:47is relevant to application developers
0:31:50and that means providing them with it's a staple labia api be
0:31:58there is a user experience aspect to this as well because
0:32:02you know i don't think it's acceptable first deciding to uses the application that you're
0:32:09using has little life spend six months
0:32:12i mean that's just crazy and that's what we've been doing for the entire history
0:32:15of this project
0:32:16so we have to so this upright users in terms of giving them and stability
0:32:20in the applications to the using
0:32:25the i thing is that we really need to take on and challenges around privacy
0:32:31and security with because what applications right now a security story is this kind of
0:32:39and the some boxing stuff but manages working on is he that and i you
0:32:44know i really feel the privacy and security are an important part user experience
0:32:49and given that web position and as free software solution then we ought to be
0:32:55doing a better job of that
0:32:57and this also has implications but user experience in terms of performance and stability and
0:33:02things like that
0:33:04once you some box applications you can decide how much of your system's resources to
0:33:10get you can make sure the focus applications can always run quickly and smoothly and
0:33:16snappy and everything else this isn't something we can be right now so
0:33:20if we can get all of these things in place it i think it will
0:33:25genuinely transform
0:33:28but the user experience on the development
0:33:31so there's a lot there's a lot of what needs to be done here there's
0:33:34a lot of groundwork and we're talking to people who actually send these things the
0:33:40there's a lot of kind of basic things that we need to do to get
0:33:43us of orange shape
0:33:45well i think mobile gonna have to do
0:33:50during the ball is come up with
0:33:53road map for the things they are outstanding and if you're maintainer of any know
0:33:57them want you is probably something we you can do it helps a chip in
0:34:02getting will this is the future
0:34:05i really believe
0:34:09that's kind of
0:34:12i think there's a lot of things we got for to would be making really
0:34:15good progress
0:34:17no three compared to a year ago or eighteen months ago is just somewhat better
0:34:23and if you project cell phones the future i don't see any reason why we
0:34:29can't continue on that trajectory
0:34:32with the cat we have that we need to make sure a countries as remain
0:34:37committed unmotivated
0:34:39something that everyone can help with by
0:34:41encouraging them congratulate or
0:34:48speaking as a designer i think this is kind of a kind of a critical
0:34:52point because
0:34:53we've been working on i'm three for a while now we have these can along
0:34:57running projects
0:34:58and quite a few of them starting to come to freshen in one shape or
0:35:02form that we have these you know applications we have these new widgets we have
0:35:08an application some boxing they want some right now by all of these things the
0:35:13light you might simple were impossible eighteen months to two years ago
0:35:17and the challenge for is now is to
0:35:19bring as long as the projects to fortune and
0:35:24really turn i'm three into the experience i think we've all hopes that it would
0:35:30be a and i think could be like that and to get into we
0:35:36to get so
0:35:39that's pretty much it
0:35:40i wrote the whole conference we have off some older these topics the i've talked
0:35:45about so totally talk to be of the developers
0:35:49if there's any way the you can make some of the things that i talked
0:35:53about how
0:35:54then that would just be amazing and
0:35:57i look forward to the conversation the rest of the conference
0:36:11do we have time for questions
0:36:14that's great about technical stuff
0:36:20any questions
0:36:32with the new tab design you feel that's getting to a point where it's ready
0:36:36to start being implemented or do you is it still kind of in a really
0:36:39staged i know like that at design pages there's still like a lot of options
0:36:43round well all i mean i think all the key by there is no decided
0:36:48upon and one sticking point is
0:36:51the visuals so what you'll seen in the markets is different visual treatments of the
0:36:57terms but in terms of actually how we want work up in the pretty much
0:37:00decided and
0:37:03in one of the things i need to do question this document
0:37:07been talking about this for a while but it's hard design problems
0:37:11and tracking a feels about i think you'll be really
0:37:16i think it's really important because the currents helps this but there are some issues
0:37:21and they really helped with
0:37:30i don't and
0:37:33couple questions the
0:37:35how you feel about
0:37:37i in what's the difference between i can even be new grid being in one
0:37:42should i use it instead of the egg you i'm sorry please in documented everywhere
0:37:47all over the place this kind of the first time i actually hear about it
0:37:50so the main thing about so it is that we wanted to be response
0:37:56so and right now with any
0:37:59i company gets you got and even spacing you don't get all this allocated space
0:38:05used the icons always the same size of the thumbnails always the same size
0:38:10and when you compare that's where you see in the where you know so you
0:38:15basically want to sales to be not all the same size all this
0:38:19the same size to be the same across the columns
0:38:23this sounds might be different sizes but the key point is that they should resize
0:38:27vividly so if you have a small and you should get an appropriate number of
0:38:32columns and at an appropriate cell size if you that expand the window you'll get
0:38:39more columns but maybe that sells will adjust in size to fill the space
0:38:45so i'll be a kind of more can do it response
0:38:49i mean i mean one really good example of this is part where you really
0:38:54want your own nails to be as big as possible and fill enticed by and
0:39:00right now you cat kind of a big margin of one side because it's not
0:39:05by using all space and you can pick spaces between the if you make the
0:39:10window resize
0:39:12you just re floaters rather than
0:39:15optimising for that particular time and
0:39:20it's if you're familiar with the list box
0:39:25kind of designed to be great com that somebody so another issue with the current
0:39:31i come here is very hot which is slide so in some of the designs
0:39:35we have things like but i also icons which is a lot of the you
0:39:42know we have the same clocks is basically impossible to do i
0:39:46well one of the biggest concerns that most applications developers have with the i can
0:39:50you in that we do is the kind of car incompleted to use so i'm
0:39:54hoping in some way that it's not gonna be any harder than it is the
0:39:57you check and you models and at the same time i'm actually concerned about the
0:40:03formants that because i can do indicate three has a pretty terrible performance if you
0:40:09try to wrap in the ad six hundred items in it is gonna be a
0:40:12disaster so just keep that in the back of your mind folks miss an opportunity
0:40:17to the all we would
0:40:20company is currently working on this
0:40:28so the go a
0:40:30G T K and sow is to get rid all sat around us like
0:40:37not tomorrow but
0:40:39everything liked review and i can view it something that was a good idea five
0:40:44years ago
0:40:47we find the limitations of it now and listbox is the first step of the
0:40:52direction of replacing
0:40:54finding ways that we can do all the want to do
0:40:57and finding replacement all the i can use the second set of course this is
0:41:01all performance relevant so it's going to take time and we need to figure out
0:41:05right at eyes so you don't run into the same problems
0:41:11you it it's because writing widgets that contain lots of stuff
0:41:19we can just carry weights our enter is you real widgets and i we going
0:41:22to make it
0:41:25but we don't want
0:41:29so counselling has hell i
0:41:33as opposed fixed to every told what i
0:41:41anyone else
0:41:45not that i guess i so
0:41:53right has
0:41:56and you
0:42:00i was just wondering but your folks about today so it's morning ski notes and
0:42:06so what them up and what he said the about the community and
0:42:15our go for works
0:42:17the know important what are your thoughts
0:42:20i think i just
0:42:21so that
0:42:24are you know i mean look at the development progresses i am i mean it
0:42:30by pretty amazing i mean comparatively
0:42:33some of the nancy releases and we're doing so much more use
0:42:38i have things are getting better all the time is the results of that
0:42:43i think
0:42:44we've got reason to be optimistic on that basis but you know obviously there are
0:42:48challenges and
0:42:49i think
0:42:51but i think you know as a community were facing up to those we've got
0:42:56lands we've
0:42:58called kind of long term
0:43:02and it's a going on than making good progress time to address
0:43:08some of the issues that we currently facts
0:43:10and i think that the challenge first just to get behind them and
0:43:15like keep moving at the speed that we
0:43:18firstly of a you know make a know yes but
0:43:23friendly and welcoming atmosphere but apparently some people
0:43:28from outside will you don't really well i mean that's all problem domain
0:43:33you know it's all to industry about this he's been trying to do without since
0:43:38the no one day so it's nothing you that
0:43:42i mean i maybe i should go to marketing to look
0:43:45that's that
0:43:47but i mean we have work to do that i can i mean the marketing
0:43:51team is more active now than it has been in years and we're doing a
0:43:55lot of things it's glottic low
0:43:57i think help now we got some great volunteers in the room well locking we're
0:44:03gonna be doing interviews are gonna be
0:44:07how you doing some videos and stuff so that we can show the world that
0:44:10we're actually not like demonic actually real nice friendly people
0:44:32hi what's the way deprecation story in is it see parade or distinct from the
0:44:39implication distribution story like a single instance with it's if you wanna have crime as
0:44:42a gym our system and since we met for example
0:44:48we would make some progress that i mean you have web apps
0:44:52and i think one thing that we've been talking about it would like to do
0:44:56is integrate web apps and whatever software distribution
0:45:02framework that we come up with i've been talking to richard about this is what
0:45:07software and that we really wanna have web apps and alongside right so
0:45:12you know you can
0:45:14you can search that with a and you will get that with the web and
0:45:18a lot of the technology to do not exist already it's actually not to do
0:45:24i think that's you know that's really valuable
0:45:27i think if you really powerful for us
0:45:32i use about that is that right
0:45:37and you know i mean that's thanks all the work we have you guys are
0:45:41doing and
0:45:42that just than some amazing stuff we have like to now and
0:45:48you can you can sets of single instance web that's right so
0:46:10i was and is that here is about the details that a at dream of
0:46:16the application separate the thing we share so i was i was a bit curious
0:46:24about like the you had the list of the applications which are more they're very
0:46:33local centre but a local file system right instead of like than you guys that
0:46:38have like your local place system and also like the files
0:46:42in the cloud
0:46:43and so i would always curious like if you could give any details on your
0:46:48thoughts about like how
0:46:50how to local like pdfs would work for example because you can then mention briefly
0:46:56like having it embedded in files
0:46:59is it like very sketchy right now that would like to get are already have
0:47:03we have
0:47:04most of those things are relates to but we do have designed for this so
0:47:09should be said that one of the katie goals would be the you close an
0:47:12application just to make sure that everything is
0:47:16on the web enabled all integrate all money one this is one of very key
0:47:22things that do see you application given us and you already see and document so
0:47:29documents you can do you
0:47:32documents on your laptop but they will also learn google dot so talks in the
0:47:36any other online account you have
0:47:40we're aiming to do that with music with our turns with videos
0:47:47and that's a really importance
0:47:49go for those of these you applications will enable us to do that we hopefully
0:47:54items will be released and three tylenol have like a simple so you can access
0:47:59all you like about others like that you feel like that's all right to that
0:48:03which is like pretty also right
0:48:09but the question about previewing in finals i think is
0:48:16just mention it's i rescuers but i mean we already having have previewing to sushi
0:48:23right i have we wanna make that kind of preparing much better integrated and much
0:48:29more part of the typical work flow of using files you know if you wanna
0:48:35deal with finals you wanna be elton spectrum you wanna know what each file is
0:48:39and so that requires can looking inside well right and
0:48:45so we still want to be
0:48:47improving that experience making the local solution as good as it can be and that's
0:48:51will files is will but then the idea is that we have these other applications
0:48:55that go beyond the local of integrates
0:48:58stuff that's up in the clouds that's also
0:49:01on your machines are and this is another wine which we're trying to make the
0:49:07applications consistent some right now for example documents
0:49:12you can view all your code you can see like we'll content like agreed to
0:49:16list but you can also actually
0:49:18read each documents
0:49:20so we're looking to have something similar inside will tell us
0:49:24we can talk about
0:49:28can i ask another one
0:49:30is there that i think i mean
0:49:37i think i don't think i'm gonna be asking the question everyone wants to know
0:49:41is very design come about
0:49:43i a
0:49:48well its kind
0:49:49the same is the switch conspiracy right there is a i designed you know swedish
0:49:55conspiracy i mean cost not
0:49:59i mean is a funny thing the people talk about this
0:50:03that it's not how i work it's not how we think about ourselves
0:50:09me and john and share mac and a kind of identified as the designers but
0:50:14we do lots of other things other than design and most of the
0:50:18people who aren't identified as designers are designed as well like
0:50:23like "'cause" i'm a and you have on a and all these you and everything
0:50:29that we dare is available online and
0:50:33free for everyone so look at you know you just look at out of get
0:50:37proposed rates was being checked and it's not hard to see what we're up to
0:50:41like there are no secrets
0:50:43i think i mean
0:50:46we don't seem to communicate what we're doing in terms reservations returns be here each
0:50:51individual step that's next of but
0:50:55i mean anyone can participate i mean we've got a bunch of
0:51:01people here i think i wanna cable design
0:51:06there are gonna be spending some time with during the conference
0:51:09we have design friends and some of the projects i was hit amount about
0:51:16we'll be talking to him variance are like
0:51:19i mean
0:51:20so it's really is pretty are we all twenty one week everyone's but both
0:51:29it's easy to say that way if you don't really
0:51:32have a good sense of what's going on is like one of these easy generalisations
0:51:41thank you
0:51:43alright we don't